Avoid Biggest Deathbed Regrets And Live Better Life

No matter who are you and what you have. One day, we all have to leave those things, and we have to go from this world. As humans, that is the truth in this world. So what If you have deathbed regrets? It will not feel good for you.

In other words, one day, we all are going to die.it maybe right now or next second. Unfortunately, we all have to face it one way or another. If you have deathbed regrets. That means you didn’t spend a Fulfilled life.

In this article, you will understand the best way to stop deathbed regrets and live a better life.

Don’t be Ego

In this busy world, people do not care about death. So they have an ego, and they do a lot of wrong works to earn money and live a long life.

They think as they never die and they act like immortal peoples.

But they never face the truth until they face the biggest regrets on death bed. So never allow Ego to destroy your life. Always be friendly with others and respect other people.

Money, title, fame, and this body is not permanent things. If you make Ego with those things, you will face the biggest deathbed regrets.

Do not ignore your family and friends

Strong relationship to avoid Deathbed Regrets

There have other kinds of people who work hard to earn money and be rich. They ignore their love once because they are busy and try to earn a lot of money. Finally, they grab a lot of money. They never spend it and live a happy life with their family and friends.

They become rich by earning money. But they never become wealthy and finally, die alone.

If you want to become wealthy person, you must have a strong relationship with your parents, friends, or partner. If you take care of people how care about you, they will always be with you in any situation.

Do what you want to do

Some people try to earn money to buy items they don’t need because they want to get validation from others. They never do what they want to do in life.

They always do things to show their life to other people. They never enjoy their life. Those people always try to make other people happy.

Finally, they realize they never be authentic to them. Finally, they will die as unhappy people.

Face your fear

There has another kind of person. They live in fear. They are fearful to talk. They are fearful of asking what they want.

They are fear to reject.so they never will be a person who they wish to.

They always make an excuse to avoid the situation and never face it. If you want to get it, you have to face your fear. Without face your fear, you will never grow.

And finally, they will end up without getting anything.

Check this article to find the ways to become fearless.

Make purpose


There was another kind of person. They don’t have any purpose in their life. They waste time by making distractions like watching TV, paling games.

They never achieve anything in their life. Finally, they will die without being anything. You must have goals and plans. If you wake up without plan your day, you will waste your whole day. Go back to bed is better than wasting your time.

Always try to find your purpose. If you didn’t find it yet, try to make goals and plans. Always explore, when you explore, you will find the real purpose of your life.

Conclusion of biggest deathbed regrets

Do you act like them? If yes, those kinds of people will regret their Deathbed Regrets. So my question is,

Do you want to regret in your deathbed?

I think you don’t want to regret your deathbed.so you have to ask one question before doing anything. That is



  • Why do I do this?
  • Why do I want to become someone?

When you ask ‘why’ from yourself, finally, you will find the answer. If that answer is negative, don’t do it. If that answer is positive, do it.

avoid Strong relationship to avoid Deathbed Regrets

This is the best way to avoid regrets in your death bed. We can’t avoid our death. So we have to do what we want to do to fulfill our life. Most of that, we have to live in the present moment.

When you only think about your past or future without getting any action, you will have to face to biggest deathbed regrets.

Also, do not postpone your works.no it is matter how lazy you are or how hard that work, you have to do it now. Because no one can 100% sure about their final moment in this world.so do it now.

If You always try to go away from your loved ones and ignore them, you have to change and try to stay with them closely. Because when your times up, only they will be there for you.

This is what I have today. Feel free to check my other personal development articles. See you in the next post. Thank you for reading!

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