It Easier Eliminate Negative Self Talk When We Refocus

It is easier to eliminate negative self-talk when we get our focus back to the present moment. In this post, you will see how to refocus our mind and the wrong side of negative self-talk.

Negative self-talk is the biggest issue to improve ourselves and achieve our goals. Before we do something or say something, we think about what happens next. Most of the time we get a lot of negative feeling, and we will feel more and more about those negative feeling, and we build a conversation with our mind,

When we do this, again and again, we will be stuck with negative talk, and it prevents what we want to do.

Effects of negative self-talk.

As I told before, it will prevent our goals and the best moment of our life. So when we get negative self-talk, it will affect our confidence and self-esteem.

As an example, when we do something uncomfortable and out of our comfort zone, we will get negative, self-talk, and we are gone to doubt ourselves before doing it.

We have the confidence to complete that task. But it goes down when trying to do it. So most of the time, we escape that work, or we end up with regrets because negative self-talk killed our confidence.


Think about the first time when you try to talk with a girl or boy. When you got this thought about talking to that person, you have 100% confidence. But when you try to approach that person, you start to make negative conversation with your mind.

  • What he/she will think about me?
  • What will think of those groups of people about me? Do they laugh at me?
  • Will she/he reject me?
  • if I talk with that person, my friend will laugh at me
  • I don’t need to speak to this person. He/she does not have positive vibes. Finally, you will unconfident, and you will not talk with that person. Negative self-talk is the reasons for situations like this. It is only one example. There is a ton of negative self-talk that kills you confident.

Who to fix this?

Stop Being Shy Around People

There is no direct way to stop the negative self-talk because we all are humans. All humans have this behavior. But we can do one thing to prevent this issue. That is refocusing yourself when you start the negative self-talk.

When we start negative self-talking, we will never stop it until we escape for that task what we went to do. So when we got negative thought, we have to note that. And understand we are doing the negative self-talk. Then refocus on what you want to do.

When you got negative self-talk for the second time, you have to do this again. Noting and understand negative thoughts and try to refocus on your task.


As I told before, when you try to approach a person, you will get negative thoughts. Like,

  • He/she will avoid talking with me.
  • When it happens, you have to note,
  • ‘oh, I’m overthinking.’

And refocus about yourself back to approach that person. Do not try to think positively or fight with your thought. Just do not cares about negative self-talk and refocus to contact that person.

When you refocus on the approach that person, these negative thoughts will come again. Then there is an easy way to refocus on you. That is thinking about your breath. It is an effective way to refocus. Get a deep breath and think about that.

When you practice this over and over again, you will be able to eliminate negative self-talk.

I hope this will help you. Thank you for reading the article. Feel free to add a comment below. See you in the next post!

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2 thoughts on “It Easier Eliminate Negative Self Talk When We Refocus”

  1. Good job. You approached the subject very thoughtfully and explained it well.
    I especially liked the part about who to fix it,
    it shows great wisdom and sensitivity. I commend you on a very well-written
    piece of work. I am also guilty of this. I hope I can completely overcome it with the help of this post. 


  2. Hello,

    You are very right, saying that negative self-talk is the biggest issue and effects our lives and self-esteem a lot. And, not only affects our lives but others too.

    Refocus- is a great tool, but many people don’t want or don’t know how to use it. Or they don’t think they do something terrible to themselves or other people. Also, cursing is the worst thing the human can do.

    Thanks for the great post.

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