All About Abs – Is That Possible to Get Abs?

Today you will know all about abs. There is a lot of myths about six-pack abs and fat burning. I will share all you need to know about getting six-pack abs. Also, I will share my results at the end of this article.

If you want to show your abdominal muscles, you have to reduce your body fat. Also, you have to do different kinds of abs exercises. Let’s talk about this topic A to Z.

Who Has Abs?

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The famous actress has abs, teenage boys or little boys have abs, poor people have abs. In other words, we all have abs. The issue is there has a fat layer that covers the abdominal muscles. It doesn’t matter your age or your class. All human has abs.

Your body shape, abs shape, and structure of abdominal muscles will depend on your genetics. So you can’t change the structure. But you can make it visible.

If you have six-pack form your genetics, you will never get eight packs. If you have a four-pack, you will not get a six-pack. That depends on your genetics. So you can’t control it.

How to Get Six-Pack Abs and Shaped Body


First of all, you have to understand. Mainly your body contains muscle mask and fat percentage. If your muscle mask is so lower. You will be skinnier when you try to reduce the fat of your body. And you will get abs. But your body will be so skinny. That look is not suitable for guys.

We want to add some muscle mask to our body and get a perfect body without being skinnier.

So if currently, you have a skinny body, you should do lean bulk for 6-8 months and build muscles on your body. After that, you can cut and get six pack abs with a good looking body like a Greek god. 😉

If you are a fat person, try to reduce for 3-4 months. Then start lean bulk

How to Do a Lean Bulk?

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You have to make a caloric surplus in your body. Like, take extra 250 calories from your maintenance calorie limit. Also, you have to take care of your protein, dietary fat, and carbohydrates intake. So you have to eat more vegetables and fruits also you have to drink water.

You will build muscles on your body when you get a balanced diet like above and consistently increasing set, reps, and weight of your exercises.

So after 6-8 months, you will get 4-6kg muscles in your body. Now it’s time to fat loss.

How to Lose Fat?

Now you have to make a calorie deficit on your body. So you have to reduce 250 calories from your maintained calorie level.

Click here to calculate your daily calorie intake

The best way is getting a balanced diet to maintain your body calorie deficit and do HIIT workouts. A lot of people try to do cardio. But studies show cardio can lose your muscle mask. So HIIT workout is the better way. Also, HIIT workouts will help you to burn more fat.

Click here to getting more ideas about HIIT and Cardio.

I Never See The Results?

This part is the most valuable part of this article.

A lot of guys give up weight loss within one-two months. Because they complain, they never get results when they lose 1-2 kg body weight within one-two months.

But 2kg body weight loss within one month is an outstanding achievement. But a lot of people never see any changes in their bodies. Reason for that is,

You can’t target the position of your body and lose fat at those places. It decides by the body. In other words you can’t target belly fat and reduce fat by doing abdominal exercises. When you make calorie deficit and do proper exercises your whole body fat will reduce.

That means fat will reduce fat from your chest, face, arms, leg, and belly. So a lot of guys think they didn’t lose fat because they want to get six-pack abs, but their belly is the same as before. So they think they never burn any fat from their body.

But that is not true. That people lose whole body fat when they start dieting. It means they lose the fat from face, chest, arms, leg so they have results, but they don’t see it.

In my personal experience, unfortunately, belly fat starts to lose after losing fat in other parts of our body. That is why they don’t see the result.

Don’t think fat loss is a short term achievement. Think that as long term achievement.

So after your bulk period ends, you can start cutting for 3-4 months. At this time, you will lose some fat, and you will get a shaped body. But still, you don’t have six-pack abs. So 3-4 months are the better period for the cut. If you try to cut more than 6-8 months, you will be skinnier.

So You can start lean bulk without cutting down. After follow cutting for 3-4 months.

Again you do lean bulk and build muscles on your body for like 3-4 months. Then you get 3-4KG back. Then it’s time to start cutting again.

It is like a pattern. So this is the way to get a Greek god body. Try to bulk for 6-8 months and cut for 3-4 months. You have to repeat this until you are satisfied with your body.

What Can Help You to Get Six-Pack Abs?

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First of all, hire a good personal trainer or coach. You have to find an excellent trainer. Hire a personal trainer is the best thing you can do to achieve your target. Also it better than spend money on supplements or fat burners.

An excellent coach will guide you to achieve this goal. You can use YouTube and blogs like this if you are not able to pay for a personal trainer. There are a lot of free resources to know all about abs.

Check out my whole fitness article to get more ideas.

Also, you can use a community like Quora if you have any questions. There is a lot of members who willing to give a solution to your problem.

Why Are We Failing?

You have to be consistent. So when you are in the cutting period, you have to keep going. That is the only way. You must have self-discipline. Check this article to know more about discipline.

Finally, check this video. This video is my four months result. That video language is Sinhala, so you may not understand it. But feel free to watch that video. I lost 15kg within four months.

This is All about Abs. Getting a six-pack is a straightforward process. But you must have self-discipline and Do not think this journey as a short journey. Getting abs is a long term goal, so it takes time to get the result that you want.

There have no short cuts. So stay consistent and try to achieve your dream body over time.

Thank you for reading. I hope you get a clear idea about getting abs. So see you in the next article.

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