How to Avoid Toxic People – 8 Ways to Stay Positive

We all have to work with different people in our lifetime. Sometimes, we have to work with toxic people. So we should learn to avoid toxic people because most of the time, we unmotivated and feel negative when we work with toxic people.

So, how to avoid toxic people?

Feel free to read this article until the end. I will show you ways to avoid those people. Those points will help you to identify them from different angles and stay positive all the time.

Focus on you and your works to avoid toxic people

When you have toxic relationships or you have to work with toxic people, they always try to say negative things and embarrassing you. If you focus on their words, it will affect your life and your future.

You’ll feel miserable and unmotivated. When you keep thinking about their opinion, you will not be able to get back to your regular life and become the person you want to be.

Some people are not toxic people, but they may say something for good, and you will feel it as negative. Then you keep thinking about those negative talks, you will be stuck in your head and it will directly affect your personal growth.

How to stop focusing on their opinion?

avoid toxic people

There have two ways to do it. The first one is, you have to avoid contact with those people. But most of the time, you will not be able to avoid them. Because you may have to work with them or you may have a relationship with them.

So now we have to consider the second option, that is, stop caring about toxic people and focus on you and your works. 

If you are focus on toxic people’s opinions about your work, appearance, relationship, or any other stuff that related to your life, you will not be 100% authentic and not motivated because of their criticism.

Also, you will feel miserable and try to lower your life values.

So you have to focus on yourself and your opinion. When you focus on yourself, you can identify the real issues about your life and grow yourself.

Also, you have to focus on your work, when you focus on your work, you will able to complete your work better than before.

Check this speech from Lisa Nichols, and then you will understand other people’s opinion is none of your business.

When you are successful at your work, toxic people will not be able to destroy your positive mindset. Because you already boost self-confidence and you know you can do it.

When you build your health, wealth, and relationship status, you don’t need to even try to avoid toxic people, they will be gone from your life without you knowing it.

Don’t accept the words of toxic people.

Toxic people will try to criticize and lower the values of you. But you have to build your own value and stop accepting their opinion. Because you know everything, you can do.

So other people can’t give value to you because they don’t know 100% about your capabilities.

If you don’t accept toxic people, they will not be able to affect your mindset. But if you accept their word, then it will affect your life.

There has a real-life example to understand this point.

One day, a boy comes back home from school. Then he gave the latter to his mother, that letter was from the teacher of his class.

This boy saw, his mother’s face change while she read the letter, then this boy ask, what is contained in the letter?

Then the mother smiled and said, “Your son has incredible skills. It not required to attend him to school. Please keep him at your home and teach by yourself.”

After aging, this mother passed away, and this son becomes a famous scientist. He is Thomas Edison.

One day, Edison checks his mother’s letter and files. Then he found the letter that the teacher gives to his mother.

That letter contains,

“Your son is an unwise student. He doesn’t understand the things I teach. Please don’t trouble us. If you can, keep him at your home and teach him by yourself.”

Now you have a complete idea about how that mother accepts words from those toxic people.

When they said, “Your son is unwise student,” that mother said, “My son is a great person.”

If you accept their word, it will affect your mindset and future. If you don’t accept it, they will not be able to affect your success and your future.

Success in silence to avoid toxic people

There has a quote about three things you must keep private and do in silence. Those are,

  1. Dating life
  2. Income
  3. Next move

If you try to do it in public, you will make a lot of heaters. That is nature. I don’t know how to explain it. But it happens every time.

So if you want to be successful, do it in private. When you do it in private no one knows things that you do. It will help you to avoid toxic people.

But if you tell everything before do it, toxic people will try to destroy your mindset. But if you do it in private, no one will know until you achieve it. After all, they can’t do anything about your achievements.

Basically, you don’t need to show anything to anyone. This is the best way to avoid toxic people when you try to achieve something.

Check this small video clip from former president Barak Obama. You will realize the power of silence.

Also, if you share your secrets with those toxic people, they will not keep it as a secret. probably, they will tell it to others. Not only that if you share secrets with unworth people, one day they will use that secret against you.

So don’t share any secrets with those people. when you keep your private life as private, you will be able to avoid toxic people and their negativity.

Stop overthinking

Toxic words and actions directly affect our minds. Toxic people know about it (Some toxic people) and they try to mess with our mindset by spreading negativity.

They may say, your ears are big, your shoes are not branded, you have pimples on your face, and so on. Or they will blame you and try to embarrass you.

When those things happen, most of the time you will start to overthink those situations and stuck in your head. And try to fix your ears.

In other words, you will overthink things that other people say and try to find ways to fix those issues. But finally, you only waste your time by overthinking.

You have to let go of things that people say to you and live your life without worrying and overthinking. if you focus on those negative talks, it hard to avoid toxic people and live in the present moment.

As I told before, overthinking can kill your mindset. I already wrote a few articles about overthinking. Feel free to check them all and get a good understand.

However, you have to understand. you will never avoid toxic people by overthinking. So stop that time-wasting bad habit.

See the positive in everything

avoid toxic people - see the positive side

As humans, we have to interact with each other to survive. Most of the time, we have to deal with toxic people and they will try to hurt us mentally. We can’t control the actions of other people.

But we can change our view of their actions and see the positive side of their works.

As example,

If someone tries to insult and laugh at you in public, you can stay without reaction to that person. Most of the time he will stop insult you within a few minutes.

If someone says you can’t, you can ask the reasons why he thinks you can’t. Then you can analyze those reasons. If there have valid reasons, you can find solutions.

If a member of your workplace tries to ignore you, you can be alone and work without getting any distraction.

Try to see the positive in every situation. Then you will no longer need to deal with toxic people.

Always remember, at first, people attract your mindset. You are the person who destroys your future. People can only say things to you. So you can choose how to react to those words. It’s completely up to you.

By seeing the positive side of everything, you may not able to avoid toxic people forever, but you can ignore them and focus on your life.

Draw the line to avoid toxic people

You have to understand your self-worth and values. That means you have to keep your self-respect.

If someone tries to insult you in private or public, you have to talk to that person and tell that toxic people to stop insult you.

If you stay silent, you will lose your self-respect and they will try to go all over you.

If someone tries to bully you again and again without caring about your values even you tell him/her to stop it, you can avoid that person.

Always, draw the line. It may feel uncomfortable. But you have to keep your self-respect. If they try to bully you once, they will do it again and again.

That person may be your family member, friend, or partner. if they try to cross the line. You have to take action to avoid that person.

When you hang out with negative people, you must draw the line and limit the talking. Then they will understand, you are not interested to talk about negative things.

If you are not able to do anything, you can leave that place. That is the best and easy way to avoid toxic people. When you leave the place, you don’t need to worry about their negative talks.

Also, you will able to save a lot of time when you avoid toxic people. So you can use that time to read books or start any other good habit.

Don’t be afraid

If some toxic person insults or threads you, never stay silent. Don’t be afraid of that persona. Always get some kind of action. Those actions will help you to avoid toxic people.

You don’t need to fight with that person. But you can talk with him or inform authorized people to deal with it.

If you be afraid of those toxic people the will see you as a weak person. Then you will never be able to build a strong personality around those people.

Toxic people will make something to mess with you. So never be afraid when they try to dominate you. If you be afraid of them, you will never be able to avoid toxic people.

Find quality people to avoid toxic people

find quality people

In your day-to-day life, you will see a lot of non-toxic people. so you can join with those positive and non-toxic people.

When you find quality people, they will never try to hurt you or your feelings. This type of person will love to see you grow and they will give all support you need.

Most importantly, quality people will never befriend or start relationships with toxic people. So you can avoid those negative people when you stay with positive people.

This is the best way, if you can find like-minded people who don’t have negativity, you can avoid toxic people

How to find quality people?

To find quality people, you have to do the research, which means, you have to talk with other people. Then you can get an understanding of their mindset. When you hang out with others for one to three months, you can get a complete idea about those people.

When you try to find quality people, you may find toxic people. So if you feel those people are toxic, avoid them as soon as possible.

However, don’t get help in each and every time from other people. If you are annoying to those people, they will see you as a toxic person.

Always find quality people and try to share your thought with them. When you build strong relationships with like-minded quality people, you will able to avoid toxic people.

Avoid toxic people (Conclusion)

If you react to toxic people with anger or sadness feelings, it will affect your goals. But if you keep the focus on you, they will not be able to affect you.

I hope you get valuable information to avoid toxic people. Feel free to check my other personal development articles. Thank you for reading.

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