Why We Fail to Achieve Our Goals | 5 Most Common Reasons

Do you know why we fail to achieve our goals? Just think about your past year, how many goals did you set, and how many of them did you achieved?

Most of the time, we only achieved a few goals, unfortunately, we unable to achieve most of our goals. Basically, each and every year we make a ton of goals. But at the end of the year, we only achieve a few of them. Sometimes, we were unable to achieve at least one of them.

There have mainly 5 reasons that we not able to achieve our goals. I’ll show you why we fail to achieve our goals and explain each and every reason.

Don’t Have Strong “why”

why we fail to achieve our goals

When you make any goal, no matter big or small and long or short, you have a single question to ask yourself. That question is,


If you don’t have a big reason to achieve your goals, you will not motivate or you will not work hard and smart to achieve that goal. Finally, you will make distractions and skip work.

Here is an example story,

An old man and the young man tried to fish at the same place, but they weren’t able to catch any fish. Both of them try it the whole day, in the evening, that young man went to his home. But the old man still tries to catch the fish.

The next day morning, that young man went again to the same place to fishing. And he saw that old man still fishing and he caught a few fish.

So this young man confused by seen that old man fishing all over the night. So he asked “old man, why are you trying so hard to catch fish?”

The old man smiles and said, “come with me I’ll show you why”,

So the both of them went to the old men’s house and the old men said, “Honey, I’m home and I caught fish”

Then the young man saw an old sick woman lying on the bed. Then the old man points his finger to that woman and said,

“She is why I tried so hard to catch fish because she needs medicines and food. But I don’t have money to buy them. That’s why I do that.”

So this is a simple made-up story, an old man has a big “why” and he tries to achieve his goal because of that “why”.

But the young man didn’t have any big “why” or responsible to catch fish. So he was giving up easily. That is the lesson you have to get from that story.

This same thing applies to us. If we don’t have big reasons or responsibilities, it’s no matter what we do. We will never work hard to achieve our goals.

As example,

  • If you want to study and pass the exam, ask “why I want to pass this exam?”
  • If you want to get a promotion, ask “why I want this promotion?”
  • If you try the keto diet plan, ask “why I want to follow the keto diet plan?”

Let’s think you want to get a promotion, which is your goal. So you ask yourself “what I want?”  But you don’t ask “why”. If you ask “why”, you will see reasons that motivate you to achieve your promotion.

But if you ask “what”, you will be only motivated for a few days or months.

You can simply stop working to get your promotion because it just a title. But if you think “why” and get the big picture, like,

  • Live a happy and prosperous life
  • Make more money and help my family
  • Get more opportunities
  • Improve my lifestyle

Those are really powerful motivations to keep grinding and achieve your goals. When you ask “why”, you will build confidence, courage, and strength to achieve your goals.

Check this video to find the power of “Why?”. It will help you to understand why we fail to achieve our goals.

Don’t Have Consistency

Consistency is the key to achieve anything. Most of the time, we quit when we don’t see the results. But few people keep grinding even they don’t see any results. And one day they will achieve their end goal.

PewDiePie is the best example. He created his YouTube channel in 2010 and he keeps continually upload video content to his YouTube channel.

And he achieved his success. He still uploads videos. This is the best example of consistency.

Think about how many YouTube content creators create their YouTube channel in 2010? But how many of them succeed like PewDiePie?

There have only a few successful YouTubers because they didn’t consistent with their YouTube channels, and their field.

Consistency is the only way to achieve your goals. You will be unmotivated, feels useless, or stuck in the same place. But you have to work each and every day to achieve your goals.

If you stop work on your goals, you will fail to achieve your goals.

Also, if you want to be consistent, you have to ask “why” before planning your goals. As I told you before, if you don’t have a strong “why”, you will not keep consistency in your goals.

When we start something we will fail and have to go through tough situations. Also, we have to face a lot of obstacles. Those negative situations have the power to destroy motivation. When we don’t have the motivation, we will no longer try to be consistent without goals.

So you have to understand, you will not be successful every day, or fail every day. And you will not able to spend each and every day as the same day.

So it no matter what will happen, you have to keep consistent. If you keep consistent, you don’t need to ask “why we fail to achieve our goals”.

Negative Mindset


When we try to achieve goals, we will get a lot of negative feelings. Most of the time, it feels we unable to achieve the goals. And see a lot of reasons. When those feelings keep come to our heads, we start to overthink and it will affect our productivity.

But in those situations, you have to stop overthink and start to work. When you start working, you will see new opportunities and new ways to achieve your goals.

So you have to overcome this negativity by getting action. You will get negative situations again and again but you have to face them.

As example,

You want to start a business. Only you have $1k but it takes $10k. Now you can do two things,

  • Overthink about your situation and complain about yourself.
  • Start your business with $1k and find ways to increase the budget.

If you get actions and you feel you need to do it, you will definitely get the solutions. So this is the best way to overcome negative situations. Check this motivational video to stop the negative self-talk and believe in yourself.


Think About Past Failures

This is also related to a negative mindset. As I told you before, you will face a lot of challenges and failures. But the truth is, we can’t do anything to change our past. Only we can learn the lesson and let it go.

If you keep thinking about your past, only you waste your time by stuck in your head. It will destroy your productivity.

You will not achieve anything without failing. If you are going to do great things you have to fail and rejected.

If you failed at one time, it doesn’t mean you are a failure or loser. But if you give up and stop trying you will be a loser.

Failures are the best teachers to learn the lessons. So learn the lesson and let it go. Then you will be able to achieve your dreams.

Forget the End Goal


Even you know why you want to achieve your goals. When time past, you may forget them. So you have to keep remind your goals and visualize them as you already achieve the goals and become successful.

You can create a dream board, do journaling, daily affirmations, and practice the law of attraction techniques. Those are the best ways to memorize and achieve your dreams.

You may not believe in the law of attraction. But it is a true and valid technique.

Some gurus try to teach the law of attraction and make money. So they give the wrong information and misguide the people.

But if you find a real law of attraction technique, you will be not misguided and it will help you to manifest and achieve your dreams. Here is a video to understand the law of attraction.


Conclusion of why we fail to achieve your goals

Those are the 5 key reasons why we fail to achieve our goals. Try to apply these techniques and make your dreams come true.

Here is the recommended video.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to read my other self-development articles. I’ll see you next time.




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