How To Lose Chest Fat – 3 Proven Steps To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Man bo*obs are night nightmare, and it will make you uncomfortable even you wear cloth. A lot of the men suffer from extra chest fat. Some people call this to moobs. The good news is most men can fix this issue. Today I will shear how to lose chest fat with proven three steps.

How To Lose Chest FatA lot of men think moobs is a medical condition called Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition that uses to describe enlargement of male breast tissue. Someone has hormone imbalance like too higher estrogen levels or deficient testosterone levels.

But primarily that happens because of your body fat percentage. Body fat percentage directly affected to chest fat.

Body fat percentage will increase when someone gets unhealthy foods and stay without doing any actual works. This body fat stores in different places like belly, chest neck, and love handle.

So as I told before, I will share three proven steps to get rid of man boobs. Just try to follow them for one month you will see apparent differences.

01. Decrease Body Fat Percentage.


Go in front of the mirror and check you have fat belly and love handles. At least you are in the state called skinny fat. So if you have that kind of situation, the best option is, try to get rid of body fat. You can’t target chest fat by doing exercises. It is the same as belly fat. 

No matter what exercise you do, it reduces chest fat; you will not see any results. Yes, you can build muscles in your chest by exercising (I will explain it in the next point), but those muscles will not show because of your chest fat.

So there is only one way to go. That reduces overall body fat by following a solid diet plan. You will burn your chest fat when you start to burn your body fat. I will share a few tips to make a solid diet plan that adapts to your body.

  • You have to maintain your calorie intake. Use this calorie calculator to do it. After that, reduce 250 from your maintenance calorie count. You have to make a diet plan according to that final number.
  • You can find the calorie count of each meal by searching Google.
  • When you make your diet plan try to avoid process foods, always get whole and natural food.

It is the primary way to lose chest fat. So try to prioritize your diet and try to maintain it for a long time. You will lose chest fat

02. Do Chest Training and Whole-Body Training With Weight.

Your body fat will burn when you perform exercises with weight, and you build strength. Most of that perform chest exercises, make your chest shape, size, and build muscles on your chest.

You will be able to get strong muscles when you train your chest. That means you will get a muscular chest, and it makes your chest look good when you try to reduce chest fat.

Below exercises are the best exercises for chest

  • Bench Press
  • Dumbbell Press
  • Chest Dips
  • Chest Fly
  • Push-ups

Always remember quality is better than quantity. So try to hit a quality set. Also, try to train all your muscles. So that will help you to build a good looking body. 

03. Improve Your Posture

sitting posture

Most of the time, our back directly affects moobs. We spend our time in front of the computer or driving vehicle. We try to stay comfortable at that time. When that happens, our shoulders become tight, and the upper back will be weaker.

It will make our chest as ugly, and it will popup our moobs. So we have to fix this.

Try to sit in good posture.

 You have to do this by mindful because of its comfortable to sit lousy posture. So we will go back to the horrible poster within a few minutes.

Try to stretch your chest. You can use the doorway to do it. Stand in a doorway and bent your arms at 90 degrees with forwarding palms against the door frame. Then try to lean forward throw the doorway.

Also, try to exercise for back muscle.

Those are the best ways to get rid of moobs. I had fat around my chest, and It looked like moobs. I fixed this issue using the above steps.

I think you will get a good idea about how to lose chest fat and fix moobs. Try to do this like one month. You will see a clear difference if you don’t see any results, and you still have big man boobs. Try to channel a doctor. They will fix this issue by surgery.

I will see you next time and thank you for reading. Check out my other fitness articles.

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