Skinny Fat Solution – 3 Tips to Destroy Belly Fat

What is the skinny fat solution? Are you suffering from this Skinny Fat status? You don’t have an idea that you should cut or bulk. No matter do anything you do not find a solution to skinny fat. If you are in this state, today you going to fix it.

Skinny fat meaning is your look healthy and fit when you wear clothes. But your look is chubby or fat when you remove your clothes. In other words, you don’t have too many muscle mass, and you have a layer of body fat covering your little muscle mass.

skinny fat solution

Which Places Your Body Fat Stored?

Person to person Skinny fat is different.

Some guy has fat only on the belly with lower muscle mass like skinny arms. He shows as a thin person.

Some guy has fat on Belly, Chest, Legs, and Love handles. Those guys show as fat when they take off the shirt.

Some guys are skinny, and they don’t have a fat belly. But they don’t have muscle mass (six-pack) on their Belly.

What is The Reason for Skinny Fat?

Reason for Skinny Fat

There have three most common reasons to stay in skinny fat.

  1. A person who follows the extreme diet plan to reduce their body weight. Then he lowers his Weight. Which means lose fat of his body. Also, he loses his muscle mass during his diet period.
  2. A person who does exercise but he doesn’t care about his diet. So he ends up getting fat around belly and chest.
  3. A person who not workout and eat junk foods and spend a lazy lifestyle.

Should I Bulk or Cut First?

hiit workout

It depends on your current status.

You have to follow lean bulk if you are skinny than fat, and you have very little muscle mass. You will be gaining Weight and grow your muscle mask when you bulk.

Don’t try to cutting. You will be smaller, and you lose your current muscle mass if you decide to cut and get a six-pack. So you will show as skinnier, and your energy levels go below.

Click here, figure out your maintain and bulk calorie intake. You need to get bulk up and grow muscle mask.

You have to cut if you are a fatter guy. You have a muscle mask. Also, you have a Fat layer. Those Fat layers store at belly, chest, Love handles, arms. So if you are in status like this, you can cut down and burn that fat layer. It will help to see your muscle mask, which hidden under the Fat layer.

You will be fatter and fatter when you try to bulk in this status.

Click here figure out your weight loss calorie intake that you need to burn that fat.

Try to maintain calorie intake if you don’t have an idea about the current state of your body.

Feel free to read this article until the end. You will see my suggestion.

Also, do weight lifting that will help you to grow more muscles. Then you can cut and burn your fat within few months.

Skinny Fat Solution

Skinny Fat Solution

In the above details, you can get an idea about what you should do. Bulk or cutting. So there have few ways to fix Skinny Fat no matter you cut or bulk.

You can get an excellent looking body when you build muscle mass. Even you are in a state of skinny fat.

Lift Heavyweights

heavy weight

As I told before, we have to increase our muscle mask and metabolism. Those two things will help you to get rid of skinny fat.

So try to do heavy weight training and try to progressive overload. It will help you to be stronger and build a shaped body.

Do compound moments like Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift.

You have to understand,

You will not see results within one or two days. It needs time. So do this for like two months. Also, don’t forget to progressive overload.

Also, the high-quality effort is significant.

Limit Your Cardio Session

motivate life

Cardio can lose your muscle mask. So you have to limit regular cardio.

If you run on a treadmill or park for like one hour, try to decrease that time. Also, You can do a HIIT cardio session. It will be, more productive and your muscle mask will not lose.

This time limitation defends on your body. So I’m not going to tell exact time limitation.

Stay Maintains Calorie


As I told before, you have to cut if you are chubbier, and you have to bulk if you are skinnier. But you have to be wise here. The first time you can stay in your maintenance calorie level for like one month.

Then you will see the difference in your body. So after that, you can decide to cut or bulk. That is the best approach.

Activate Abdominal Muscles

active abdominal

You have to build your abdominal muscles to appear. So you can do abdominal exercise to build that muscle. Try to use Weight when you exercise your abdominal.

That is the complete Skinny Fat Solution. I hope you get valuable information. Thank you for reading.

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