Can We Really have Control Over Our Lives – Tips to Take Your Life Back

Can we really have control over our lives? The simple answer is yes. I will share how we can control over our lives with interesting examples. So feel free to read until the end.

Ignore things that you don’t control

ignore thing you can't control

Think, one day you drive your car on the road. So you have full control of your car. So another car came to your side, and that drive almost gets hit on your car. So you get angry, because of that driver. And you blame that driver.

You lost your temper and driving your car while think and accuse to that driver. So now you don’t 100% focuses on driving your car. So there has the possibility to accident your car when you drive without attention because you don’t try to drive safe and get necessary steps to drive your vehicle.

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Do you know?

People spend most of their time to think and worry about things that they don’t have control to manage. So what they lose when they focus on those things?

You lose your fuses on things that you can control over your life. So what is the final result?

You wast your time and energy by the focus on those things. Sometimes you lose life-changing opportunities that help you to be a better version of yourself.

So answer for “can we really have control over our lives” is yes—the only thing you need to focused on something that you can handle.

Let’s dig more into this topic and take your life back to your hands.

Understand what you can control

Can We Really have Control Over Our Lives air plane

Think you are a passenger of an Airplane. And that is the first time you travel on an Airplane. So you have a lot of thought when the Airplane takeoff. You worried about your life, and you pray to gods to get a safe ride.

But in reality, there has nothing you can do to get a safe ride. It all depends on the pilot of your Airplane. He is the person who worries about those Airplane passengers and his crew.

Also, think about the passenger who spends time inside the Airplane during that Airplane in the sky.

Always journeys on Airplane will not happen in a safe and soft sky. Sometimes if there has a clear sky that maybe luck.

But most of the times Airplane has to ride inside thunders, bad weather, dark clouds and rain.

So can passenger control those things? Sometimes they thought,

  • This Airplane will accident
  • I will injure or dead

But passenger doesn’t have any control to change those situations. He/she don’t have control about things that happen while Airplane in the sky. Sometimes it depends on nature.

Think about Airplane landing.

Does the passenger have control over the landing? No.  It is clearly on the pilot of the Airplane.

Can we really have control over our lives in our current situation?

Understand Your Limits

The Airplane journey is 100% equals to our life.


Airplane takeoff equals to our birth.

You will not be able to choose

  • Your parents
  • Time to born
  • Born Country
  • Skin Color
  • Mother tongue

You have to accept above mention things even you are not like them. So how many times do you worry about those things that you don’t have control to change.

Sometimes people said,

  • My parent didn’t help me to success
  • I born in a poor family, so I don’t get a good education.
  • I didn’t have good friends, so I addicted to alcohol.

But you have to remember those things are not in your control.

Let’s talk about Airplane landing before talk about the time you spend on Airplane riding.

Airplane landing is equal to our death

Can you control your death?

  • time of your death
  • Type of your death
  • make it painless

No one can control those facts. Those things are not in our control. We all like to live a long and healthy life and die without suffering. But is that possible?

Do we all get painless death?

So the answer is no.

That means you can control your born and death. So you have to ignore those two fats.

What can we control?

You may think is life equals to Airplane journey, we don’t have any control of it. But it’s not true. We can control the time we spend on Airplane.

We get afraid when we saw dark cloud if there has thunder we pray, sometimes Airplane hit on clouds and make a vibration.

We have to face dark and challenging situations in our life. Facing obstacles and uncomfortable things are equals to those things which happen during the Airplane ride. But we can’t control those things.

So in life, we hope to spend time without getting any sad, miserable and challenging situations. But we don’t have control in those situations.

Also, there have things that we can control when we spend time on an Airplane. Same apply to life.

Let’s check passengers on that plane and what they do during their ride.

airplane passengers

Some passengers sleep throughout their journey. They don’t care about others. They put eye pads and sleep until the landing.

Some passengers refused to sleep. And request alcohols and drink through the ride. They spend that time by drunken. Did you see someone who always drunk in real life? Most of the times that answer are yes.

Some passengers watch movies or TV-series during their journey.

Some passenger doesn’t do this anything they read a book and try to get new knowledge.

There have other kinds of people who try to talk with other passenger and make a new relationship and build a network. Also, they share knowledge. Sometimes they build new join business when they left the Airplane,

Can we really have control over our lives?

So you can’t control takeoff or landing of Airplane. Also, you can’t control things that happen during the journey. In other words, you can’t control your birth or death, even thing that happens to you when you spend your life.

But you can defiantly control your actions. You can control the thing you do during your jury. If you want, you can sleep through the journey. Also, you can drink alcohol, watch movies for entertainment. You can get knowledge by reading books. Or you can build networks throughout the journey.

Also, you can do those all things during your journey. You can sleep, drink, entertain, grab some knowledge and build networks.

So that means, you can control above mention thing. But do you try to control thing that you can handle?

Most people seek more comfort and warry about their life. So they don’t get a comfortable sleep. They miss opportunities. They will not drink at the right time and place; they always drink. They will not read any books to improve their knowledge. Or they will not entertain.

They miss those all things when they think about things that they can control.

We really have control over our lives when you understand the things you can control and try to manage those things.

In other words, you can control your actions and behaviors. You can’t control people around you and things or challenges that you have to face.

Example from the real-life storyabraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln will never become president of the United States if he worries about his born place or his parents. He was born in a poor family. His mother or father didn’t get any respect from other people.

He didn’t go to school in his lifetime. But he didn’t worry about those things that he can’t control. But he controls his actions and become 16th president of the United States. I talk more about Abraham Lincoln in How to Use The Law of Attraction – A to Z Guide. Feel free to read it too.

So I hope you get an answer for can we really have control over our lives. I hope you get useful, valuable information in this article. Thank you for reading. Feel free to read more self-development article. I will see you next time.

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