How to Become Fearless? | Best Tips To Change Your Life

Become fearless can boost our self-awareness and confidence. We all have some kind of fear in our mind. It is a totally normal situation. But the issue is, if you avoid obstacles and escape from life-changing opportunities, you will never become the greatest version of yourself.

What is the fear?

become fearless

Before you become fearless, you have to understand the fear. In here, we only talk about fears related to our life decisions and social interaction.

So fear is a stage of our behavior. When we try to do some uncomfortable or challenging thing, our mind tries to make excuses and give fearful feelings. Also, our heartbeat goes up, and starts to sweat. Our brain keeps trying to avoid that situation by making those kinds of chemical reaction in our body.

This is the simple explanation for fear, and it all about a mind game.

There have a lot of fears,

Fear of,

  • failure
  • judgment
  • rejection
  • unknown
  • pain
  • criticism
  • success

Why should you become fearless?

As I told before, you will miss life-changing opportunities if you didn’t face your fears.

So if you become fearless, you will able to be the better version of yourself, not only that, it will help to boost your confidence and get the thing that you want.

If you are a nice guy, that means you have a lot of fears. So if you try to become fearless you will be able to become alpha male.

Also, you have to understand. You will not be 100% fearless. We all have to face a lot of challenges and obstacles in our lifetime. So fears will grow inside your mind without you know about it.

So we can only cut off the fears that avoid our path of success.

Identify Your Fears

If you want to fearless, you have to identify your fear. When you have a clear understanding of your fear, you will get the reason for the fear.

So you can analyze those reasons and find solutions to those reasons. As an example, if you are afraid to talk with your boss and ask salary increment. That means there has a reason.

It may be you are not working correctly, and complete tasks before the deadline or your boss always try to control you. Maybe he does not like you. Or you may think if you request a salary increment, your boss will fire you.

So now you have a clear reason for your fear. That means, now you can find a solution to those fears. So if you think your boss will fire you, you can ready to find a new job or you can go to interviews and find a better job opportunity. Then you can ask the salary increment.

If your boss doesn’t agree with salary increment, you can quit the job. Or if your boss fired you, you don’t need to worry because now you have a new job.

So that means you overcome your fear of judgment. So you are no longer afraid to talk with your boss.

Always find the reason for the fear. When you find the reason, you can find the solution and overcome the fear.

Face your fears

become fearless

Even you find the solution to fear, that fear will not go away until you face the fear. So if you want to overcome any fear, there has only one way, that is,

No matter what happened, try to face your fear without overthinking.

You will feel so uncomfortable when you try to face your fear. But you will be so released after you face it.

Also, you have to stop overthinking. Our mind always tries to find comfort situation. So it makes a lot of excuses to avoid the challenging situation.

That means we overthink and try to avoid those situations without facing them. So if you stuck with overthinking, just try to stop making excuses and do the work.

If you fear for something, finds the reason for fear and face the fear. That is the only way to overcome any type of fear.

I hope you get valuable information in this article. Thank you for reading. Feel free to read more self-improvement articles. I will see you next time.

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  1. I do like the encouragement. Thank you. I always knew the definition of fear. O knew understood why I should understand my fear then overcome that fear. Thank you. This has helped me.
    PS There were some grammatical errors. Sorry to write this but I’m an English Major and I can’t help but point out errors when I see them. I hope you were not offended.
    Keep doing good

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