How to Approach a Girl – 3 Life Changing Tips

When you try to approach a girl, do you feel uncomfortable and overthink and make excuses to avoid the conversation? Well, read this article and find out how to approach a girl.

I will share three easy tips about how to approach a girl like a confident man.

Don’t overthink.

how to approach a girl

Think when you see a girl and you get feeling for her. She may be your soul mate or future wife. But suddenly you get the negative feeling and make excuses like,

  • She is out of my league.
  • She is not alone.
  • She comes with her friends
  • My clothes are not fit
  • She will reject me

And many more.

Also, you feel afraid of what other people think when you talk to that girl. Those all feeling comes to your head because of your fear of rejection.

So when you have thoughts to approach a girl. You have to do it as soon as possible. If you wait for a perfect opportunity or perfect time, you will only waste your time and never approach her.

There has a small trick to approach and talk to her before those negativity play on your mind.

When you see her and thought you want to talk, count 5 to 0 in your mind. When it hits 0, you must go and talk to her no matter what happens. When you focus on counting, you will able to make distractions, and overthinking will go away. Then you will be able to approach her.

Check It Easier Eliminate Negative Self Talk When We Refocus article for more info.  Also, here is a video to understand how to stop overthinking.

Also, if you think you are out of the league or try to downrate yourself, have to change your mindset and fix your issues.

For examples,

If you are confident about your look, go to the gym and start to build muscles or lose extra fat in your body.

Also, you can get a new haircut, clothes and change your style. Those improvements will helpful for you to be more confident.

Overthinking is just creating problems in your mind that never exist in the real world.

Expand your comfort zone

We all have things we love to do. When we do that works it really comfortable for us. So we put those comfortable things onto the circle.

But there have things that we must do to be the better version. But those things are beyond that cycle. So when we try to do those things, it feels really uncomfortable to do.

So you have to challenge your comfort zone and expand it. In other words, you have to do uncomfortable things.

If you are afraid and feel uncomfortable when try to approach a girl, which means approaching girls are beyond your comfort zone. So you have to convert it to comfortable work and expand your comfort circle.

There has only one way if you want to make it comfortable. You have to approach girls. When you consistently talk to girls and start a conversation. It will become a comfortable task. And over time you will be able to approach any girl.

Work Hard and Smart

Here are few tips to expand your comfort zone.

For the first time, don’t try to approach a group of girls because that is way too far from your comfort zone. At the first, you have to face situations that not too much uncomfortable to complete.  For example, you can approach a girl who stays alone. Then start a small conversation.

When you approach few girls, you can ask to hang out or get her mobile number. But you have to be consistent about-face the uncomfortable situation.

When you do these uncomfortable things regularly, those tasks will be comfortable without you knowing about it. This is the secret about how to approach a girl confidently.

check this video to find more about how to challenge your comfort zone.

Be Simple

how to approach a girl

Sometimes, when you approach a girl, you will not have any ideas, topics, or questions to ask from her. So you will feel like you are not in the right mood to talk with her.

Finally, you will question yourself like,

  • What I’m going to do now?
  • What should I do now?
  • What should say now?

Finally, you will just make excuses and escape from the opportunity.  So that is the biggest mistake you do and it will affect your self-confidence.

But only you have to be simple and start a regular conversation with her. That way, you will not be stuck in the middle of the conversation or you will not feel fear to start a conversation because you have simple topics to talk with her.

So start the conversation with a compliment or simple question.

As example,

  • Hey, you look beautiful so I thought to say hello.
  • Hi, how is the day going?

Also, ask about locations or roads near you. That is the easiest way to start a conversation with any girl.

Be always simple and do not ask rocket science questions from her. And always let her talk.

At the start of the conversation, it will be a little awkward. But after a couple of minutes, you will comfortably talk to that girl.


This is the top 3 point about how to approach a girl. Also, check this video to find more tips about how to approach a girl.

When you talk to a girl there have only two possibilities.

  1. You will get her number and you will go on date with her
  2. You will not get her number

So don’t think about what will happen after you talk to her. And don’t get the rejection as a big deal. If you reject one time, don’t stop approaching girls.

Try again and again. Reject again and again. Try to approach another girl. If you rejected by 9 girls, you will get a number from the 10th girl.

However, if you rejected by a lot of girls, maybe there have an issue with your side. Just identify it and try to fix it.

Hope you enjoy this post and understand how to approach a girl. If you have any questions let me know below on comment. I love a reply to you.

So thanks for reading. Feel free to read my other dating advice articles. I’ll see you in the next post.


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