Best Ways Have a Productive Day – 5 Amazing Tips

What are the best ways to have a productive day? In this post, I am going to share the best 5 tips to boost your energy levels to spend a productive day.

In our day to day life, we have to face challenges. So if we have a negative vibe and low energy level, we will not have a productive day. Maybe you will be productive in the morning time.

But most of the time, after lunch or in the evening, you may feel unmotivated and tired. If you face this kind of experience in your day to day life. There have a few things you need to know.

Feel free to read until the end to find that stuff.

Sleep At Least 8 Hours

Sleep to have a productive day

Studies shown age 18 to 64 people should sleep between 7-9 hours per day, which means if you are in the age between 18 to 64, you have to at least 8 hours to stay active the whole day.

Think your body (brain) as a battery. When we are working on our day time, the energy level of our battery will go down. In another word, our energy will go down. So we have to recharge this battery and refill the energy by get a good sleep.

If you sleep for a short time period, your brain and body will not able to rest and get the energies that required to stays active in the day time.

If you get perfect sleep, your body and brain will able to get rest and refill the 100% energy.

If you didn’t get perfect sleep at night, you will get a boring feeling in your day time. Then you will not have a productive day.

Sometimes your body only needs 5 hours to rest your body and brain. Sometimes your body needs more than 10 hours to refill your energy (get perfect rest).

It always changes person to person. Personally, when I sleep more than 8 hours, I can stay the whole day without getting any kind of boring feeling.

There has a small test to identify your sleep time.

On the first day, sleep between 6-7 hours at night. After that in your day time if you didn’t get a boring feeling after lunch or after 1 pm, 2 pm 3 pm. that is sing for you only need 6-7 hours for sleep to rest your body.

Also, you have to try this one week. If you didn’t get any boring feeling you are good to go.

If you got any kind of boring feeling, try to sleep 8 hours and check your day time. Again, if you got any boring feelings, sleep for more than 9 hours and do this same method.

This is the best way to find how much time you need to sleep to recover your body.

Maintain To-Do list

To-Do list to have a productive day

This is one of the best ways to have a productive day. Basically, after you wake up or before you go to bed list down 4 of the most important works to complete in your day.

In this way, you can give more priority to that work and you will able to complete that work without any distractions.

So I do this daily and I have good results and I have a productive day. When I manage a to-do list, it helps to stop waste my time.

If I watch a film or I spend time on useless work, only I think about my to-do list. Then if my to-do list is still not complete. I just stop waste my time and try to complete my task on the to-do list.

Try to do this for one week. You will feel you are more productive and happier than an unmanaged day.

There has another thing when you manage a to-do list. End of the day somehow you unable to complete your work, you have a chance to track your process and do that the next day.

Also, you can be sad about waste your time and next time you will try to complete the list without distractions. Check this video for more info. You will find how you can have a productive day with a to-do list.


Get treatments for small pains.


Do you ignore small pains like headache neck pain, chest, stomach, or any kind of pain in your body parts? This can kill your mood and you will not have a productive day. If you have small pains you will always think about those pain.

So you will not able to focus on your tasks. Because you will be not spending time in the present moment and you will be less productive throughout the day.

So if you suffer from small pain, you have to channel a doctor and get treatment for your least you have to apply some balm on those places.

After you heal that pain you will feel like you are flying. This is very effective to spend a productive and happy day.

If you always have to think about pains, you have to get treatments and heal those issues. Then you can have a productive day without pain.

Go to nature

go to nature to have a productive day

While you work if you feel boring or some kind of negative feeling, you can go to a naturistic place and stay with nature for a few minutes or hours.

This will reboot your mind and you will be refreshing. Nature helps to reduce your stress levels. When you stay in a natural place you feel so relax.

You can go to the park, beach, or some kind of beautiful place. Even you can walk around your house. This is a really effective way to have a productive day.

Before I knew this method, when I got boring I just watched a film or got a nap. This behavior killed my productivity. After I wake up it feels like I lose everything and I don’t have the energy to complete my work.

So I decided to never sleep in the day time. Watching the film is not bad. But sometimes it makes distractions and it takes more time like 2-3 hours.

So when you feel boring go to nature.

Don’t use social media

Social media is a very distracting place. There has a lot of negative and positive vibe. Sometimes we get some motivation but most of the time we waste our time by scrolling.

If you use social media while you try to complete your task, you will not able to focus on your task. Then it will feel like your day unproductive. Finally, you will keep staying on social media.

Sometime, when you see negative content, you will think about that content and react to it. But at the end of the day, you just waste your time on social media.

If you want to use social media, give a specific time period to use it. But don’t try to stay while you working. So if you want to have a productive day, you must have to cut off bad habits like waste time on social media.

Also, the mobile phone is the next thing you should avoid during your day because it can distract your focus and change your attention to other matters.

So the best way is, turn the air phone mod while you working. Or do something to avoid check the smartphone. Don’t worry, you will able to have a productive day. And it is much more amazing than use a smartphone.

Conclusion of ways to have a productive day

So those are the amazing five tips to have a productive day. Try to apply those tips for one week. You will see clear differences. These small 5 tips will completely change my life for good.

I follow this every day. Also, I make some adjustments while doing this.

I highly recommended give a try to use this point for at least one week. You will see the real result. So this is what I have today. See you in the next article.

If you enjoy this post feel free to share it. If you have any questions drop your comment below. I love to reply to your comments.

Feel free to read my other self-improvement articles. Thank you for reading! I hope you have a productive day.

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