What are The Questions to Ask to Boost Self Confidence?

Self Confidence is the key to be a better version of you. So what are the questions to ask to boost self-confidence? Also, how we can boost self-confidence in an easy and fast way.

What is self-confidence?What is self-confidence

Before answer what are the questions to ask to boost self-confidence. You have to understand what self-confidence means.

Self-confident is how much you are sure about your decisions, thoughts and yourself. If you are 100% sure about something you do or you have, you have 100% confidence about that thing.

But if you have some doubt about something and you are not sure that thing works, you are unconfident about that thing.

So self-confidence directly affects your life, your works and success.

Why is it important to build confidence?

If you are lack of confidence, you will not be the better version of yourself. So you have to boost self-confidence to make decisions and live your life as you want.

As an example, think you are at an exam.

But you didn’t study to face that exam. If you pass this exam, your salary will increase.

But you don’t have 100% sure about answers for the question. That means you are not sure about the exam result. So you don’t have confidence in the results.

That means you will not get the salary increment.

But you had a chance to get this salary increment. If you study the lessons which you need to face the exams, you will able to face the exam without doubt.

It is not too hard to build confidence. If you have 100% knowledge and 100% sure about something, your confidence will boost without doing anything.

When it comes to our self-development, it becomes a mind game. So you have to control your mind and boost self-confidence.

What are The Questions to Ask to Boost Self Confidence?

Ask below questions from yourself. Those questions will help you to find the things that help to boost self-confidence.

Am I appreciating Things I have?

Do you know? You are one of the luckiest people currently live on this earth. But do you know about it? And do you think about things that you have and how those things helped you to be happy and grow yourself?

Most of the times answer for about question will be No. It means, you think you are not lucky and drag yourself to the bottom of the ground. I will kill your self-confidence and self-esteem.

You have to appreciate thing around you. And thank you for the people who help you. Then you will feel you are lucky, and those people will help you more than before.

Try to appreciate the things you have. It will help you to boost your confidence.

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Do I face the challenges?

what are the questions to ask to boost self-confidence

Most people avoid challenging situations and obstacles. But sooner or later they have to face those uncomfortable situations. But they never understand it and try to keep avoiding those obstacles.

Are you in that category?

You must have to face the challenges. It is the best way to boost self-confidence. Maybe you are failing when you face challenging situations. But you will get experience and knowledge for that failure. So you can find new solutions and face that challenge.

One day you will be a success when you keep failing.

But if you avoid the challenging situation and never face the challenge, you will feel like you are a loser. So you will be afraid to face the challenges and stay like a looser.

So this feeling will never go away, and you will keep drop yourself confidence.

One day you will succeed when you keep failing. So it will boost your confidence level to 100%. Even you are failing. You will boost confidence more than last time.

That is the power of challenges. So never avoid the challenging situations.

Do I have a life purpose?

Most of the people spend their life without a purpose. Most of the times, they try to escape from the present moment. Those kinds of people never achieve anything in their lifetime. So they don’t like to face that reality.

As examples,

Students go to school and learning without a plan about exam and currier life. So they failed their exam and get an 8 to 5 job and spend the rest of their lifetime.

Employer works to their company without caring about their future. They do their work only to keep the job. So they never get promotions or salary increase as they expected.

So do you work like those people?

It will directly affect self-confidence. You don’t have future plans. You don’t know why you work. Only you have dreams.

Also, you feel you will never achieve those dreams. So you keep trying to avoid reality. So you play games, get alcohol, watch TV-shows and movies.

In reality, you afraid of your future, it will affect self-confidence, and you will lack self-steam.

So try to make a small purpose and work to achieve that goal for one week. You will see the magic after you achieve that goal.

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Do I put myself first?

I will explain this using an example,

There is a student his name is John.

He wants to be a teacher, but his parents want him to go to medical school and become a doctor, so he did become a doctor.

Ten years past, now he doesn’t feel happy about his career. Because he wants to be a teacher. That is his passion. But he left his passion and tried to make his parent proud.

This story is entirely made story. But there have a lot of people like John around us. They always try to make other people happy.

So they work hard on a job which they don’t like but only make money, and buy stuff they don’t need and don’t like. But only do those things to make other people happy.

So they will never do the things they want. So they never are happy with their life and job. Also, they will not have confidence in their work and decisions.

If you want to be confident, you have to put yourself first and do the things that you care, and you like to do. Then you will happy about your life, and you will have confidence in your life.

How can I be motivated?

Motivation will be to help you to be a better version and achieve your goals. If you have 0% motivation, you live a lazy lifestyle, and you will waste your time.

You will not be sure about your future and decisions. So you will lake of self-confidence.

But if you motivated and try to work smart and achieve your goals, you will boost self-confidence.

So you have to identify things that make you motivated. So you can,

  • Listening to motivation speech,
  • Do the thing that makes you happy
  • Go to nature and spend time on nature
  • Help other people

So you have to find the things that help you to stay motivated. And it will increase the productivity of your day. Also, it affects your self-confidence.

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Do I face my fears?

Fear can kill your self-confidence because you will skip the thing that makes you fear. You will not be comfortable when you have a fear of any situations.

Identify your fears and face the fear to get rid of it from yourself. There has only one way to be fearless. When you keep facing your fears, you will no longer fear for that situation.

So you will boost your confidence when you are fearless in those situations.

Am I healthy? What are The Questions to Ask to Boost Self Confidence?

Health is the most important question you must ask from yourself to boost your self-confidence. This is the number one facts that directly affect your life and self-confidence.

If you have an illness, you will not like to talk about it. And you will pray to god for a heal it. But if you can avoid that illness before it happens. So you no longer need to be worried about that illness.

So stop all unhealthy things like eating junk foods, get alcohol, smoking and other stuff, and try to live a healthy life by exercising and getting a balanced diet.

Also, your appearance will directly affect your self-confidence. There has the thing that we can change, and we can’t change,

As example,

We can’t change our skin colors, but we can change or body shape, So if you are a fat person, you can get a gym membership and do exercise. Also, you can get a clean and healthy diet.

Your confidence will boost when you have shaped and healthy body.

Also, you have to take care of your mental health. If you have stress, expression or any other kind of mental illness, you can go to a therapist or doctor. Then they will give advice and medicine for your health condition.

Both mental and physical health directly affects self-confidence. So take care of your health.

Am I positive?

What are The Questions to Ask to Boost Self Confidence

Are you a positive person? A lot of people think negatively, and they will make excuses without a face the obstacles and challenges. So making excuses and negative thinking will directly affect self-confidence.

You will be stuck in your head and waste your time when you think negatively. Also, you will miss the opportunities when you keep thinking negatively without doing anything.

If you think negatively about one thing, you will keep getting the negative situation to your life. So you will not boost confidence in negative situations.

Overthinking is another way to grow negativity around you. If you overthink about something, that means you do not trust yourself to face that thing. So you will kill your self-confidence when you overthink again and again about that thing.

You have to positive and think positively even you spend the worst day you ever spend.

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Those are the questions to ask to boost self-confidence. Ask those questions form yourself and identify your situation and try to fix those issues one by one. Over time, you will increase your self-confidence.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to read more self-development articles. I will see you next time.

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