How to Handle Crisis Situation – Face to Coronavirus Situation

When I write this article, most of the people of this world have to face a crisis situation. So we can hear a lot of things on the news and other media. And people think about the fear of the dead. Now Coronavirus or COVID-19 vires infect to people all around the world.

So we saw on the news. People buy a lot of foods and other stuff in the supermarket and shops. So products get empty in shops and supermarkets. Also, there has a long queue at the gas station. It looks most of the country faces a crisis. But try to make a crisis situation before it will be making another crisis situation.

If someone tries to find a solution before start crisis, it will make a negative feeling, and people will have to face other challenging situations.

When we face illness, we must be healthy physically, not only that we have to improve our mindset and healthy mentally. If you try to find a solution without caring for other people, you will not find answers to this situation.

If you grab a lot of food from the supermarket or try to full tank your vehicle, you will not find a solution to this situation.

Because of that, I plan to write this article. It will help you to understand the way to improve your mindset and face the crisis situation.


This article is about not only face situations like Coronavirus. It will help you to change your mindset when you face any kind of crisis situation. So read this and understand.

I will give three tips that you can help you to handle this kind of situation.

Correctly Identify Things You Should Do in This Situation

lee hsien loong
Lee Hsien Loong Prime Minister of Singapore

Identify things accurately and do necessary things. There can begin new crisis situation if you ignore something you must do and try to do other things.

Singapore PM(prime minister) Lee Hsien Loong addressed the people publicly when they found their first Coronavirus infected person on his country. He told valuable story In his speech, that is

We have enough foods and product in our country. So don’t try to buy lot of stuff. We are worry as a government and we try to keep all supply ways active.

Singapore has a service economy. People are the primary resource in that country. If the employee didn’t do their job, it would affect their economy. So he said,

let’s be strong psychological and try to win this situation.

In this speech, he mentions only three points. Those three points are comment to all around the world. That is,

  • Medical
  • Economy
  • Psychological

When he talks about medical, He said,

Currently, you aware of this infection spread. It can spread in cough droplets. It didn’t spread from the air. It will not survive in a heated environment. So, first of all, try to practice good personal hygiene.

In your country, you will get the same instructions like this. No matter what we did, we all have to clean our hands. Reason for that is there is a possibility to infect this vires via your hands.

Also, check your body temperature at least two times per day. Reason for that is, you will feel if your body temperature increases unnaturally. And if you get a fever or any other kind of illness channel a doctor.

Medical service of your country will inform you clearly about this disease. So we have to focus on things that prevent infecting COVID-19 to our body. Click here to listen to the full speech of PM Lee.

That is why you should identify what you can do in this situation. And do it correctly. So if we have habits like touch our face put our fingers on mouth or nose. We can stop these habits.

If you didn’t wash hands before eating, now you can wash your hands for a few times per day.

So you can do everything to prevent this disease. It will not be useful if you not focus on those things and try to do other things.

Identify Your Limits in Crisis Situation

sitting posture

In a situation like this, there have responsible people who get decisions. As an example, the Ministry of Health can inform correct health situation of the country. They will get accurate news and information. But there have some people who try to give a lot of information without confirming it with any kind of responsible section or person.

They make an unnecessary panic situation by share news on social media and other news feed without confirming that information to build a crisis situation.

Remember, you will not find a solution to the crisis by panicking. It not only related to Coronavirus. It will refer to any kind of crisis you face on your lifetime.

Think,crisis situation

You become pilot of fighting jet in two times.

The first time, you do not have any kind of attack from enemies. Also, your target is so clear. But Second-time enemies try to attack your fighting jet, and they follow you. You don’t have a definite aim. Only you have to do survive from enemies.

So in this challenge which time you must be relaxing and focus on your knowledge to fly your jet?

The answer is, you must fly your jet with responsibility when the enemy tries to attack you.

So we know we have to face crisis situation at this time. We must not be panic, and we have the responsibility not to make panic others.

Get advantage from a crisis situation

crisis situation

How you can get benefit from the crisis. It no matter you are a doctor, student, businessmen or employee. You can get an advantage from the crisis situation. Only you need to think positively.

I will explain more,

If you are a student,

Probably your school may close. So there have no teachers or tuition masters to help you. Only you have to stay at home alone. So do not think your exams will postpone. Because the current situation. It may happen, maybe not. Anyhow you must prepare for exams.

Because of that, you can use thins free time to study about missing lesson or learn more about lessons which you currently good. Because you spend your time at home, so you can use this time to improve your educations skills.

If you are a doctor,

You can study about this virus and find a cure if you ignore Ayurveda medicine. You can explore those medicines and invent a new treatment. Even you can get more experience with the current situation and practice to face future diseases like this.

If you are a businessman,


COVID-19 may affect your business. But you can make other kinds of investment like the stock market, or bitcoin. In those days, the stock market going to crash because of this situation. So this is the best time to study the stock market and invest your money on stocks. The same thing happens to bitcoin. These things are just ideas. You can use this situation to improve your business by thinking differently.

Not only that. If you have experience in the industry, you can start a YouTube channel and share your knowledge with others. That will help you to earn money in different ways.

This virus will stay forever. Scientist, doctors and other responsible people will find a cure for this virus.

So if you can follow those three steps, you will able to live a regular life. Also, it will help to make more crisis.


How many days it will enough if you buy a lot of foods from the supermarket? How many days can you run if you full tank your vehicle?

One week? Two weeks or one month? Nope, we have to spend our life more than that time. So we have to think about all the people. It will not fix any issues if you think only about you.

So we all have to improve our mindset and face this situation. Remember, studies shown if you panic and you get fear of diseases, it will affect your immunity system.

So remember to use those three steps and face any kind of crisis situation. Thank you for reading, and I will see you in the next article. Feel free to read my other self-development article. Also, put your comment below.

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