Challenge Comfort Zone - The Winning Habit To Success

Challenge Comfort Zone is the best habit you must follow to change your life and become a success. Most people don’t like to challenge the comfort zone and turn their life upside down to become a success. I guaranteed if you can add this habit to your life, you will push your presence to the road of success.

I will explain things you want to know about habits and comfort zone.

There has a quote

People make success habits in first place and that habits make success people

We are creatures of habit. Habits directly affect our success or failures. Most of the time, good habits will make our success and bad habits make us losers.

good habits

So you can change your life by adding this good habit to your life. Again I 100% tell you. Challenge your comfort zone is the best habit you can build to become a success.

What is Your Comfort Zone?

comfort zone

There is an easy way to understand your comfort zone.

Imagine an empty circle. Or draw a circle on piece of paper. Then write inside the circle about all the things you currently have in your life and the things you presently achieved.

Things like you have,

  • Bike or small car.
  • Small place for monthly rent.
  • Smartphone.
  • Computer.
  • Girlfriend.
  • You have the confidence to talk to strangers.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Six-pack abs.
  • You have a family.

So outside of that circle, try to write down anything you don’t have, but within ten years from now, you plan to achieve those things.

Things like this,

  • You may have a small car, but now you need a high-end Super Car.
  • Dream House.
  • Dream job.
  • Dream Girl.
  • Improve your confidence.
  • Talk with other people without stuck.
  • Stop overthinking.

Write down all the things you want to achieve in the next ten years.

Now you have a clear vision of what things have an inside circle and what things have outside of circle.

In other words,

You mention all the things you have inside the circle. And you mention all the things you want to achieve outside of the circle.

So your comfort zone is inside of the circle.

Challenge Comfort Zone

In other words,

Things currently you achieve and you have.

You have everything you write inside the circle. And you achieved those things in a hard way or the easy way. Now you can manage those things. So you are comfortable with those things. That area is the comfort zone.

But currently, you don’t achieve anything outside of that circle, and those things are not comfortable, and you will not get those things quickly. But you want to get them to your life.

That area is an uncomfortable zone.

So your goal is,

Try to expand your comfort zone circle and get things outside of the comfort zone.

I think now you clearly understood about comfort zone and outside of your comfort zone.

uncomfortableHow to get things which located in an uncomfortable zone?

I will give you an example. So you will understand the winning habit of success.

Think you are a student,

So you have some marks for your final exams. But you like to get some better results for your review. So you write it outside of that circle. So what should you do to get your goal inside to that circle?

  • Plan your exam.
  • Study more and memorize again and again.
  • Stop skips classes.

So currently, what thing you don’t do? And why you don’t do those things?

It feels uncomfortable, but if you skip those things because it is so nervous about doing. So you will never reach your goal outside of that comfort zone.

So do you understand what you should do to get things located in an uncomfortable zone?

That is,

Challenge your comfort zone again and again.

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Think you are new to blogging like me, so what should you do to become a successful blogger?

You have to,

  • Write good content.
  • Build backlinks and generate traffic to your website.
  • Spend time to grab ideas to write and publish it.
  • Make short and long term goals.

You still don’t do it because it feels uncomfortable, so you will never become a success. Remember, there are no easy ways to do that awkward thing.

If you are businessmen who have plant to become a success but you stay without challenging comfort zone.  So you will never become a successful businessman.

So you have to do uncomfortable things again and again. And you have to build this winning habit without doing that you will never get something outside of your comfort zone.

I repeat it. If you want to get things outside of your comfort zone, you have to do uncomfortable things to get those things to your life and build this as a winning habit.

Check this real-life example,

Do you know the athlete called Usain Bolt? Your answer must be YES

usain bolt

Usain Bolt never skips the most uncomfortable part of his training. Because he knows the most uncomfortable part of his training helps him to win the hardest part of his Race.

Most of the time, athletes know the importance of this hard truth, so they do that most challenging part of their training without hesitation.

One time he tells,

If you want to win easily you have to do your training hardly. If you try to train easily you have to win hardly.

So if you want a good result for your exam, if you want a salary increase in your job or you want to become successful businessmen, you have to do those uncomfortable things you currently avoid because of its hardness.

And you have to practice this winning habit again and again if you want to become a success.

Always remember,

Challenge your comfort zone or do uncomfortable things day by day will convert that awkward thing to comfortable. So it will help to expand your comfort zone.

It won’t be accessible when you start to do uncomfortable things.

Think about a baby,

He always fails when he tries to walk; maybe he will injure, and parents may prevent that baby to do that uncomfortable thing. But he never stops until start to walk,

But what will happen if that little boy gives up and never try to do that hard and uncomfortable thing? He will never walk, and he will never be stable.

Also, that boy can’t talk anything at an early age. So he tries to speak again and again. Then over time, that little boy can speak fluent languages.

Do uncomfortable things again and again, and challenge your comfort zone will help to expand your comfort zone and get those things outside of your comfort zone to inside.

So try to challenge the comfort zone again and again. Then build a habit of this. You will get most of the things outside of your comfort zone to your life.

Thank you for reading.

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I think this information helps your life.

Currently, I try to challenge my comfort zone day by day. I challenge my comfort zone even I don’t have any motivation. But I know one day I will be successful because of the challenge comfort zone.

Just try to start to challenge your comfort zone little by little. You will achieve things outside your comfort zone.

Again thank you for reading. See you in the next article.

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