How to Overcome Fear of Judgement – 5 Tips to Live Your Life as You Want

Do you know how to overcome fear of judgement? Do you care more about what dress should wear to social events or some kind of party?

Also, when you try to do something you always think about other people’s opinions on you or your work. Most importantly, do you skip or avoid opportunities because of other people?

Most of the time, the reason is fear of judgement.  Most people fear to take action and improve their lifestyle when they feel other people judge them.

So, If you ask how to overcome fear of judgement. Today I will share 5 proven tips to get rid of the fear of judgement and live the life you want to live.

Find your type of peoples

how to overcome fear of judgement

You have to understand this is a natural and common problem. As humans, we all have fears.

So when you go to some kind of social event or party, you will overthink what other people think about you. But you can find someone match with your type and start to chat.

Basically, you have to search around you and find someone how has the same attitude. You can find them by their behaviors. If that person is alone, that is a good chance.

After that just go to that person and start to talk with him/her. When you do this both of you will be comfortable with each other and you will be able to stay without overthinking about things that other people talk about you.

When you focus on chat, you will no longer have fear of judgement. If your question is how to overcome fear of judgement at a party or social event, this is the best way.

Say “stop caring”

This is another great way to overcome the fear of judgement. Let’s get an example and explain how to overcome fear of judgement by saying “stop caring”.

Think you want to pass a group of people. So you will get shyness and feel uncomfortable. You may think they will judge your action, cloths, or walking pattern. If you keep overthinking about negative judgement, you will never walk through that group of people.

So in this situation, you can say to yourself ‘stop caring’ and pass those people. If you still think they are judging you. Keep saying to yourself the same thing.

Say “stop caring, stop caring, stop caring, stop caring, stop caring”.

Personally, I do this and it is a really effective way to focus on you with a short time. When I got a negative feeling about what other people think about me. I just say that word again and again and do what I want to do.

I got this method from a YouTuber called Aanghel. Feel free to check that full video to get a better and original idea.

We all have insecurities

how to overcome fear of judgement

We all have some kind of insecurity. Maybe it’s your look, wealth, body type, or anything related to your life. So we all try to fix or ignore those insecurities.

So no one has time to spend on other people’s life. Because they are busy with their life by fixing the issues they have. You should understand it. And you have to stop caring too much about insecurities. Then it will help to overcome the fear of judgement.

If you do something wrong, people around you may judge you. But how long it will remember them? They will forget it within one week even in 5 minutes. Because they are busy with their own problems. They don’t have time to spend on your problems.

As I told before if you ask how to overcome fear of judgement, always understand this concept.


Regular meditation has the power to build a strong mind and avoid negative feelings.

Meditation is really effective way to stay positive and get self-awareness. When you build a strong mindset you will not get stuck in your mind and it will help you to overcome not only fear of judgement.

You don’t need to meditate for a few hours. You can meditate within 5-10 minutes and get a positive mindset. Check this video about how to meditate.

Improve yourself.

self confidence

If you have a fear of judgment, it means you have a lot of insecurities or some kind of the downside of yourself. If you have a downside you can fix it.

If you are a fat person or a skinny person, you can go to the gym and build your body. If you have pimples, you can channel a doctor and get treatments.

Find your weakness and try to give a solution to them. This way you will be able to live a happy life. If you can’t control your insecurity or weakness let it go. Don’t think about it as insecurity.

Try to increase your health wealth and relationship. When you have a strong mindset, it will help you to overcome the fear of judgement.

Those are the 5 tips about how to overcome fear of judgement. I hope you get valuable information in this article. If you like the article, feel free to share. It will help to grow this blog.

Feel free to check my other personal development articles. I will see you in the next post. Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “How to Overcome Fear of Judgement – 5 Tips to Live Your Life as You Want

  • November 20, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    Hey Gihan!

    Maybe everyone of us faces this fear of being judged and criticized. I am this kind of person too, and often this fear has something to do with our haughtiness, or let’s just call it “big ego”. Being haughty makes us feel quite unable to cope with the idea of being judged or doubted by others.

    Finding our own type of people may be difficult sometimes, especially if we are rather lonely persons. But when we have already found them, I guess it will become easier to face out judgment and criticism. Also, we should put well into our minds what you said about people who forget after judging, because they have their own problems :).

    Thanks for providing us advice about overcoming this kind of fear, that may be blocking us from important projects in life!

    Best regards,


  • November 20, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    #2 is the hardest of your suggestions for me. Even when I know I should be so attached to the outcome or I haven’t been given complete enough instructions to do the best job possible, I have a really hard time saying f**k it! I think a lot of that stems from my parents and their own pursuits of perfection (which I, of course, spent a great many years observing). At least I’m aware of it now and can continue to work on it! 

  • November 20, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    This was really hard for me a few months ago too. What really helped with my
    family judging my business was by just telling them about it. Explaining why and
    what it could also entail later on if I was successful, really seemed to
    help. Showing examples of people and businesses in my industry who were
    very successful helped as well – people are sceptical because they don’t know
    anyone with success in what you do. Your points will definitely come of help in the future. I will bookmark this page right away. 


  • November 20, 2019 at 10:52 pm

    Such an honest and open post, makes a refreshing change. I am always on the look out for ways I can improve myself and you have given me some I had not thought about before.

    You made such a good point about how others forget so quickly becasue they are too interested in themselves. I often say to the children, when they are having spats with others, that the other person has not given what they said another thought. Sometimes though, we take things to heart and it’s hard to let them go.

    Personally I have been working on not caring whether someone has an issue about me, as long as I know I have conducted myself properly then they can think how they like. Otherwise they have power over me.


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