How to Build Self-Confidence - 3 Easy and Proven Tips

If you want to live life without fear and overthinking, you have to build self-confidence. If you don’t trust yourself, it doesn’t matter what you do in your life, you never do it correctly because unconsciously you become lack of self-confidence and think like you are a weak person.

You have to understand, there has no way to maintain stable self-confidence. Our self-confidence will always change according to the situation. So you have to keep believing in yourself even you go through the hardest time.

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable when you face obstacles or challenges. But you have to remember to trust in yourself.

Check this Richard Petty’s TEDx video to understand the meaning of confidence.

Here are the 3 simple ways to build self-confidence.

Manage Your Daily Goals/Tasks


You have to identify 4 high-priority goals/tasks that you need to complete before end of the day. You can list down those goals and start to complete them.

This simple method will change your lifestyle and it will help you to trust yourself.

Basically, when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep at night, write down the 4 most priority goals that you have to complete before the end of the day.

If you do this at night, you have to plan your next day and write down those four goals.

After that,  no matter what will happen, you must complete those 4 tasks before the end of the day.

After that, no matter what happens, you must complete those 4 tasks before end of the day.

This is a very powerful way to boost confidence. Because at the end of the day, you know you achieve something you plan to achieve in the day and it will help you to build self-confidence and feel like you’re an achiever.

But, if you didn’t note down your goals for the day, you have to think,

  • What should I do next?
  • Where should I go next?
  • Should I do it now?

Then, you will get depressed and end up doing nothing.

It does not matter your goals big or small when you write them down you can track those goals and complete them easily.

Maybe you will not able to complete those goals before the end of the day. So you have to work overtime to complete it. It doesn’t matter how much time it will take. Try to complete them before you go to sleep.

If you unbaled to complete it, you can start your next day by complete that tasks.

No One is Perfect

build self-confidence

In this world, no one perfect. No matter what we do, every time it’ll not end up as we want. Sometimes we have to expect unexpected. That is the life looks like.

If you don’t get your dream job, you’ll feel sad about yourself. If your girlfriend left, you’ll feel alone. If someone doesn’t agree with your idea, you’ll feel angry about him.

This always happens because our expectation is higher than reality. When something happens to you and you think all bad things happen to you, you will not able to build self-confidence. And your confidence levels will go down to 0.

At this time, you have to love yourself and try to be who you are. If you got any negative feelings you have to say,

It doesn’t matter what happens, I love myself and I’m lucky to be alive now.

This is a really powerful way to avoid negative thinking and boost your confidence.

You have to understand your life is not perfect. It’ll never be perfect. But you must accept the current situation. No matter what happens you have to love yourself.

We can’t control the people around us. But we can control ourselves. When you understand no one is perfect. You’ll able to build self-confidence. And love yourself.

Keep Failing But Never Give-up


In life, we fail every day. Also, we reject every day. If you know the path, but when you keep failing you have to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

If you give-up at the first, second, or third time, you will not able to build self-confidence. And you will feel like a loser.

But if you do not give-up and keep failing until you achieve tasks, you’ll finally believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter what happens, when you have self-trust you’ll able to do it anyway.

Check this how to beast video, if you feel like giving up.

You have to face obstacles and challenges, even you failed, and you can learn the lesson. That experience will help you to build self-confidence and face obstacles with more confidence.

Here are the 3 tips to build self-confidence. I hope you get valuable information. Thank you for reading. Feel free to read more self-development articles. I’ll see you next post.



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