How to Attract a Girl Without Talking - Always Works

This article will change your mindset about girls. Here you will get the biggest tip on how to attract a girl without talking.

The attraction is the first thing when we talk about dating. If she doesn’t have attraction about you, there has no second step to do.

The attraction is based on your behaviour

As men, we attract a girl by her appearance. Simply it depends on the look of her other word it defends in beautiful. But when it comes to girls, it all about behaviours of means they are not careful about how to beautify you are. Their attraction comes what do you do and how do you do it.

So I’ll share what should you do to attract a girl without talking to her.


This is a key thing to change your behaviour. If you have a lack of confidence, it’ll appear on your there has a simple way to stay confident around girls or social events. That is let go of your insecurities.

As an example, if you didn’t polish your shoes and you think about it all the time and worry about it. Then you try to hide your shoes in front of a girl she will notice you try to hide your shoes.

Instead of that, you have to let it go and behave normally. It helps to live in the present moment, and that will boost your confidence.

This is another topic we should talk on another post. But for now, always remember you have to stay confident. If you want to know how to become confident check “What are The Questions to Ask to Boost Self Confidence?” article.

Somehow you able to be confident while talking, walking standing even when you are eating. It’ll attract girls immediately.

It doesn’t matter you have some weakens in your life only things the matter is how you accept that weakens and avoids them by becoming confident about yourself.

Be Alpha Male


If you want to get a girl’s attraction, you have to be alpha male round girls. Alpha male simply means, be a leader in a group of people. Don’t be afraid you don’t want to be a leader and guide them.

Only you want to boost your muscular energy and act like a real man. When you talk, you must talk a little bit loud that way people will listen to you.

If you walk, you have to walk with proud like a boss. Not like a looser. If you don’t agree with someone, you have to say it, and no matter what happens, you have to stand on your opinion.

It’ll clearly indicate you are different from other people. When girls see it, they will automatically attract to you.

So if you don’t have a lack of confidence and more alpha behaviours, you will get any girl attraction within a few seconds. But you have to understand gain confidence and be an alpha male is not a day process. This takes time.

When you keep trying this, you’ll see the results. Always try to let go of your insecurity.

When dating you have only three things

  1. Be confident
  2. Be comfortable with your looks
  3. Always be who you are.

Confidence always plays a huge role in attraction. If you got girl attraction, then execute your next move. That is talking to a girl. After you got her attraction if you try to avoid her, she will be not interested in you anymore, and she will see you as a regular person.

If you not ready for asking to go to dating simply ask about the directions, roads, places or what time now is. When you do this daily bases, you’ll get confident to ask girls out.

So this is what I have today. Remember, confidence always go down. When it down, you have to boost it again. See you another post if you have a question feel free to leave it below in the comment section. I love to answer them.

Feel free to read self-development articles. I’ll see you in another article. Good Luck!

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