I Guaranteed You'll Never Say, I'm So Tired of Being Alone. After Read This Post

If you think “I’m so tired of being alone”, this article is for you. After you read this, you’ll realize being alone is one of the best things you must have in your life. In other words, being alone is a gift.

But there have limits, we all are social creatures. We can’t live our life without other people. So you must make strong connections with your family members and loyal friends. So you have both alone time and a happy time with people who care about you.

We all have some situations to being alone in our lifetime. As example,

  • After break up with your partner
  • A close family member or a friend passed away
  • If you don’t like to hang out with your friends
  • If you have arguments and go against with your family
  • When you have to live far from your relatives

There are so many reasons for being alone.

So at this time, you will get depressed and hopeless. Also, you’ll get angry. Most of the time, you feel laziness and loneliness. Also, it will affect your productivity and energy.

So in this time, you will make distractions like,

  • Paly games
  • Timelessly scroll down on social media accounts
  • Sleep in the daytime
  • Use drugs to escape from the real world
  • watching TV or films over and over again

I So Tired Being Alone

It is all about the mind

If you think negatively about being alone, you will always try to create distractions and hate being alone. But if you think in a positive way, you’ll be happy to be alone.

Because when you are alone you have the freedom to do anything you want because no one is there to make any distractions. So you have time to invest in yourself. At this time you can improve yourself by,

  • Reading books and improve your knowledge
  • Researching about new things
  • Brainstorm about new ideas to make passive incomes or find your life purpose
  • Go to places you want to go
  • Most of all you have time to discover yourself

With this freedom, you can go deep into yourself and understand what do you want to do in your life and you can ask yourself, who you want to become in your life.

you have to find quality friends and family members because when you spend time with other people, you able to understand who they are.

When you spend time with other people, you have to listen to those people, and if you’re interested in their opinion, you will get inspiration from that person. Then you may become that person. But you may not be the person you want to become by following those people.


If you spend your time with negative people, you will get their characteristics to your character. and the final result always will be negative.

So hang out with people who care about you and support you to improve yourself. Also, you must be listening to your thought too.


As I told before, make quality connections and don’t be alone at all time. we need other people to interact and live happy life. Feel free to check this video and you will find out the importance of hanging out with other people.

Being alone is a gift

When you are alone and no one around you, you can listen to yourself and get action to become the person you want to be.

If you used to say “I’m so tired of being alone”,  you have to understand, that is completely normal and that feeling comes from your mind.

Especially when you begin alone, never stay in dark places always try to stay in lighted and pleasant places. Because when you stay in dark places like your room without lights or on the bed, you’ll feel lazy and boring. So you’ll hate to be alone and try to distract yourself by sleeping, watching TV, movies, or using social media.

When you get bored in your alone time, try to go outside and stay with nature. This will help reduce that boring feeling and get aware of your thought. Then finally, you’ll refresh again.

Alone is the best thing you can get in your life and it’s a gift. So try to be alone for few hours and connect with yourself.

I hope you’ll enjoy this article. If you have any questions let me know in the comments. Also, feel free to check other personal development articles.



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