What is happiness and how to get it?

As humans, we all find happiness until we die. So we do all work to get a happy life, not only that we try to get the best decision to spend a happy life better than now.

What is Happiness?

How to Be Happy

Happiness is how much you satisfied with everything at this moment. You would be the happiest person if you satisfied with your life at this time. If you are not satisfied now, you are in an unhappy state.

How to Be Happy?

If you want to happy you have to find the things that can make you happy. So when we think about that, we will get things like,

  • Luxury car
  • Huge House
  • Full of Money
  • Family, Girl Friend or Boy Friend
  • Good Job
  • Nice Reputation

But the issue is, those things will not get real happiness to your life. At the first time, we get happy from those things. But our happiness will fade away after a few weeks or a few months, even in one day.

The best example is your new phone.

You protect it on your first day which you buy it. But you will feel unsatisfied after times past. In other words, your phone will no more make you happy.

So the question is,

What will give us real happiness?

So there has no correct answer to this question. But there have some activities that make you happy for a long time.

First one is,

Living a minimalist

minimalist happiness

It means use stuff that only you need to live. Buy used products instead of buying a new product. At the first time, it looks hard to do. But when you do it for a few months, you will understand nothing terrible things will happen to you when you live a minimalist time.

You will get a feeling like relief from the significant weight on you. Also, you will able to think all stuff is enough to live a good life. And you will not worry about the thing you don’t have. So it will help you to relax and spend a happy life.

When you become minimalist, you will not only reduce physical products from you. Also, you will able to avoid things like,

  • Unnecessary relationship
  • Social media
  • Hopes about other people
  • Reputation
  • Make other people happy

So when you cut those stuffs from your life. It will easy to live a life without getting a lot of troubles. Also, you will able to stop bad habits.

The next thing is,

Live your life that you want to live.

Most of the people try to live other people’s life. They never try to live their dream life. So they always try to make other people happy by doing the things that people want. So they will not be happy about their life.

If someone tries to make other people happy, he will not be the person who wants to be. He will listen to his parents, friends and society. Then they will avoid their dream life. After that, they will regret on death bed.

You will be happy when you try to live your life instead of living in other people’s life or their dreams. In other word be the person who wants to be.

Forget your past

We all have any kind of failures in our past. So a lot of people worry about those failures, and they don’t like to accept their reality. They always be sad about their past experience and failures.

Even they have good and successful experiences in their past life. They don’t remind those good times. They always try to remind failure and overthink.

When they overthink about their past, their happiness will go away without knowing it. There has only one way to stop overthinking about past experience, that is, completely forget those failures and live in the present moment.

When you live in the present moment, you will able to be happy and get real happiness.

So if you want to get real happiness, try to avoid troubles and live your life. I hope you get useful information in this article. Thank you for reading.

If you have any kind of questions, feel free to comment below. Also, feel free to read my other self-development articles. I’ll see you in next time.

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