What is Your Price – Best Motivation To Your Life

If I ask a question like, what is your price? You may have some answers. Maybe you don’t. But remember, you are priceless. Sometimes people do not like to accept it. So they give low value for you. But don’t take it.

Read this article until to end to understand your price,

In your lifetime,

  • Did someone reject you at any time of your lifetime?
  • Did people treat you like an unvalued person?
  • Did someone accuse you by saying, “you are a useless person”?


At some point in our lifetime, we all get underrate from other people. Sometimes we get low value from our closest friend or our relatives. Some time that person may be our family member.

How to Find Your Real Price

In some cases, we get underrated form our office stuff member or our boss.

At that time, you feel disappointed and pain.

  • But should we allow underrate us to other people?
  • Should we provide facts to confirm their opinion?

We are born with the highest value. We all come to this world the same as other people. In other words, we all come to this world with two hands and two legs.

But people who born like us win their life become a success at some point in their life. So can’t we do that and become a success like them?

So Think about this,

Should we allow other people to define our price, or should we give value to our lives and determine our price?

Let me share an exciting story to understand your life value and price.

What is the price of my life?

There was a teenage boy, and he wants to find the value of his life. So he went to see his mother and ask,

What is the price of my life?

So his mother didn’t answer that question and give a little test to do.

His mother gives some rock to this teenage boy. After that she said,

Son, Go to fair and ask the price of this rock from the sellers, but there is one condition, you can’t sell this rock, and you have to come back to me with this rock.

So this teenage boy wants to the fair with this rock.

He saw a fruit seller, So this teenage boy give that rock to get price form that seller. But that fruit seller has no idea about stones.

So he said,

If you want to sell this rock, I will get two kilograms of fruits for it.

But this boy refused his offer in a friendly way and kept trying to find sellers to get the price for this rock.

After that, he found a vegetable seller. That seller said,

I will give 10 kilograms of vegetables for this rock.

But this teenager rejects that offer too,

He brings this rock to a lot of sellers. But he didn’t get a fair price for this rock.

Finally, he decides to go to the most prominent gold shop in the town. The owner of that gold shop is such an honest and kind person. He checks this rock using different kinds of tools. He checks it carefully.diamond

After his inspection, He gets a deep breath. Then he gives back that rock to that teenage boy. And he said,

Sun, I don’t have pride in this rock. Also, I can’t buy this rock even I collaborate with other gold shop owners. This rock is priceless. No one has this much money in this town.

This rock is such a valuable diamond. You can get the exact price for this diamond from the wealthiest gold shop.

After that, this teenage boy comes back home and explain the full story to his mother. His mother is listing to him.

After that His mother said,

My son, Remember,

From time to time, we met different kinds of people. They defined price to us. But that price depends on their experience. So we will not get our original price from those people.

Don’t unmotivated and discourage If someone underrates or neglects you, and he tries to give low value to you because he provides that price to you according to his experience. So you must have skills and courage to find your real value.

We are overthinking and disappointed when someone discourages or underrated us. That is a bad habit we all have.

But people who don’t care about other people will always try to find their real value and keep trying to become a success.

Real-Life Stories about Underrated Person Who Find Their True Price

There was a kindergarten teacher at American kindergarten school in the 18th century. She sends a message to one of his student mothers. That message contains,

Please come and bring your child home. He doesn’t have the skill to learn, if you can teach him at your home.

So this mother teaches her son at home.

That student name is World famous American inventor Thomas Edison. He becomes World popular American inventor because of the courage of that mother.

What will happen if that mother listing to that kindergarten teacher?

We will never know about the inventor called Thomas Edison.

Albert Einstein is a genius person in the world. But his teacher treats him as a skill-less student who unable to learn.


If you watch the Titanic movie, you will know about Kate Winslet. But her teacher marked her as a no talent for acting.


Remember, people try to choose clothes for us, and they like to see we wear those clothes at different times in our life. But you can choose dresses for you to wear. If you don’t like that cloth, you can wear other clothes. ]

It is definitely up to you. So no one can decide what you should wear. Only you have 100% privilege to choose clothes for your body.

  • If your life is a ship, you must be the caption of that ship.
  • If your life is an art, you must be the artist of that art.
  • If your life is a film, you must be the director of that film.

So don’t as about what is Your Price from other people. Build your price by improving your skills and values.

You may wrong at some point, you may lose at some point but don’t allow anyone to underrate your life by those failures.

Always remember the price of your life can only define for you. You can fix your failures and be a better version of yourself.

Try to find your price and don’t accept other people’s estimates and underrate your value.

Thank you for reading! See you next time!

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