Spend Motivate Life – 10 Tips to Destroy Laziness

Motivate life is one of the best things we want to complete our work and stay without laziness. We all get bored and unmotivated, feeling while we spend our day. Sometimes we get stress and anxiety. Then our motivation goes down.

In this article, I will share ten tips to boost your motivation and spend motivate life by achieving your goals. That will help you to destroy laziness.

01. Reminder Why You Start It

Ask the question of “Why” from your self will boost your motivation to achieve the end goal. “why” is such a powerful word.


At once, we get an excellent idea, and we are super motivated. We think all good happens when this idea works. So we are super excited. And finally, we start work. We do work so hard to achieving our goal.

This motivation will keep staying for the first or second weeks. After that, motivation will drop little by little. So we stop working like before and make excuses to skip that works. Finally, we give up and never do that work.

We forget our end goal when time passes. So we unmotivated and never finished that work. It is the biggest issue for success.

We have to remind ourselves why we start that work when we feel unmotivated, and it will help to spend motivate life and keep going on without giving up.

So ask why you start it when you unmotivated.

02. Stay Present Moment & Accept Reality.

A lot of guys didn’t stay at the present moment. They always worry about something happen past or their future. So they still spend a lazy life, and they never do anything with motivation.


Most of the guys watch TV-shows, Films or playing games. They do this because of skip from the present moment and afraid to accept reality. So they only do eat sleep and wast their time. They will never have the motivation to do any work. The reason for that is they don’t like to accept reality.

We have to accept reality when we fail or lose something because we will never get anything when we stay lazy and skip the present moment.

Here are some examples,

Your partner was breakup with you. So you don’t accept it. You try to contact her by calling texting and visiting her/his place. But she/he doesn’t answer the phone and try to avoid you. It’s so Clear. You will not get her back.

But you keep thinking about her/him. And you don’t do anything. Even you are not eating. Just stay on the bed. It will make you lazier and weaker.

That is the most guys/girls deal with the Breakup. They don’t accept reality and move on. It will kill their motivation. They think about their partner when they start some work. So they fail to do that work.

It does not matter how hard you think about your partner. You have to accept reality and enjoy your life without her.

You will be motivated and spend a productive life when you accept reality. Also, you will find another great person.

You fail an exam or interview. So you keep thinking about the failure and try to make excuses for failure. Also, you do not accept your Failures. You blame the judge board, Your teachers, or the exam department.

This kind of mindset can destroy your motivation, and you will do nothing to face those obstacles again.

You have to stop excuses and learn a lesson from the failure and move on. You will be motivated for the next exam or interview when you do it. Also, you have experience with the previous Failures, so it will help you to face that obstacle better than before.

So always accept reality and stay in the present moment.

03. Go to Nature

We get stress and tired when we keep working. Go to the park, river, waterfall, or some beautiful and naturist place can make your mind refresh and motivate.

motivate life

We try to make distractions when we tired or stress. Most of the time we sleep in the day time and watch a film or play the game.

Sleep in the day time is the worst experience I ever get. Most of the time, I get headaches after I wake up. Also, I’m so lazy and feel unmotivated at that time. Playing the game and watch the film can steal our time.

So what should we do when we get bored or tired?

My best advice is to go to nature and spend some quiet and alone time with nature. Your mind will refresh, and you will be motivated more than ever.

The easy thing is going to a park if your area has a Park. Also, you can hike or going to see a waterfall, river, or someplace like that. Try going to any natural place.

Listing to birds and other animal sounds and get a deep breath. You will not find a feeling of something like that when you play the game or watch movies.

You will be spending motivate life when you get back home, and your tired feeling will go away. Nature has real power we never understand.

04. Take Small Steps

We have to chunk our work to reach our goal without getting any lazy and unmotivated. Also, do not dream about your end goal. Try to do small parts consistently reach the end goal.

Small Steps

We have a negative mindset when we think about our big goals. It looks impossible to achieve. So we get unmotivated and doubtful feelings. Then we overthink without taking any action.

That is a normal situation. So we can do some small part to achieve this big goal without worrying end goal size. In this way, you will reach that impossible goal easily in overtime.

As example,

I plan to grow this website to 500 articles and 3000-5000 daily visitors. It is a big goal. In this situation, It looks impossible.

Currently, I don’t have more than ten daily visitors. Also, I only have quality articles, only ten or less. So it feels impossible when I think about my end goal.

But I chunk my goal. So every day, I take small steps to reach that goal. Currently, I write one quality article within one week. Also, I build a backlink to increase my website visitors. Those are small steps. So I’m not in stress about my end goal. I only think about small achievements.

Also, I plan to get this result end of next year, so it feels possible when I think about that time duration.

I always spend motivate life because of my progress and small works. Also, I have a clear picture of my end goal.

So take small steps is helpful to stay motivate life and boost productivity. Think you want to get six-pack abs. It looks impossible with your situation. But it will be possible when you take small steps.

Just do small work to get there. First, clean your diet then start abs and HIIT workout when you follow a balanced diet. Over time you will see the result and get abs.

05. Learn New Skills

Learning is one of the things we never stop. That will help us to grab more knowledge and boost our confidence. Also, it will make us motivated when we use our new skills to make some unique.

Learn New Skills

You will not be lazy when you know what you do, and you love it. So you have to learn about getting knowledge about your works. You will be unmotivated, and being lazy, when you do something without learning and without knowing about it.

Try to learn more skills and expand your knowledge. That way, you will get a great ending with your work. So you will be so happy about that work. Also, people are who around you will be satisfied too. So you will be spent to motivate life to keep doing that kind of stuff.

It is better to use your free time to learn new skills without wasting that time. You will destroy your laziness and unmotivated feeling when you see your achievements and progress of your learning.

Also, invest yourself. Join a gym, upgrade your business, or spend money on something that helps to improve your life. This way, you will have more confidence, and you will motivate you to earn more when you see your improvements.

06. Take Risks

Taking risks have fantastic power to refresh ourselves and keep doing our work. Also, we don’t need some motivational speech or any motivation to work when we take risks.


I will explain how it happens.

Think you start a company and you hire two employees. So you spend your whole money and energy to start this business. Now you and your family depend on this business. Also, you have to pay your employees. End of the month, those people and your family rely on you.

Now you have to find clients and make new concepts. Also, you have to build your brand. Other than that, your company will fail, and you and your family will not have foods and roof on your head.

Now, do you want any motivation to work?

You have to self-motivate and work to build an active business. You don’t have time to being lazy because you will work when you see your situation.

Take risks is the best way to self-motivate and I use this method. And it is working.

Most importantly, you have to get a risk which you can handle. Do not try to take risks you cannot control. You will be broke physically and mentally if you take the risk you can’t handle.

07. Make Mistakes

Don’t afraid to make a mistake. Just make them and learn the lesson. Then move on. That is better than stay without experience the mistake.

MistakesA lot of guys are afraid to make mistakes. So they always make excuses and stuck on their heads. Then they become lazy and unmotivated because they keep trying to avoid opportunities in their life.

They will be lazy when they avoid opportunities. Also, they will be unmotivated. They never become a success because of afraid of failure.

Do not be like them. You have to make mistakes to be a success. Don’t stay without doing anything because other people reject or scold you.

You will learn valuable lessons and be motivated when you make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Also, you will not wait to face the next obstacles when you get over from previous mistakes.

Making a mistake and face it can be so hard. So you have to get over from that mistake as soon as possible. You will not be motivated if you think only about that failure.

08. Build a Strong Purpose

A Strong purpose can make you are a better version of yourself. Also, you will be 100% self-motivated when you have a powerful and crystal clear Purpose.

Feel her safe with you

Maybe you still find your Purpose. I’m 100% sure you will never see that Purpose. Find your Purpose mean you just waste your time by staying lazy and unmotivated. You have to create a Strong Purpose instead to find your Purpose. Click here to check in-depth information about finding your life purpose.

You will be motivated when you have Strong, and you love to do that work. You don’t need to list any motivation video or read any motivation article like this when you have a Strong Purpose.

So make one and work hard to achieve it.

09. Share Your Goal

Sharing your goals is another powerful way to achieve them. You have to achieve the goal when you shear it with someone. Because you need to show the results as you promised.

Share Your Goal

You can share your goals with your family members, friends, or community. That way, you will be motivated to achieve that goal because you have no other choices when you share it with someone. You have to show results to him.

So you have to work hard. You will motivate and complete your work without being lazy.

That is a compelling way. I use this way to motivate and complete my goals. You need to find someone who cares about you.

That way, they will check your progress and help you to succeed. If you find someone who doesn’t care about you and disrespects you, you will be unmotivated.

10. Be Grateful

Be grateful for every minute you spend and appreciate what you have. You will motivate when you love and care about the stuff you have.

Be Grateful

You are the luckiest person in this world. Read this article. You will understand how lucky you are. Always grateful for what you have and what you do. Do the work mindfully. Don’t do something you don’t like or don’t want to do.

Always appreciate what you have. Love yourself and others. You will improve your life when you split the positive vibe.

You will motivate your life when you see your progress and when you love your work. Also, you will not be laziness when you spend your time positively.

These are my ten tips to motivate your life and destroy laziness. I hope it helps you and I think you get valuable information.

Thank you for reading! And I will see you in the next article.

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