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Do vision boards really work? Yes, it really works for anyone, but most people think a vision board is a collection of pictures which represent things they want to achieve in their life. So they just collect images from the internet, papers, or magazines. Then glue all of them to a paper board. Then they put it on someplace that they always see.

That is not a vision board that is a picture board. So they not get inspired or not archive things that they want to achieve in their life by creating that type of picture board. Because they only look at a collection of pictures and they don’t see their daily, monthly, yearly, and lifetime vision from that picture board.

Finally, they give up and tell the vision board is not working. If you think the vision board is not working, read this article to find A to Z about vision boards and find how do vision boards really work.

What is Vision Board?

Do Vision Boards Really Work

Everyone has a vision. But most of the time that vision is not clear. For example, our life has a vision and we call that life vision, a family has a vision called family vision, and a company has a company vision.

Your vision board is the visual representation of your life vision. Probably, you may already see the vision board of a company because most successful companies have a clear vision about their future goals and achievement.

If I ask the below questions from you, what will be the answers?

  • Who will I become 10 years from now?
  • What goals will I achieve 2 years from now?
  • How the look of my life will be 5 years from now?

If you have clear answers to those questions, you have a clear vision of your future. But 99% of the time, people don’t have a clear vision about their future. Sometimes they don’t have clarity about who they will become at the end of this year.

How to Create a Vision Board?

Do Vision Boards Really Work

First, we can brainstorm and build a clear vision about our future self by collecting the main goals that we want to achieve in our future life.

After we brainstorm and collect all information about goals and targets that help us to achieve our future, we can represent those goals visually by creating a vision board.

Here are the main things that you have to consider to create a perfect vision board.

  1. get a wide horizontal paper or a board
  2. get clear images related to your goal and glue those images on that board
  3. write your goal below that image and describe a bit about the goal

So don’t just glue few images on the board. Add a clear image about the goal and write down the goal then add a statement to explain that goal.

Using this vision board, we can visualize our future. Not only that, we can plan and work according to that plan to achieve our vision.

Also, when we always see the vision board, our subconscious mind will automatically work to find the best ways to achieve those goals. In my “The Real Truth About Law of Attraction” book, I talk more about this concept. Also, check the below video of Ed Mylett to find out how your subconscious mind train to achieve anything.

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

As I told you before, yes it works. And it gives you the visual representation of your future life. We can create a vision board for 1 year, 2-5 years, or a lifetime.

But you have to work to achieve things that you added to your vision board. You will not achieve anything by just you check your vision board for hours and do the visualization. You have to work to achieve your future life.

Most people only create a vision board and they are not willing to work to achieve those goals. So they will never get the benefits from their vision board.

Also, your goals may change when you get older. But you still have a clear vision about those goals. And you can make changes to your vision board according to those changes.

I hope you get clarity about the vision board and how it works. Feel free to get a copy of my “The Real Truth About Law of Attraction” book. Thank you for reading. I will see you in the next article.

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