Three Good Personal Habits of Billionaires – Simple Habits to Change Life

What are the most common Good Personal Habits of Billionaires? In this article, you will find out tree goods personal habits they apply every day to their life.

Those habits will help you to stop waste your time and achieve your goals and become a success. So check out those good personal habits and apply them to your life.

Reduce Useless Decisions to Focus Better

In our day to day life, we have to make a lot of game-changing, very important, and complicated discretions that directly affect your entire future.

So you have to be 100% focus, and you have to put all your effort into getting the correct decision. So you have to think about all the available options before making final decisions.

To do that, you have to stop overthink and stay focus on your decisions until you successfully made the decision. But it is not such an easy and simple task. Because there have hundreds and thousands of distractions all around us, if you let those distractions and forces of unwanted things, it will stop you from achieving your goals and destroy your future.

Just think about how many small and useless decisions you make every single day,

  • You decide how long stay on bed
  • What dreams I saw yesterday night
  • Which soap should I use to wash the face
  • What foods to eat for the morning,
  • What are the best clothes to wear today,
  • Which hairstyle should use
  • Should I use a bike or car to ride?

In other words, you make countless decisions that not have any effect on your future. Those all decisions are useless, and it only wastes your time and energy.

As example,

  • Do your last night dreams help you to increase your salary
  • Do your clothes style helps you to start a blog that you are dreaming about
  • Do you get a promotion when you ride a car?

The answer is always no. So why do 99% of people waste a lot of time thinking about that useless and time-wasting stuff?

But the billionaires and not waste their time by thinking about these useless and small things that not affect their future.

Let’s get the most famous three billionaires and check their lifestyle.

Mark Zuckerberg good personal habits

Each and every day, these individual billionaires are guiding and managing multibillion-dollar companies. They face a lot of obstacles and push the boundaries of their company, and they guide and manage millions of workers all around the world.

They have a huge responsibility, and every decision that they make will affect the entire world, not only that those decisions will directly affect their multibillion companies.

So the question is, why are you waste your time worrying about small useless questions like what color of the t-shirt should I buy, or what shoe should I wear.

The answer is, don’t ever think about those small things. If you check the pictures of these three billionaires, you might have noticed one thing they all have in common.

Every one of them wears the exact same clothing style to work each and every single day.

Mark Zuckerberg, who has worth over 68 billion and manages the world’s largest social media network, and he wears the same clothing style for years.

Larry Ellison has the same clothing style with a black shirt and a blazer. Also, Steve Jobs wear black long sleeve t-shirts and jeans.

Why did they do all this?

Because they reduce meaningless decisions from their lifestyle, these powerful billionaires understand that they are wasting their valuable time and energy on something that wouldn’t help to earn their success.

So they use minimalist clothing styles that comfortable and wear the same pattern over and over again to ensure they are not even thinking about how they looked.

Ignoring decisions like clothing style and especially those are related to physical appearance can actually provide more confidence about themselves and it helps to reduce insecurity about appearance.

They are not worried about being attractive or looking confident and these billionaires let their actions speak.

So you can apply this same habit.

Instead of waste your time with useless decisions and pointless choices, find answers that are comfortable with your lifestyle and follow them every single day.

Reduce useless decisions will free up your mind and sharpen your focus on more important subjects. Also, you will see that the lack of choices will improve your daily productivity by reducing the chances that distracted by something insignificant.

This is the most common good habit form all good personal habits of billionaires.

Make Plans about Everything

good personal habits- planing

Successful individual billionaires don’t just remove meaningless decisions but also woke according to plan and scheduled their entire life. Most of these wealthy and successful people have a lot of responsibilities come at them every single day.

In other words, they have a lot of board meetings, emails, video sessions, phone calls, and appointments than they know what to do with.

So how do they face and manage all of those responsibilities?

According to Elon Musk,

They plan their day from start finish in five-minute of small-time blocks. Elon Musk, who has worth over 36 billion and founded both Tesla Motors and SpaceX, realized that he could effectively work with a lot of projects by slicing them up into small-sized pieces.

Not only has it relieved the incredible pressure of overthinking about so many unfinished tasks. But it allows them to boost the productivity of every minute of every day. This type of planning and scheduling takes extraordinary discipline, ambition, and determination to keep up.

But billionaires like Elon Musk were only able to develop this kind of characteristic by constantly forcing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

They are challenging their own thoughts and beliefs about what they thought they could accomplish. Elon Musk’s 5-minute blocks also come with another bonus. When those five minutes are up, and that task accomplished, he gets to cross that item off his checklist and refocus his mind entirely on something new.

Why is this so powerful method?

Because you are forcing your thoughts into a funnel every five minutes, so you can dedicate all of your attention, energy, and effort to get the best possible output.

It is too easy to let your mind wander for the average person. You might be sitting in front of your working computer. But you are probably thinking about that movie you watched last night or the game that you played last week.

It’s no matter what you are thinking about. The lack of schedule gives your brain the freedom to casually sightsee along the way. But five-minute intervals will force you to hone in on the fastest route to success.

So what can you do to follow in the path of these successfully scheduled billionaires?

You can start to do the same thing in your own lifestyle, even if you don’t have a lot of responsibilities actually to fill out the schedule.

You can breakdown school or office work into smaller intervals. And keep track, how much time it takes you to read a book, send an email, write a paragraph, or read a page. Also, try to do whatever you can do to make that interval even smaller.

If you want to think like a billionaire, you have to treat your time like it’s worth more than other things.

You have to think like every minute of your day is valuable for one reason or another.

You have to understand, each time you waste your time by daydream or watch an extra episode of your favorite TV-show, you are losing out on valuable minutes of your time, which you could use that to make your long-term goals.

Try to find a way to make sure that knowing with certainty about you did as much as you possibly can on that day before you fall into your bed every day.

You will be surprised about the confidence and self-satisfaction when you spend a productive day. And the more you do it. The more those positive feelings will grow until you developed the mindset of a billionaire.

This is the one of habit that you must apply to your life from the daily habits of billionaires.

Don’t waste money


When we think about rich and famous people, we imagine big houses, luxury cars, and expensive stuff. If someone rich, we always think about material things. But the question is,

Is that how individual billions use their money to buy things?

Actually, the truth is if someone is wealthy and rich, that person has a minimalist and frugal lifestyle.

Yes, there have some wealthy celebrities who have a lot of material wealth. They make their wealth using their talent and appearance. But I am not talking about those wealthy people. But most of the individual billions do not have celebrity lifestyles.

As an example,

American investor Warren Buffett, who has over 68 billion wealth, has a great rule that is “never lose money,” and his second rule is never to forget the first rule.

Jeff Bezos is currently the number one billionaire in the world. He has a total net worth over145 billion, still driving a 2013 Honda Accord car.

These amazing successful individual billionaires have all the money in the world. But they make the decision to live a minimalist life and stay frugal.


These billionaires didn’t become a billionaire by just throwing their money all around and spend for unnecessary stuff.

They protect their money even before they become billionaires. If they didn’t protect their money, and they didn’t make that kind of mindset, they will never become the billionaires in their lifetime.

A lot of billionaires make their success with resistance. They are never craving for luxury cars, big houses, and expensive clothes. They keep their minimalist mindset with and without money.

Because their path to success was never above the money, they treat money as a result of achieving their dreams.

Good entrepreneurs are planning and work hard and smart to build their multi-billion businesses. They didn’t stay relax and spend their money without purpose when they finally achieve their dream.

If they spend their money on unnecessary stuff, they will never stay as a billionaire.

So those are three good personal habits of billionaires. So those are the best habits to develop to become a billionaire. I hope you get valuable information in this article.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to read my other personal development article. I will see you next time.

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