5 Ways to Develop Self Discipline – No Excuses Power of Self Discipline

Self Discipline is a common term in people like martial artists and athletes. They practice until they completely master what they do. Develop your Self-discipline can control yourself until you reach your goal. So self-discipline helpful for build a super-strong mindset to achieve goals.

Self-discipline will help you to stop eating junk food, lose weight, make passive income even stop wasting time by watching film or TV series.

I’m going to share five ways to develop self-discipline. After you read this, you will not make any excuses and understand the power of self-discipline.

01. Draw a Line


When you want to stop bad habits like, eat junk food, watching TV, watching inappropriate videos or play video games. You must try to limit those kinds of work. If you play video games on the whole day, you have to make a promise to yourself and add a time limit to play the video game. Like, play a video game for 1 hour a day. If you try to lose weight, you have to make a decision not to eat junk food.

So the first thing to make discipline is drawing a line, which means add limits to your behaviors.

02. Do Little by Little.

You have to make healthy habits. Those habits will help you to develop discipline. So you have to follow these habits slowly and step by step.

You will build a healthy habit when you adapt to that habit step by step because you will not feel uncomfortable with that habit when you try to change little by little.

If you decide to go to the gym and lose your weight, you have to do it slowly.

If you lift heavy weight on the first day at your gym, you will be exhausted, and your muscles will be hurt. So you will end up never go to the gym again.

If you explain your goal and get advice from your trainer, He will help you to make a reliable schedule and diet plan. Also, on the first day, he will never suggest you lift heavyweight.

Also, if you decide to get a balanced diet to weight loss, if you are a person who eats a lot of food and tries it reduces your food on the first day, you will be so hungry, and you will get faint.

So you have to start it slowly and little by little. Always remember you can’t go to your target in one day.

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03. Use the Reward System.

ways to develop self-discipline

We all like to reward, and if we know we will get some reward after we finish something, we will be love to finish it, and we will be motivated while we try to finish it. Because we know after we finish it we get a reward.

When building a discipline, we can apply this concept, and it will help to stay on your goal. Think, you want to lose weight, so you cut out your junk food. If you addicted to junk food, this would be such a hard thing to do.

So in this situation, you can reword yourself. You can eat some junk food at your weekend. So when you do this, you will able to stick your plan. Because you know the end of the week you will able to eat junk food.

When you do this for a long time, you will be able to develop discipline. So after that, you will not like to eat junk food.

The reward is so powerful, and it will help you to develop long term self-discipline.

04. Set Alarms.


Set the alarm is related to set limit your behavior. So you do something for a limited time you can give a time limit to your work. You can place an alarm before you start work and limit the time. Alarm Clock is the best way.

As an example, you can decide to play a game for one hour. So you can set the alarm for one hour from the current time. That way, you will be able to stop playing video games after one hour’s past.

This way will prevent waste your whole time. So when you set alarms like one hour or two hours, you will save your time. If you are going to ignore the Alarm clock, you will end up with waste your time.

You can put your phone or clock a few meters away from you. So when you do this, you have to go to stop an alarm. This means you have to finish things that you currently do.

05. Make Changes.

exercise for diabetes

When you follow a plan to develop the discipline, you must make changes to your life plans. If you do something over and over again, you will be unmotivated and stop doing that plan. So you have to make changes at least once a month. That way, you will be more excited to follow your plan.

As an example, if you work so hard to make passive income and you have a busy schedule, you can add a few adjustments to your plan and try it for a few days. Like go to nature or watch a video something like that.

Also, this plan change person to person. If you have role models, and you follow the same plan, he/she does develop self-discipline. You will not see results, and you will get unmotivated and never try to build self-discipline, so you have to make your plan. Do not try to copy other people’s intentions. Make your plan to follow.

Those are the best five ways to develop self-discipline. Remember, you have to be consistent. Over time you will develop self-discipline when you are consistent. Click here to read about Consistency is Key to Everything article.

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Thank you for reading. See you in the next post!!

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