How to Use The Law of Attraction – A to Z Guide

The question of the year, How to use the law of attraction? What is the law of attraction? Is that law of attraction real? Is it productive and successful?

In this article, you find answers to all questions and how to use the law of attraction to get things you want.

confusedThe law of attraction is not hard to understand; this is not a spell or some magic. Also, this is not a historical or religious concept.

This concept is practical and so easy to do. But first of all, we have to understand this concept. A lot of people try to follow the law of attraction without realizing it.

In this article, I try to write four key points that you should use to get the benefit of the law of attraction correctly.

Those are so simple and effective. Try to understand it correctly. If you get the perfect idea about how to use the law of attraction, you will get anything you want in your life.

There has a lot of people who use the law of attraction and get benefits. I will share the real-life examples too.

What is the law of attraction?


We know about the law of gravity.

If we bounce a ball from Earth, it will come back to the Earth. If you jump on the building, you will fall to the ground.

But what happens if you bounce a ball in Space? The ball will fly on air because there was no law of gravity in Space.

So the law of attraction has the same power. It is the law that brings to you something you love, like, and care.

It same as Law of gravity, you will get something you love, like you bounce a ball it will come back to Earth.

Law of attraction is a way about how you should see something in your mind to get it to your life. There are lots of information in the law of attraction to get it your life.

As I mentioned before the law of attraction is not magic.

When someone obeys the law, he will get benefits from that law, when someone disobeys the Law he/she gets punishments for those behaviors.

How to use the law of attraction?

There have key 4 points to get benefits from the law of attraction. So we have to get fully understand those four key points.

I will explain one by one with an example. It will so easy to understand.

01. Confirmation bias.

Confirmation biasConfirmation bias means, we find facts to confirm our beliefs.

As an example,

You send a message to your girlfriend or your boyfriend. But he/she forget to reply to that message. The reason may be that a person had a busy time or didn’t see the message. Or he/she forget to reply.

You think your partner Breakup with you when you don’t get the reply. Then you try to find reasons and why she/he Breakup with you. You think, yesterday she/he tried to avoid meeting you. That is the reason for Breakup.

Now you believe your partner Breakup with you, so you keep finding facts to confirm it.

That is another example,

You give a lecture to a group of people. Think there have 100 people in that group. So 85 people appreciate your Speech, and they love it, and they get a lot of information from your Speech. But 15 people don’t like your Speech. They think you waste their time.

Think, you tell the same information to these 100 people. Those 100 people are listing to your same voice. But that 100 people confirm it differently. So 85% like it and 15% dislike it.

Because they try to get information to confirm their beliefs, so when their opinion did not agree with your Speech, they don’t agree with your Speech.

So people always filter information, and they try to keep their beliefs.

How Confirmation bias used in the law of attraction?

Cold Showers

In the law of attraction, You have to do the same thing. That is,

Use confirmation bias to keep hold of reasonable beliefs. It will help you to believe something, right and that will give things you want in the long run.

Check this example,

What is your dream car? When you think about your dream car in all time, you will change your laptop and mobile background image to that car, and you will put a picture of your dream car in front of your working table or someplace you always see.

You will see your dream car on the road when you try to think about your dream car. That car brand may be BMW, Mercedes Benz or any Car. You will see it all the time.

When you see your favorite car on the road, you will say that the car is my dream car or that car brand is my favorite car brand.

You will see it all the time. I think you may have an experience with this.

But think about this,

You see that car in every place after you try to think about that car. But didn’t those cars pass you before you think about that? All-time that type of Cars passed you. But you didn’t see it, because you don’t believe that car to confirm it.

So use confirmation bias to get things you like to your life.

Because people always try to believe about the things they want. And they use confirmation bias to get that thing to their life. And they try to think they will have the courage to achieve that.

At some point, this may be a weak point but use this as an advantage.

It is the first thing we have to talk about how to use the law of attraction.

02. Don’t notice, give attention

Don’t see or notice something. Try to give attention to those things.

Let me explain more about this.

Think about the rainy and dark day. There were thunder and heavy rain. You can’t get out of your home. So you watch the sky through your home window.

Don't notice give attention

You saw dark clouds and thunder. Then you feel like

  • Today is a miserable day.
  • This rain will never stop.
  • Today I can’t go outside.
  • I have to stop all my plans.

So and so, you get negative feelings about this rainy day.

But some of your family members will think differently when he/she look outside to through the window.

He/she may think,

I can’t go outside of home today, but I can use this time to do another work at home.

So that person uses that time wisely without blaming to weather.

That person didn’t notice the situation; he gives attention to it and uses it to do something he/she wants.

In other words,

You two see the same situation differently.

That is why you should stop to notice things and start to give attention to them because this is important.

There were a lot of people who give attention to the situation, and they change their life for good by doing this.

I will give a real-life example,

Did you read the book called “Lincoln the Unknown” that book contains the life story of 16th president of the US. He is Abraham lincoln.

The family of Abraham Lincoln is so Poor, and he didn’t go to school. Because his parents are so poor.. His mother passed away in his childhood. He didn’t have clothes to wear and book to write,

He had to borrow books from his friend. So he has to walk long distances to reach his friend’s house. Not only that, he doesn’t have material to write down notes of that book.

Lincoln writes those notes in dry leafs using berry juice.

Lincoln had a rough life. He walks so far to reach libraries to find knowledge, not only that his life had a lot of tragedy.

His girlfriend died before the wedding. He was unable to go to church for his second wedding. He had depression. And He avoids that wedding. Also his all business goes down and closed. He defeated two elections one after another.

But finally, he won his life.

What is the reason for that?

It is giving attention to the situation without stay only notices it in other words. See the Good side of Bad situation.

I suggest you read the book called “Lincoln the Unknown” You will realize how he manages the bad situations and gets value for those situations.

It is the second point of law of attraction.

There have benefits when you don’t notice and give attention.

Think your boss gets angry with you and blame you. If you only notice about the situation, you will think he is a Bad person, and he doesn’t support you. Then you stop caring about your job, and you stop thinking about your job.

But this situation will utterly different if you notice the case. You will become aware of why your boss blames you, and you will understand your mistake. So you will see what you have to do to avoid that mistake again.

That is the benefit of giving attention to the situation.

You have to understand this point to get a complete idea about how to use the law of attraction, and success in your life.

03. Use the power to choose

gihan akalanka

What is the meaning of Use the ability to choose? check below quote

You are not a winner by born you are not a loser by born but you are a chooser by born

We get things because of our choice. No one gets anything accidentally. Everything we get a result of our acts.

A Student passes all exams as a result of his commitments.

Another Student fails the exams as a result of didn’t make commitments.

So we always get the result of our work.

I will get an athlete as an example,

His name is Mark Spitz, in 1972 he won 7 gold medals in Olympic swimming contest.

He said one of a beautiful quote,

If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.

You are the judge that decides you win the contest or fail the match. So everything depends on your choice, your mindset, and working pattern.

Some people think this law of attraction will give things they want when they consistently believe about those things.  But it wrong. You must have the plan to get what you think.

I will give an example,

Think you have an empty garden, so you can grow rose in that garden and convert it to the rose garden. But you have to work for it. You have to plant the rose and take care of those roses, and you need to supply water and other things to grow the roses.

After that, you can get a rose garden. But if you think to get roses without doing work, it will never be a Roses garden. Your garden stays empty the same as before.

So you have to work and chose to make your empty life to perfect life. Other than that you will never get any benefits in the law of attraction.

You have to choose how you think and what you do to reach your target. So always try to use the power to choose. You must be the judge of your life.

04. Live in your dreams


That is the essential part.

One person wants to become a successful Businessman. Another person wants to pass their exam and get a high-level result. Another person wants to achieve their goals and be happy.

Everyone try to live in that dream character after their success, but you have to live that dream before you become something or someone. Live in your dreams will direct you to that place.

Check this simple example.

Think ten years of future from today.

  • How many goals will you achieve at that time?
  • Will you improve your life better than now?
  • Will you become the better version of yourself?

Most people don’t have answers to those questions. The reason for that is they don’t live in their dreams.

But when someone thinks I am a good businessman I am intelligent student even they are not Good and knowledgeable,

They will achieve their dreams.

Check this real-world example,

Do you know American professional boxer, Muhammad Ali? He is the greatest boxer all the time.  He said a great quote

To become a champion, think like a champion act like a champion then you will become a champion

Mohammad Ali was a not great boxer when he thought like that. But that mindset allows him to become a great boxer.

How did it happen?

Someone never refused to wake up at 4.00 AM when he thinks he is a champion. He never refused to go to the gym, and he never misses his practice because champions prioritize those things.

Also, they follow a good and healthy meal plan and get perfect rest. So that kind of person will become a great athlete.

That is why Mohammad Ali lives his dream and become a success.

So this is why you have to live your dreams before achieving them.

So as I told before the Law of attraction is not magic. Only you have to follow

  • Confirmation bias.
  • Don’t notice. give attention
  • Use the power to choose
  • Live in your dreams

how to use the law of attractionThat is how to use the law of attraction. If you need more info about the law of attraction and how to use the law of attraction, feel free to read The Secret Book by Rhonda Byrne.  This book contains a lot of information about the law of attraction.

Also, there has film The Secret 2006 feel free to watch it too,

You have to understand you will get nothing for free. Just commit and work for it. You will get things you want when you work for it.

If you think the law of attraction is get something when you think about it. That is the biggest lie, and you will never get anything by only thinking.

So I think you get a correct and complete idea about the law of attraction and how to use the law of attraction. I hope you enjoy the post.

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Thank you for reading! See you in the next post.

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