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Are you going to join a gym? Do you know things to consider before joining a gym? If you plan to improve your health and start your fitness journey, read this article until the end.

This information will help you to get the best results and stay consistent with your fitness goal. Even you already joined a gym. Feel free to read this because you may get some new knowledge form here.

Why should I join a gym?

First of all, Ask from yourself,

Why should I join a gym?

If you are a male, you may try to build muscles or lose weight. If you are female, you may need to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your current body.

You have to understand what you are going to do, and you must have a goal before you start anything.

If you don’t have a goal, you are only wasting your time.

Maybe you just want to get self-gratification by going to the gym. Anyhow, you can increase your physical and mental health when you join a gym and start to do the workout.

Understanding the reasons to join a gym is really important when you think fitness as a long term journey.

If you are going to the gym without a plan or goal, you will be unmotivated within a few months when you don’t see instant results.

So always ask “why should I join a gym?” from yourself.

Ok, let’s go to our main topic.

Pick a suitable gym.

things to consider before joining a gym

There may have a lot of gym around your area, or you may have one gym in your town. If you have a different gym in your area, don’t join a gym on the first day.

Go to that gym for two-three days and check the situation. If it is not a good gym, try another gym in your area.

Most importantly, check the below points before getting a membership to the gym.

Quality of Gym

You have to check the space and equipment of the gym. If there have dust and broken equipment, it better to avoid that gym and check another one.

Some gyms are not allowed to perform an exercise like deadlift (there has no carpet. So floor brake when performing deadlift). If you want to add a deadlift to your workout schedule, that gym will not be suitable for you.

Also, check the cleanliness of the gym. If there has sweat on benches and other equipment, it will not give a pleasant feeling. Not only that but also check the condition of washrooms and dress room.

Crowd of Gym

Suppose you plan to go to the gym in the evening. There may have a crowd in the gym. So just go to the gym for a few days without joining it and check the crowd of the gym.

If you are able to use equipment without waiting for a long time, choose that gym.

Also, try to workout in the morning because people don’t come to the gym in the morning.

Somehow if you have to wait for more than 10-15 minutes to use the equipment, check another gym.

Location of Gym

If you go to 9-5 jobs, pick a gym located in your root. It will help you go to the gym even you don’t feel to go to the gym.

If you pick a gym located a few miles away from your root, 99% of the time, you will skip the gym. You will make a lot of excuses and avoid going to the gym.

If you pick a gym located on your root, you will feel going to the gym when you saw the gym. Those are reall important things to consider before joining a gym.

Got to gym with a friend

personal trainer

Some guys and girls avoid the gym. Because they think other members will mistreat them, or those members will laugh at them when they do something wrong or workout with the lower weight.

But none of those are true. No one cares about you. Everyone tries to gain their body and show it to other members. So you don’t need to worry about attention in the gym. 😀

If you feel alone or afraid to go to the gym, try to go with a friend. If that friend already workout at that gym, It will be a huge plus sign for you because he knows about the equipment and type of that gym.

So you can get advice and support from your friend.

What are the things should I bring to the gym?

There have a few things you must bring to the gym. That stuff will help you to get a clean and safe workout.


Wear a lightweight t-shirt or a tank top. Don’t wear a heavy and tight t-shirt. If you wear a tight t-shirt, you will not be able to breathe well.

Dress flexible jogger, gym short, yoga pants. It will help to stretch without stock.


Try to wear gym shoes or running shoes. There have a lot of benefits to wearing shoes.

If plate or bar dropped to your leg, Shoes will prevent you from injury.

Also, wearing shoes is comfortable, and it will give a grip when you run on a treadmill.

Also, it looks beautiful and professional.


A lot of guys do not bring a towel to the gym, and they never wipe the sweat on their bodies. So those sweats are all over the flow and equipment. It is not pleasant to use that equipment again for another member.

Always bring a towel and wipe sweat before use equipment. Also, if there has dust or dirt on benches, you can use your towel to cover them.

Water bottle

When you are working out hard, you will get thirsty. So you have to drink water. A lot of gyms have a water pump and bottles. But sometimes some members use those water battles without the care of other members.

So it’s always good to bring a water bottle to the gym. Those are the main things you should bring to the gym. Also, don’t forget to bring your gym membership access card. 😀

Those are the best things to consider before joining a gym.

Respect each other

Always respect other members when you respect them. They will respect you. If someone asks to help or support, give support to that person.

Also, don’t be shy. Get support from other people. Allow other people to work out with equipment because they have a membership the same as you.

So don’t spend most of time on single equipment without giving it to others. Always try to share and collaborate with others.

Learn from others

progressive overload skinny fat

Listen to your trainer and get help form him. Try to get a schedule from him and follow his advice. Also, don’t accept everything he says. Always do your research.

You can use blogs and YouTube videos to get more information.

Also, check other gym members and learn from them. They may make some mistakes. Most of the time, you can learn from their mistake.

Follow one schedule

A lot of guys try to get results within a few months. So they try a lot of things. And finally, give up when they don’t see results. You have to understand. No one can build a huge body in a short time with natural ways.

bodybuilder can't gain weight no matter how much I eat

You have to keep a workout. Then you see the result. It does not matter how much weight you lift. Quality is the number one thing. Don’t try to show off. Just workout as you can.

Also, follow one schedule and one meal plan. A lot of people try new exercises and ignore the current schedule. So they don’t see any results.

But if you are consistent with one schedule, you will see the result over time.

Don’t give up and keep hitting on the gym and follow the correct meal plan. You will see the results.

Conclusion of things to consider before joining a gym.

Finally, when you start to workout turn off your mobile phone until the end of the workout session. this is a tip to focus on your workout.

So those are the things to consider before joining a gym. I hope you get valuable information in this article. Feel free to check my other fitness article.

Also, I wrote some self-development articles. Thank you for reading. I will see you next time.

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