3 Steps to Achieve Goals - Read This to Change Your Life

What are the steps to achieve goals? We make New Year resolutions and big goals when the beginning of every year. But the question is, did we achieve those goals end of the year?

99% answer is NO.

What is the reason for those failures?

If I ask,

Did we fail to achieve those goals because we didn’t have materials, energy, and time? Or we didn’t use our full power and skills to achieve those goals?

What is your honest answer?

99% the honest answer is,

I didn’t use my full energy and skills to achieve those goals.

Reason for we don’t achieve goals because we don’t manage our goals. We have power, skill, and all materials, but we don’t control how to use those resources to achieve our goals.

Mainly we don’t 100% focuses our goal.

We are smart in creating goals. That is why we create New Year resolutions in the first few days of every year. But we need to be smart to achieve those goals as we create them.

Anyone can be dreaming. But there have few things to win that dream.

Today you will find three significant steps in this article, and it will help you to achieve your goals. There has a lot of ways to achieve your goals. But I share the best three ways to achieve your goals. So make sure to read this article until the end.

Before that, you have to stop worrying about your previous unachieved goals. Because you have to stay in the present moment to do any works. Don’t allow your past experience to block your new dreams. Just learn the lesson from those failures and leave them.

01. Understand Your Current Position and Target Position


Most people don’t know about the meaning of a goal, and what things to do to build a goal or how to achieve goals. Especially Most of the students do not have an idea about this topic.

What is the goal or target?

What do you want to have a happy life? And which place do you want to reach to get happiness? And what are the obstacles you have to face to go there?

Those are your life goals and hope. Those are the things we must reach physically and mentally.

Ask below question from yourself,

What is my dream life look like? And how do I want to spend my life?

I think you get answers to the above questions.

So those answers are equals to your goals.

As I told before, most people don’t have an idea about this. What is your answer if I ask?

Tell me five things you want to achieve before you die.

Most of the time, people think about those things when I ask this question. They don’t know why they live and spend their life.

But if you remember five things when I ask the above question that means you know your goal, and your path is so clear.

Just be honest and comment below those things you want to achieve your lifetime.

Let’s go back to our topic.

We must have at least five goals we want to achieve before die.


  • Housebuilder knows the final output of the house before he tries to build it.
  • Carpenter knows his final output before he starts the job.
  • A software engineer knows his final software before start coding.
  • Any artist knows his final output before he starts it.

But we don’t know what our future life look like before we try to achieve it.

Sometimes we work so hard in our office or try to earn money. But we don’t have a clear picture of the end of that work.

We have to be the creator of our life instead of being a manager. We are the creators of our life. When we are a creator, we know our life achievement before starting any work.

Check this simple example.

You are at the bus station. You are waiting for the Bus. There is a lot of Buses on the road. So what you do before try to stop the Bus? You watch the board on the Bus because you want to confirm your destination.

We all do it before getting into the Bus. But most people don’t look at a destination before they start their works.

That is why

You must understand your current position and target position. Not only that, you have to keep a clear vision of your destination throughout the journey.

When you understand it, you will have a clear understanding of your next step.

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02. Use Best Tools to Achieve Goals

best tools

What is your best tool that you have to achieve your life goal?

Here is a simple example.

I tell you to draw a horizontal line, but there have few rules, you can’t use the ruler also you have to close your eyes. And you can use only two fingers to hold the pencil.

You draw a line according to the above rules.

The second time I allow you to use all the things to draw the line, now you can open the eye, and you can use a ruler also you can hold a pencil as you want.

So now you have two lines,

what line is the better?

The second line is the better one. You use all the tools, and you draw it by open eyes. So that line is so clear.

It is an issue with our life goal. We do not try to use the best tool to achieve our goals. We create our goal cleverly. But we don’t do anything to achieve that goal. When time passed, our goals fade from our minds. So that is the reason we never reach the goal.

We have to understand we will never achieve the goal just by creating it,

If you want to win you have to work hard, If you want to lose don’t do anything.

You have to focus your goal, and you have to do work day by day to achieve that goal. It looks so simple. It is not simple. We always stuck in our heads. Then we try to give up our goal.

So you have to use the best tools to focus your goals and achieve them. It is the only way.

03. Fix Your Weakness


Let’s check our final step to achieve the goal, and this is the essential step to achieve goals.

Currently, you know where you are at your goal, and you have a clear idea about your end goal. Also, you use the best tools to achieve your goal. But you don’t have any progress.

That means you have some weaknesses. So you have to fix that weakness.

You make plans to achieve your goal. You may know about your end goal, and you use your best tool.

But you don’t do any work. You only do daydreaming and plan your path to achieve those goals. So that is why you don’t see any progress in your life.

You may,

  • Addicted to dru*gs and alco*hol.
  • Think about your failures and worried about them without doing anything.
  • Afraid to face the obstacles.

Or you have some issues. That is the reason for you don’t see any progress in your goals.

I will give you an example of the most celebrity.

His name is Robert Downey Jr you may know him as Tony Stark or Iron Man.

Tony Stark

I don’t know you know about his life story but let me share his life story

Robert Downey Jr is who acts as Iron Man, and he has an estimated net worth of $300 million. But his journey didn’t feel so sweet and smooth.

  • At his age 6, his father gives him to smoke cann*abis dr*ug. So he addicted to dr*ugs at an early age.
  • He arrested a lot of time for different kinds of felonies.
  • He didn’t get any chance to change his life, and his friends and other people reject him because of his behaviors.
  • His first marriage wife left him.
  • At one time, he told, Prisoners attack him inside the jail, and he stayed at his blood river.
  • Prisoners didn’t like him too.
  • At one time, he chooses his job as a cleaner of a pizza shop.
  • He wants to change, and his girlfriend helped him to change.

At one point, he tried to change, and he saw his current position and end goal. Also, he saw the tools for going there, and he tries his best to achieve it. But it didn’t be easy. He feels him unable to escape from drug addiction. It becomes his weakness.

Finally, he decided to fix this weakness. Which means stop use dru*gs.

That is a rule he gets from his girlfriend. She told him that she never marry him until he stops dr*ugs.

Finally, he tries to fix this weakness, and he won it. At one point, he stopped using all drugs for the rest of his life.

That is the moment that changed Robert Downey Jr life to become a success. He comes back to the film industry and become a great actor. He wins a lot of awards, and in present-day ever one know-who is the Robert Downey Jr.

It is the way to achieve your goal. You have to do a lot of things to become a success. It will never be easy. Also, no one will come to help you. Only you have to face obstacles.

So those are the 3 Steps to Achieve Goals. It is a perfect answer for how to achieve any goal. I hope you get excellent and life-changing information in this article. I wish you good luck.

Feel free to read more self-development articles.

See you in the next article. Thank you for reading.

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