Understand Your Mind Power And Do Not Overthink

Our Mind is one of the most powerful things we all have. Most of the time, our mind tries to keep us safe and make ourselves easy. Overthinking is one of a way our brain uses to keep us safe. But we all know overthinking is terrible. We have to understand our mind power and live the life we want to live without overthinking.

I am going to share the true story of famous magicians to understand about overthinking. Also, I will share a few things to know how our mind power tries to make us believe what we see.

Story of Harry Houdini Jail escape

Harry Houdini jail escape

As I said before  Harry Houdini is a famous magician who claimed he could escape any prison cell in the world within two hours.

There had only one condition that is he wants to wear his clothes when he locks up in jail cell. And he claimed he would escape within 2 hours.

So some prison accepts his challenge and lets him preform his escape act. As he said, he escaped all that prisons within two hours.

There had ancient prisons in down south. They accept his challenge. Finally, the day of the event comes. There had a full crowded of people outside of the prison to watch this act.

The jailer brings Houdini to the prison, and Houdini said,

I will see you in two hours.

There has 100% confidence in Houdini when he calls the crowd of people. Then he walked into cell and jailer shut the doors of the cell.  But Houdini didn’t watch or care about it. His confidence is 100%. He knows this is an easy task to do.

He takes off his jacket after jailer walked away and he removed his belt. There was a ten-inch flexible and robust piece of steel inside that belt. He has secretly hidden that piece of steel inside his belt.

He starts his work to escape from jail. Forty-five minutes passed, but he didn’t find a way to unlock the steel door of the prison. His confidence starts to drop little by little.

Another 5 min 10 min 20 min passed, but he didn’t unlock the door yet, and his confidence dropped to zero.

Another 45 min passed, there has only 30 min left to 2 hours and open the sell. Harry was sweating. He tried, again and again, nothing happened.

End of 2 hours Houdini defeated against the door, and he screamed.

I can’t do this… open the cell…

Then jailer came and said, Sorry for late sir, this door never locked please come out, and then jailer opens the door without using a key.

The steel door of the prison didn’t lock. But it looked in mind of Harry, and his Mind keeps telling him to this door is closed, so you have to unlock it to escape. So he never tries to open the door without unlocking it.

That is the story of Houdini. He is a legend. But his mind works the same as all humans.


This video belongs to John Mcgoo PhD youtube channel.

What about your story?mental health

  • So how many locked doors you find in your life?
  • Are those doors looked in physically or mentally?
  • Did you ever try to open those doors when your Mind keeps saying these doors locked?
  • How many times did you stick in your mental prison by overthinking small matters without getting any action?
  • How many opportunities did you miss because of overthinking?
  • How many times did you escape from obstacles without facing them because of overthinking?

Probably you did it in uncountable times.

Your Mind always makes excuses when you face obstacles.

  • You don’t have time.
  • You are not good enough.
  • You don’t have money.
  • You can’t do it.

That is natural for all humans, including me. But the problem is how we react when our Mind tries to discourage ourselves. The only thing we have to do keep going without stuck in our heads.

Doors are only locked in our minds, and all doors unlocked in reality. Like Houdini’s story, only you have to walk throw the door.

Why overthinking is bad for you?

why overthinking is bad for you

Not only overthinking prevent you achieve your goals but also it will affect your mental health. You will be stress when you try to find a solution by overthinking. This situation will be worst when you waste time hours by hours overthinking.

Also, you will be not in the present moment when you overthink. Most of the times you will think about situations which you failed, and make excuse to avoid that situation. So your confidence and self-steam will go down then you are not being motivated.

You will not achieve anything in your life, and you will not be the person who wants to be in your life because of those situations.

Legends face it

Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Edison

We will not experience the most comfort era like today if legends overthought without finding the solution to their works.

Thomas Alva Edison failed 1000 times before he discovers the light bulb. So He will never be a success and invent the light bulb if he overthinks about his failures and never did anything to design the working light bulb.

Alexander Graham Bell never discovered the telephone if he overthinks without doing anything to be a success. Click here to check his quotes. You will see his positive mindset in his quotes.


You will be not able to stop overthinking within a day or two. You have to keep challenging your Mind. Also, you can train your Mind.  The best mind power training is meditation.so do 5 min meditation for a day. Your mind power will increase little by little.

The Mind is the number one forces which able to clear your path to success or drag you down. Try to understand how to use the power of the Mind. Then you will be more productive and successful.

Finally, I hope you understand Mind Power and how it affects our day to day life work when we overthink. Also, I hope you enjoyed the true story of Harry Houdini. I will put a video of his works. Also, I have a few articles which I write about overthinking. I will put the link to those articles.

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Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I appreciate it if you can share this post. It will be helpful for the growth of this website, and I will see you in the next post.

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