Don’t Compare Yourself Others – Number One Thing to Destroy Happiness

There have a number one thing to destroy our happiness. That is comparing our self to others. Comparing yourself with others can steal your joy. So in this article, I will share why you should not compare yourself with others.

Think you and your friend go to work for one month and each one of you earned $500. So you give $250 to your family, and you buy a phone like Samsung for $100 now you spend $350, and you have $150 in your pocket. So you are so happy about yourself and your phone. Now you can get selfies, browse the internet and do everything you want with your phone.

Don't Compare Yourself Others

So the next day you go to work with a happy and positive mind. You tell about your phone with your friend. Then your friend tells about his phone. It is an Apple iPhone. It looks excellent, also a famous brand. So now you start to compare your phone with your friend’s phone. It has a fingerprint sensor, a better look than your phone and all extra features.

Now you don’t want your phone. You want your friend’s phone. You are no longer happy about your phone even it has all the things you want because you compare your phone with your friend’s Apple iPhone.

Your happiness completely stole by your friend’s phone. It is the result of comparing. But in hidden, you did a great job with your money. You give some amount to your family and make them happy. But your friend spends all the money and gets money from his family because the Apple phone is more expensive.

You are still unhappy with your kindness and your phone. Because you don’t have an Apple iPhone,

I will share more examples.

Then you will understand you stop comparing yourself to others is the best thing to be happier.

Don't Compare Yourself Others

You buy a new car, and you park it in front of a supermarket. You are so happy about your new vehicle. It is your dream, and now your dream becoming true.

Within a few minutes, someone comes with a Super and Excellent Car. You have a new car, but he has a Super Car. So you start to compare your Car with that Super Car.

That Car is so cool. But my Car is not cool. It has only AC and riding ability. But that Car looks cool, and it has all the features. If I had more money, I have the chance to buy that Car.

But I don’t have money. I am a miserable one. I will never be able to buy a car like that, So now you don’t want your Car anymore instead you want that Super Car.

This is another example,

You have a girlfriend, and your affair has like three months long. So she takes care of you, and she loves you so much. Your relationship is one of the best things that happened to you. So you are pleased with your girlfriend.

One day you saw a beautiful girl when you go to the park. Then unconsciously you compare your girlfriend with that girl, and you noticed she is way better than your girlfriend. She is beautiful and smart

But you can’t talk to her because of your girlfriend. Then you blame your girlfriend and judge her action. Also, try to make excuses to break up with your girlfriend. You are not happy with your girlfriend. Now you only need that girl who saw in the park.

So this is the sad truth about comparing.

The last example

Think you are a skinny guy and star to go to the gym and build muscles. So you hit on the gym for one month, and you build some muscles around your body. You are so happy about that.

But one day, you saw a guy who has bigger muscles and a shredded body. So now you are not satisfied with your results. Now you want a body like his body.

Now you try to get some supplements and other stuff to build a more significant body. But after your second month, you don’t see any results. Third month past but you don’t see muscles like that guy.

So you give up everything because you want results like that guy. But in reality, you get some excellent results. You don’t see that because of comparing.

That is the issue with comparing. So I think you understand how self-comparing stole your happiness. So Don’t Compare Yourself Others.

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