List of Things to Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life

What is the list of things to change your thinking and build a strong mindset to build your life kingdom? If you don’t know the correct answer sticks with this article. I will give you a list of 10 things to change your thinking and be the better version of yourself.

Mindset is everything

Before you try to change your thinking, you have to understand the powerful part you have, that is your mind. It can build or destroy your health wealth, and happiness. So the mindset is everything.

If you don’t have a strong mindset, you will not face obstacles and challenges to become a success. Instead, you will waste your time by overthinking.

Now I will share the list of things to change your thinking pattern and build a strong mindset.

Daily Meditation

List of Things to Change Your Thinking

Our mind is like a muscle. When we train that muscle, it will grow and be strong. So if we want to get a strong mindset, we have to train our mind.

So meditation is the best way to train your mind and control it. When you relax your mind by mediation, you will reduce stress and the negative feeling. Also, you feel like a refresh.

When you do daily meditation in the morning, you will start your day with a relaxed mind. It will increase your thinking pattern, and it affects your daily productivity.

But a lot of people think meditation is a religious thing, and some gurus are show meditation as a complicated thing. But it is not that complicated and not a religious thing.

Anyone can meditate at calm places. Also, you don’t need any equipment to do mediation. I will give brief information to start daily meditation.

First of all, find a place that doesn’t have any noise. Then sit comfortably and close your eyes. After that, focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale using your nose. And try to focus on your breathing.

At first, you will not be able to focus on your breath for a long time period. Your mind will go the all over the place within a few seconds. So you have to refocus on your breath when your mind tries to think something else.

When you keep doing this, you will able to increase the time limit, and you will calmer and relax.

Check this YouTube video to find how to meditate correctly.

This is my number one thing on the list of things to change your thinking.

Always Ask “Why”

You will think a lot of things in day to day life. Some of the things will forget you within few minutes. But some thoughts will keep coming. Then you will get action according to your thought.

Also, sometimes you may think you need to stop when you don’t see any result. Or you may feel looser, and you will ready to give up.

Before you get any action, Always ask “why?” from yourself. As an example, if you want to stop going to the gym. Ask why you start to go to the gym. Then you will get a clear answer. Then ask why you want to stop. Then you will get a lot of reasons and excuses.

So when you ask why for yourself. You will see new opportunities. Also, you will get a positive thinking pattern. And it will help to make strong goals and change your life.

Always ask why before you think to start anything or end anything.

Challenge Comfort Zone

The challenging comfort zone is the number one thing to make a strong mindset and achieve your dream life. I already write an article about the comfort zone. So please check ” Challenge Comfort Zone – The Winning Habit To Success ” article to go deep about comfort zone subject and grab more pieces of information.

Some people have a really small comfort zone. So they are afraid to do something new and expand their comfort zone. So they will never see any growth. Also, they will overthink before do any new things to them.

They just stuck on their head when they have a small comfort zone. They will always make an excuse to avoid people and situations.

You have to expand your comfort zone and try new things. When you keep, do the uncomfortable task. That will be comfortable for you. So you will no longer worry or overthink about those situations.

It will directly affect to change your thinking pattern and grow yourself. Feel free to check that article to find more about the comfort zone. Then you will get a better idea.

Face Your Fear

We all have fears. Sometimes we fear to fail or face reality. Sometimes we have a fear of judgment. So when we have fears, our mind tries to make excuses and avoid those situations.

Then you will never face that situation. Also, you will never get rid of your fear. If you want to stop the fear, you have to face it and get the experience. When you face your fear, you will no longer fear for that situation.

You can boost your confidence and self-esteem when you keep trying to face your fears. It will make a strong mindset. But if you have a fear of something, you will have a weak mindset. So you will always think weakly in those situations.

As an example, if you are afraid to face your boss and talk directly to his face. Your mindset will always act like the weak. So you will never be confidence around your boss.

So you will start to overthink and hide form him. This feeling will not go away until you talk with your boss and say the things that you want. In my experience, when you speak to your boss without being fearful.

They will respect you more than before. So your confidence level will boost, and you will build a strong mindset.

Become Minimalist

Mark Zuckerberg good personal habits

Try to imagine the clothing style of multi-billionaires like Mark Sakarbarg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates. Those are really simple, and they will not change their clothing style more often. In other words, they will not spend time or money to improve their clothing styles.

If you check the lifestyle of multi builders, Most of them spend a minimalist lifestyle. So they don’t need to waste their energy or time on unnecessary things.

A minimalist lifestyle is such a powerful way to stop overthinking and spend relaxes lifestyle. You don’t need to worry about small things, and you don’t need to get any insecurity to your head. Because you already know you are a minimalist and you accept it.

If we think about our regular life, most of the times we think about unnecessary work to impress other people. End of the day it just a time-wasting. So try to appreciate what you have and stop spend energy on unnecessary stuff. You will find a clear difference.

Fix the Issues

You may think about your past, or you try to escape from reality, or you may be addicted to something. Those issues will destroy your mindset, and it will affect your whole life.

If you have any kind of issue, try to fix it. If you addicted to something, you could talk with a psychologist, you best friend or parents.

If you think you are miserable or you have some negative thoughts all the time. You have to fix it. There have no other ways to build a strong mindset. When you fix those issues, you will able to live a fulfilled lifestyle without stuck on your head.

Stay in Present Moment

Always try to stay in the present moment and enjoy life. Some people try to escape their reality by watching movies or playing games. So they try to be heroes on the game. End of the day. They will not achieve anything, and they will just waste their time.

You can spend time with your family and friend also you can go ty gym or yoga class. Always try to do things you most love and enjoy the present moment.

When you 100% stay in the present moment, you will feel more happy and calm. You will not worry about the next level of your favorite game.

When you stay in the present moment, you will able to understand your mind and current situation. So you can focus on yourself and achieve a better thing in reality.

If you get stress or feel lazy, try to go naturistic place and spend time in that place.

Find Happiness from Yourself

Always do things that make you happy if you make happy when you ride BMW i8. Try to ride it if you get comfortable when you eat at your favorite restaurant. Go and eat. Always find happiness form yourself.

Do not ever try to find happiness form another person. If you try to find happiness for your parents, girlfriend/boyfriend or some other person, you will never get true happiness. Even it feels enjoy and happy. It will not last for a long time.

Because you can’t control other people, but you can control yourself as you want. So you don’t need to worry about an unhappy situation. You can convert it to happy if that situation related to you.

So you don’t need to worry about other people when you find happiness form you. It means less headache and less overthinking. No one is able to break your happiness if you are not looking for your happiness from another person.

happiness play a huge role in this list of things to change your thinking.

Create Daily Routine

If you want to change your thinking pattern, you must have a daily routine if you don’t have a daily routine. You will think about your work, and you will not complete any of those works. Finally, you will overthink and feel miserable.

If you have a to-do list and a strong daily routine, you don’t need to worry about your daily task. And you will feel more relax and be more productive.

When you complete your task, you will feel successful, and it will grow your confidence. That means, you will able to change your thinking positively.

Make Life Purpose


If I ask from you,

What is your life purpose?

Do you have an answer? If you have answer, you are a successful person. Definitely, you will become the person you want to be. If you don’t have an answer, you will waste your time by working for other people or do useless work.

SO you must have a life purpose to achieve anything. When you have a strong life purpose, you will able to self-motivate and do the work to achieve your purpose. I have a complete article call. Feel free to check “What is The Purpose of Living – Real Truth About Life Purpose” article.

You will see a lot of valuable information in this article. So when you have a purpose, you can work for it without overthink or wasting your time by staying negatively.

Life purpose will directly affect to change your thinking and change your life as you want.

Conclusion of List of Things to Change Your Thinking

This is the life of things to change your thinking. Apply this list to your life .you will be more productive and calm. Also, those things will help you to become stronger and build a strong mind. I hope you enjoy the article.

I will see you next time. Feel free to check my other articles. Thank you for reading.

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