How to achieve ultimate happiness?

Do you know how to achieve ultimate happiness? In Buddhist philosophy, you can achieve ultimate happiness when you get the Nirwana. That is the only way to get the ultimate happiness. but in this article, I’ll share few tips that help you to achieve happiness by doing simple things.

Don’t try to find happiness from a person or subjects

how to achieve ultimate happiness

Most of us try to find happiness from materials and other people. But we can’t control other people and subjects around us. Yes, we can find temporary happiness from them but at some point, they will change. When they change, we have to worry about find reasons for those changes and force them and avoid the changes.

Here are few examples,

If you try to find happiness from your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can get it. But they are outside of your control. So they can change at any time. If they cheat you or did something that hurts you, you will no longer seek happiness from that person.

You buy a luxury car and you’re happy about it. But now you have to take care of the car and you have to pay the monthly finance/lease and spend money to do the maintenance. Then you’ll not so happy about it. Also, if someone hits on your car and has an accident, you can’t control it. You’ll no longer be happy about it.

You try to find happiness by uploading videos to YouTube and build an audience around your channel. Yes, you’ll get happiness from it. But if something happened to your YouTube channel and if you are attached to it, you’ll no longer be able to get happiness from your YouTube channel.

Now you may think, I try to say don’t buy a car, don’t find a life partner, don’t start a YouTube channel literally don’t do anything.

No, I’m not saying don’t buy or get anything. I only said don’t attach to material things. Use them to find your happiness but don’t think it will be here with you forever. I’ll explain more about this in the next point.

You can use material things to get the experience and be happy in the present moment. And let it go at any time. I’ll also talk more about these later points.

Don’t attach to person or objects

how to achieve ultimate happiness

As I told you before you can be happy when spending time with people who love and care for you and you can be happy when you use materials or things that you like to use. But don’t attach to those things and subjects.

When you get the experience from the things that you like, you can be happy. But if you are attached to those things and try to protect them, you’ll forget to be happy and start to protect and worry.

Also, when your partner cheated on you or breakup with you, try to let her/him go and live in the present moment with people who care about you.

Also, when material things get old or break, try to forget about it and use alternative options.

But if you are attached to a person or a thing, you will not able to let it go. So try to create new experiences from things and spend quality time with people around you. But don’t attach to them or don’t depend your happiness from those things.

Here is a video from TEDx Talks to understand how to create hapiness.

Live in the present moment

You can worry about the things that happened in your past and waste present time or you can worry about things that can go wrong in your future and waste present time and opportunities.

But if you want to be happy you have to stay in the present moment and enjoy it. Don’t overthink about your past or future, just let go of your past experience and plan the present to achieve the future.

Also, a lot of people try to find happiness by using alcohol and different type of stuff. But they all try to escape from the present moment and find happiness or forget the bad experience that happened to them or try to ignore the sadness in their life.

But it’s temporary happiness because you can’t stay forever on alcohol; you have to go back to the present moment. When you are at the present moment, you will feel miserable because of the stuff you used.

Don’t compare yourself

Comparing yourself and feel bad yourself is like drink a glass of poison and think you have a problem. Yes, you have a problem because you drunk that glass of poison.

You may compare yourself to other people by checking their social media accounts and feel bad about yourself or you may see your friends or celebrities enjoy their life and spend time as they want. Or you may see a rich person who has a lot of wealth spend their luxury life.

But you have to understand, everyone shows their best version and best face to the public. But in their personal life, they have to face all problems that you face in your life because they are not a god or some type of superheroes. They are just a human as we are.

So they have to face all the problems that we face, they have to do all the things that we do. Also, they may have more money, more friends, more social status, or more something. But you have something that they don’t have because we all are different and we all have different skills.

You may not spend a luxurious life, but you are healthy. Maybe the person who spends a luxury lifestyle has a lot of ills. But you don’t and you will not get them if you do exercise and take care of yourself.

Live a minimalist life

First of all check this video and find the power of minimalist life.

Living life means, solving a list of problems. It’s like face an exam and answer to the questions paper. We solve the questions on a day-to-day basis. After we solve one question, we find another question to solve.

This is life, and this is what we do, when we solve those questions, we will get rewards. For example, if you work as an accountant. You will solve questions of your department and end of the month you will get a salary for it.

If you are a housewife, you will cook, take care of babies, and treat your husband. And you will get affection and a beautiful family.

If we spend a minimalist lifestyle, we will not have a lot of things to consider and a lot of questions to solve, and it will help you to save your time without spending a lot of energy because you have only a few questions when you become a minimalist person.

You don’t need to be a monk or live a spiritual life to be a minimalist person. You can just reduce unnecessary stuff you make to impress other people and make other people happy.

For example, a lot of billionaires wear the same type of cloth, because they don’t want to spend their time picking beautiful cloth and impress other people. I talk more about this in the billionaire habits article.

Also, if you try to work so hard to impress other people, you can reduce that workload by mindfully thinking and stop caring what other people think.

You can be happier by having a simple life, I follow a minimalist lifestyle and it is way better than worry about a lot of stuff that we try to get.

Take care yourself

Try to find happiness from things that easily you can control. As an example, take care of yourself and spend time to invest in yourself without waste time to improve another person’s life and find happiness from it.

You have control of yourself. So you can choose things that you want to do. When you eat healthily and spend healthy life you’ll feel freedom and it will make you happy. Also, if you do things that make you sad, you can stop those things and start to do things that make you happy.

You will be able to live a healthy and fulfill life by taking care of yourself. Always try to care about your mental health. if you think you have some type of mental problem like anxiety, depression, or another type of mental issues meet a doctor or therapist.

Also, try to do meditation and always take care of your physical help and mental health. This is the best way to live a happy life.


Here are the all tips about How to Achieve Ultimate Happiness. I hope you get valuable information. Thank you for reading feel free to check my other personal development articles. and I will see you next time.

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