What is The Truth About Success – Real Definition to Success

Do you really know what the truth about success is? Is that having a lot of money and become a rich person? Or get a good reputation and be famous? Or be a good person by doing things you don’t like to do?

Unfortunately, you will not become successful by having a lot of money, famous or any other things. I’m 100% sure after you read this post you will find the answer to the truth about success.

Not only that I’ll share what should you do to become a success. Feel free to keep reading.

What is The Truth About Success?

Success is different from person to person

What success means to me is different from what it means to you. Success is mean to you is different a shop owner who tries to get $100 of profit by opening his shop on the whole day. Or a college student works hard to pass his final exam and get a good grade.

what is success

If an employee tries to get a promotion with a salary increase, that will be a success for him. But the success is different for an aging woman who has a lot of diseases because she only wants to live another day without pain.

These expectations are different from person to person. This means success is different from one to the other. If we ask 100 people about what they want to achieve in their life, All 100 of them have a different opinion about what they want.

What if someone has a lot of money and a reputation?

It seems he is a successful person according to your expectations. But we cannot judge another person in our opinion and label him as a successful person or loser.

If you think of success as having a lot of money and a reputation, you will see that person as a successful person. But it may not success according to that person.

He may not a successful person because he may think of success as good health or healthy relationships.

But he can’t achieve health goals only using his money or he can’t get loyal friends using his reputation. So according to his opinion, he is not a successful person until he has good health and builds healthy relationships.

Most of the time, our parents and friends tell us what we should do to become a successful person.

doctor success

If you ask your mother ‘how to become a success?’ she will say,

Go to high school and get a good degree then go to medical college and become a doctor. When you become a doctor you will be a success.

If you ask your father about that same question he will say,

Go to that private college and learn to code and become a software engineer. When you are a software engineer you’ll make a lot of money and you will become a success.

If you ask your best friend he/she will say,

Let’s start a music group and become famous all around the world.

When I ask it from my father he told me,

Be a good man and you’ll be a success.

When I ask it form my mother, she told me to be a teacher (because she is a teacher)

If you follow things that your parents or friend wants, you’ll never become a success. Because those suggestions are not related to your success it’s only related to the success of their life.

Maybe they already achieve that success or they did not achieve that.

Maybe they tell you to become a doctor because when they see a doctor they think that doctors are successful people. They see success according to their dreams and things they want to achieve in their life.

If your parent suggests you become someone, which may be related to their dreams. Maybe becoming a doctor is one of their dreams.

So they think if you become a doctor, you will be successful.

Basically, success is, achieve things that only matter to you and make you happy. Other people can’t find things that make you successful. Only you can find it.

Check this video about finding the science of success and happiness.

So if you ask me,

What should I do to find success?

become success

Listen to yourself and do anything that makes you happy. You have to understand what you want to achieve in your life. Just brainstorm and build a list. After that, you can short out the list and find the things that make you happy.

Happiness is the ultimate goal of success.

As I told you before, if you are happy being a famous person, try to become famous. If you are happy when you have a lot of money, make a lot of money. Or if you want a reputation, build your reputation.

Also, if you are not happy after you make a lot of money, try to listen to yourself and understand things that make you happy. Always make goals.

Try to find your passion. When you find your passion, you can become successful by doing things that you most likely to do.

When you listen to yourself, you may not understand your passion or things that make you happy. So try to do something that helps you to achieve your goals. You will find your passion when you do a lot of stuff.

Basically, do not waste your time by trying to find your passion or things you make happy without doing anything because you’ll never find it. You have to always do things to live your life and find things that make you happy.

Now we know success is different from person to person and it’s your own thing. Now the biggest question is,

How to achieve success?

Truth About Success

After you understand things that make you successful, you have to make goals to reach that success. Your goals can be anything but when you work for them you must be happy about the work that you do.

Some examples of goals that you can make,

  • I’ll be rich within 10 years
  • I’ll buy a BMW within 2 years
  • When two months from today I’ll open a coffee shop.
  • Before the end of this month, I’ll get six-pack abs.
  • Before this summer I’ll start a new relationship.
  • Before the end of this month, I’ll buy a new laptop.

Always make realistic goals and try to achieve them.


If you want to become successful, no matter what happens you have to achieve those goals. While you try to achieve your target or goal, you’ll fail but if you want to be a success. You have to do it again and again.

So if you do what you make happy or you follow your passion, when you fail you’ll not give up because no matter what happens, you love what you do to be a success.

I hope you understand the truth about success. So don’t waste your time. Make goals and try to achieve things that you want to achieve.

Also, after you achieve your goals, don’t stop there. Always understand more things that make you happy and work for them and do a good thing to this world and the people around you.

Thank you for reading this article, Feel free to check my other self-development articles. I will see you next time.


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