How to Get Rid of Stubborn Thigh Fat – 3 Best Tips

Do you ever think or ask how to get rid of stubborn thigh fat? Special if you are women, extra thigh fat is a common problem.

Mans don’t have stubborn thigh fat problem. Because most of the times fat stores around the belly area of man’s body. But when it comes to women, fat store around thigh hips and belly.

So this article for women who want to get rid of stubborn thigh fat. I will give three tips to lose thigh fat fast. Feel free to watch it until the end.

Try to reduce overall body fat.

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A lot of people try to reduce fat by targeting parts. I mean, they try to burn fat directly form a specific part of their body.

As example,

If women want to reduce thigh fat, she tries to do thigh toning exercises and hope to burn fat around the thigh area.

Those exercises only shape thigh and glutes muscles. You can’t burn stubborn thigh fat by targeting that area.

In other words, if you want to burn stubborn thigh fat, you have to reduce overall body fat. When you lower your overall body fat percentage, your thigh fat will burn. Thighs are a one of part of your body. 😀

Now we have to check what the ways to lower overall body fat are.


There have a few things you must consider when dieting. First of all, you have to eat a healthy and balanced meal. Basically, try to find your maintenance calorie limit.

Then reduce 300 calories form your daily calorie intake in the first week.

Then reduce 500 from your daily calorie intake. Keep reduce calories intake slowly.

Also, you have to stop eating junk and process foods. You will not result if you eat process foods even you extremely diet.

Also, you can do 8:16 fasting. This is the best and easy approach to dieting.  You have to diet for a few months to see the results. If it is hard to diet for a long period, give a cheat day and eat only maintenance calorie limit. it will help to diet for a long time of period.

Also, you have to consider about protein, vitamins and minerals. When you add those facts to your meals, it will help to increase your metabolism.

Start weight training

how to get rid of stubborn thigh fat

When you follow a diet plan, you will lower your body fat percentage. That means you will reduce Stubborn Thigh Fat. So under the thigh fat, you have thigh muscles.

Now it times to shape those muscles. But a lot of women do not like to use weight. They are afraid of bulk up. However, research shows the weight lifting helpful to get a toned body and improved overall health.

It also helps to re-build muscles with your food intake without being stubborn fat.

As I told before, we can’t target fat by exercising to the thigh. But we can shape muscles by exercising. So I will mention a few exercises to shape your thigh and your clout.

Those are the best exercise to shape your thigh and glutes. Also, focus on whole-body exercise with a weight to improve lean body mask and metabolism.


Burn belly fat by doing Cardio

Cardio is the favorite exercise of women. So they do too much cardio. And skip weight training. Yes, you can burn fat by doing cardio. If your training plan only includes cardio, you will lose your muscle mask and your metabolism will drop when you dieting.

So try to add one-two cardio session for a week and see the result. If you do too much cardio, you will get more hunger and start to eat more. Then you will go to the start stage again.

Not only that you will feel more tired when you start weight training. So add your cardio slowly to your workout schedule.

Also, you can do HIIT (High-intensity interval training.) instead of cardio. When you do HIIT workout you will burn more fat within short time periods.

Also, HIIT will help you to re-build some muscle mass, I have a full article about Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast – HIIT vs Cardio Workout. Feel free to check it for more info about HIIT.

If you ask how long does it take to lose hip fat, it depends on your dedication if you follow those above step you will lose thigh fat with reducing overall body fat within a few months.

So this is the three ways to get rid of stubborn thigh fat. I hope you get valuable information in this article. Also, feel free to check my other fitness article. I will see you next time.

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