How to Lose Skinny Fat – Results Within Few Weeks

Do you in the skinny-fat stage?

No matter what you do to melt lower belly fat and love handle. Don’t you see any results?

Are you making calorie deficit by eating less or doing boring cardio for an extended time period?

Don’t you have any result when you do abs exercise to lose skinny fat?

But still, you are unable to lose skinny fat.

You must be really frustrated and try to quit everything. But please hold on in this post I will give a solution to this issue.

Stop Eating Junk Foods

First of all, your diet is the main thing to reduce belly fat. There has a famous quote.

“Abs is made in your kitchen.”

Currently, do you eat unhealthy and processed food?

You have to stop it and have to make a solid diet plan and clean up junk foods. Try to maintain calories that your body needs per day. You must do this to make any changes to your body.

Now let’s see what the real meaning of skinny fat.

Skinny fat guy has a good BMI (Body Mass Index). The BMI calculates from your height and weight ratio. Check this online BMI calculate.

If you have a good BMI, it means you have good height and good weight. But the next problem is why you are in the skinny fat category.

It means your body has some fat percentage. If your body fat percentage is high, it means your body mass is low. That’s why your BMI is normal.

If you are in this stage, these methods will work for you.

So let’s check the methods. There have two key ways to lose skinny fat.

Boost strength by progressive overload and consistency

progressive overload skinny fat

You have to workout 4-6 days for a week. While you do it you have to progressive overload. When you do this you will increase your strength. This will be really uncomfortable, but you will see results.

So why should you increase your strength?

When you build your body strength, it will help to build more muscle in your body. Also, it will help increase your metabolic rate.

When you build muscles in your body, it will have resistance to lose skinny fat and make your body shredded.

To build strength, you have to follow the same exercise schedule for 4-6 days per week and have to do progressive overload.

While you do this, do not change the exercise. Do this for six weeks. You will see a clear difference.

Make a small calorie surplus

If you make a calorie deposit and you lose extra fat around your chest neck and belly. But still, you have belly fat and love handles.

So you have to make a calorie surplus in your body, and it should be below 15% of your maintenance calorie count.

This sounds stupid, but you have to do it.


When you eat more than your maintenance level, it will be helpful to boost your strength a lot faster, and it helped for the build your muscles faster.

Because when you eat more, there has more energy and nutrients.

To lose skinny fat, the key thing is, build muscles in your body. When you do the above approach, you will see the result.

But you have to be patient. When you do this consistently, you will see the result.

If you have a solid diet plan and you try to count calories, these methods must work for you.

But if you still don’t maintain your calories and you have a lot of fat, you have to build a solid diet plan first and second consider these methods.

I hope you understand. Try to use this at least one month. You will see changes in your body. Always remember this is not an easy task. So try your best.

Feel free to check my other fitness articles. See you in the next post. Feel free to add your comment below.

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