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Dating is one of the most beautiful and happiest times in every man’s life. But there are a lot of common dating mistakes men do. Some mistakes are normal. But some mistakes are worst and it will directly affect your relationship.

In this post, I will share the 11 most common dating mistakes men do without knowing the damage of it. If you keep do those dating mistakes, it can be a reason to a breakup. Check those 11 comment dating mistakes before it happens.

Too much neediness

Common Dating Mistakes Men Do

If someone gets upset when his girlfriend didn’t reply to his text within one hour, that is a sign of neediness. Most of the time, he will try to contact her again and again. If he was unable to contact her, he will try to contact her parents or friends.

In extreme cases, he will go to her workplace or home to check what happens.

This is one kind of neediness and girls not like it because too much neediness will be annoying to them. There is a different type of neediness.

As example,

We all like to be a hero to our partners including you. So you try to treat her like a queen and try to protect her. But some of the men try to overprotect his partner.

So he tries to contact his partner at all times. And ask a lot of questions like,

  • Where do you go?
  • What do you do?
  • What restaurant did you go to eat?
  • What do you planning?

And many more questions.

Finally, he tries to control the actions of his partner. Those types of men don’t care about the opinions of their partners.

When time past, his girlfriend will feel like spending time in jail because of this neediness of her partner.

This is one of the most common dating mistakes. Everyone needs space and time to focus on other things in their life and become successful.

So if you become needy as a boyfriend, you try to steal that space from her. Finally, she will never like you and your relationship will be over.

This is the number one dating mistake on this common dating mistakes list. So don’t be too much neediness and avoid this common dating mistake.

Be a nice guy

A nice guy will do everything to get what he wants. He will send flowers to her, give a lot of gifts and always try to make laugh her. Literally, he will do anything to make her like him. This is one of the most common dating mistakes that men do.

But he never asks or talks about what he really wants. He will do everything to make her happy and like more. But finally, he will not get what he wants. Basically, he will become a puppet of his girlfriend.

So if you want something, you have to talk about it. If you have some problems or miss understanding, you have to talk with your partner because she can’t read your mind.  So if you don’t ask what you want you will never get it.

Nice guys love to be heroes of their partners. So he will lie to get the spotlight. But one day, that lie will reveal. Then he will become a liar and he will lose his self-respect.

So don’t act like a nice guy. Always, be 100% honest and tell the truth. Check this David’s  video about 5 Tricks to STOP Being a “NICE GUY”

Be available at all time


Most of man always tries to be available. This is another biggest mistake that they do. If his girlfriend asks to visit someplace but he has work to do at that time. He will skip that work and go to that place with her.

He never says ‘no’ to his girlfriend. He always says ‘yes’. Then he will do it without hesitation. He literally doesn’t care about himself and his work. He will always available for anything and do it.

By doing this, he tries to impress his girlfriend. But the reality is he just gives all his time to his girlfriend.

If one day he says ‘no’, his girlfriend will get angry with him or she will think that guy has another fair or something. That is the biggest issue. When he always say ‘yes’ and be more available at all time, he has to live that life forever.

Also, he is afraid to say ‘no’. he thinks if he says no, it will upset his partner. So he will do everything even if he doesn’t like to do it. Then he will feel bad about doing everything.

If she is asking favors, again and again, he will get mad and start fighting with her.

So don’t be available at all times. Respect your work and your plans and say ‘no’ if you can’t do it. When you respect it, she will respect it too. You can suggest her to postpone it. Then you can help her when you have free time.

This is another one of the common dating mistakes that men do without knowing the end result.


Everyone has an ego. But sometimes this ego can destroy healthy relationships. There have a lot of examples.

If you think you are always right and ignore your partner. She will not happy about that. In a relationship, sometimes there are disagreements. But you have to let go of your ego and listen to her. Then, both of you can come to an agreement.

But if you always try to ignore her and prove you are right. It will be one of the biggest common dating mistakes you do.

Some men compare his self with his partner, and then get an ego about her insecurities and his position. Then, that men try to talk about her insecurities and how he better than her. Girls do not like it. So she will start to talk about his insecurities.

Finally, it will end up with negative results. Don’t overestimate yourself and underestimate her values. Because we all are human and no one likes to spend time with an egotistical person.

Not focus when spending time with her

Dating Mistakes

You have to be 100% in the present moment when spending time with her. Most men, scroll through social media while talking with his partner. Or they focus on their work. This is another one of big common dating mistakes.

Most importantly if she is talking about something important, you have to listen to her. She trusts you. That is why she tells it to you.

Sometimes, it will be a boring conversation. But you have to focus on her when she talking with you.

Also, if you hang out with your girlfriend, don’t invite your friends or her friends because it will be uncomfortable and you have to listen to your friends while talking with her. Finally, you will not able to focus on both of them.

You should make her feel safe around you. If she feels uncomfortable and you don’t listen to her, she will not like to hang out with you again.

As I told you before, your smartphone is the number one thing that distracts your focus. So turn off your mobile phone while you stay with your partner. It does not matter what you do, always focus on her when you spend time with her.

Behave differently in front of her family member and friends

Do you try to be someone else in front of her family member and friends? If yes, this is another type of ego and one of the biggest common dating mistakes.

Some men become an actor when they talking to her family or friends. And your girlfriend will notice your change within few seconds.

Some men try to behave like a tough person in front of her friend or behave like a rich person informed of her family members.

But he behaves normally in front of her. So don’t be someone else. Be authentic and be you at all the time. When you love yourself, you can be yourself and accept your insecurity.

You don’t need to prove anything to her family or friends because you already win her. So you don’t need to be someone else and get validation.

Behave normally as you behave in front of your girlfriend. If you try to become someone else, your girlfriend will not like that fake character. Even she likes it, one day you have to be you.

Don’t care what other people think. Be 100% authentic. When you talk with them and interact with them as you. They will adapt to your style. And your girlfriend will not upset about you.

Planning for the future too soon

Planning for the future too soon

Don’t be too fast to make future plans as a couple. You have to take the time to understand your partner. If you try to plan your future with her as soon as you start dating her and become serious about your dating life. Your girlfriend sees that as neediness.

If you are talking about how many kids you want and what type of life you want to live with her, without understanding her feeling and without spending time together. She may not agree with your future plans. Maybe she doesn’t want to be serious about the relationship until she understands you.

So if you try to plan your future as a couple without understanding both of you. It will make a lot of disagreements.

Always take time before making any serious decisions. You must spend time before you trust her. When you spend time with her, you will realize the type of her character.

When you fully understand her, you can start talking about future plans. If you plan your future and make relationship goals too soon, it will be one of another common dating mistakes that you make without knowing about it.

Lacking confidence

You have to make her feel safe when you spend time with her.  That means you must build your self-confidence and face any situation without fear. If you are shy and feel uncomfortable, she will feel you as a person that has lacked confidence.

If she feels unsafe, she will not like to go on a second date with you. This is one of the early dating mistakes. On the first date, if there has a long silence when talking, 99% of the time, you will miss the second date because she will not like to face those awkward silence moments again.

You have to build self-confidence and behave like a real man. You must make small decisions like which restaurant you go to, what you want to eat without giving pressure on her.

When she feels you are a confident person, she will love to hang out with you.

Also, if you have a lack of confidence to face her family member of friends, she will not like to hang out with you. You may think they will reject you or insult you. But you have to spend time with her family and friends. Then you can find out about their reaction.

Also, you have to stop making excuses and miss the opportunities. You may have insecurities, and those insecurities will destroy your confidence. So you have to stop overthinking those insecurities and face every opportunity as a confident man.

Check this video about The Reason You’re Lacking Confidence to get more info.

Destroy trust

Trust is the key to a healthy relationship. So if you break the trust, your partner will never like it and she will not trust you again.

This is one of the common dating mistakes that men do. But the end result is really bad. If your partner trusts you, she always thinks about you as a trusted person. Somehow, if you break the trust, it will affect your relationship and end up in a breakup.

Sometimes, your partner may give forgiveness to you. But she will never 100% trust you again. Trust like a mirror. If you break it, you can fix it. But you will still get a broken mirror.

So you have to protect her trust. But somehow if you have to break her trust, she will do the same. If you want her, trust is the path to a long and healthy relationship. So you should never lie or break her trust.

Talk about your ex

If you talk about your past dating life with your girlfriend, she will smile and listing to you. But on the inside, she will hate you.

You may date a lot of girls and you may have a lot of unforgettable moments, but it is your past. If you want to spend quality time with your partner, don’t talk about your ex. always prioritize your partner and give value to her.

if you keep talking about your ex, she will suspect still you haven’t get over that relationship and you still want your ex back. Then she feels uncomfortable and gets mad about you. Finally, she will start negative conversations and it will end up hurting both of you.

Sometimes, when you talk about your awesome life experience with other girls, she will start to talk about her relationships with her ex-boyfriend(s). Maybe her intent is hurt your feeling. So you feel sad about yourself. Most of the time, if you two talk about this in early dating time, she will not like to talk with you again.

Talking about an ex is a mistake that most men do without knowing about it. So don’t start to talk about your ex and don’t push her to talk about your partner’s past relationships.

99% of times, it will end up with a bad conversation and it will be one of the most common dating mistakes you do.

Talking too much about yourselfCommon Dating Mistakes Men Do

We all love to talk too much about our self, things that we achieved, places we went, stuff we did, things we have, and the list goes so on.

However, if you only talk about yourself without giving her a chance to talk about her or your relationship, she will not like it. You may achieve a lot of things and you may have a lot of stuff, but you have to keep a balanced conversation.

Sometimes, you may not have a lot of stuff to share with her. So you start talking about yourself. But instead of talking about yourself, you can ask questions from her. After she answered, you can ask another thing related to things that she said.

When you follow this method you will have a lot of stuff to share without stuck in a conversation or without talking about yourself.

When you ask questions from her, she will like to ask questions from you. Then you can answer those questions.

Also, don’t lie about anything. If you are planning to start a serious relationship, truth is the foundation of that relationship.

Give chance to talk to her and learn to listen, when you start to listen both of you will able to keep a balanced conversation.

Also, the conversation is really important to a healthy relationship. But if you only talk about yourself, she will not like to date you.

Conclusion of 11 Common Dating Mistakes Men Do

Those are the 11 biggest mistakes that can ruin your dating life and relationship. Try to avoid those common dating mistakes and live your life.

Always remember, you have to take care of yourself while you dating someone. If you ignore the value of yourself other people will not see that value. and make sure to avoid those common dating mistakes.

I hope you get valuable information from this article, thank you for reading. Add your valuable comment and feel free to check my other relationship articles and personal development articles. I will see you next time.




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