How to Get Over a Toxic Relationship Breakup – 8 Easy Tips to Follow

Do you know how to get over a toxic relationship breakup? A relationship breakup is one of the worst things you have to face in your lifetime. But if it is toxic you have to go through the painful process.

When your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to end the relationship it’s feeling you are really alone and despaired even it is a toxic relationship.

Most of us do some bad things to avoid this hard time. But that can destroy our life. So in this post, I’ll share 8 tips for how to get over a toxic relationship breakup.

Those tips are really easy to follow and it will help anyone to go through the tuff time and get over the breakup.

Don’t Try to Contact

don't call her

When your toxic partner breakup with you, you must not call or text her/him immediately because that person already rejects you.

So when you try to contact that person again. It’ll be annoying to him/her. Also, your toxic partner will try to hurt your feeling. So that person will never answer or reply to your calls or messages.

Not only that, when that person realizes you are going to be big trouble, that person will block your contact number.

Maybe that person wants some time to be alone or that person has some problems with the relationship. So after your relationship ends and you try to call or text your ex that will make this case worst.

Also, that person may in a new relationship. At that time, you will not get a chance to contact her.

If that person is not a toxic one, you must give some space to that person. When you don’t be trouble with your ex, he/she will think about you and give a call or may send DM to you.

This may not 100% happen but when you don’t be a trouble to that person, it’ll help her/him to focus on another subject and helps to reduce pressure.

When someone ends the relationship that’s feeling is really tough and hard to control.

In that situation, if you call that person, there has the possibility to make bad arguments and start to fight on the phone.

Also, don’t call your friends and family immediately when your partner breakup with you because when you call your family or friends and tell all the bad stories about your partner.

Somehow if you two agree to start a relationship again, you have to face your family member and friends. That will be uncomfortable and you have to face a bigger issue because you already tell your breakup to your family and friends.

That means they’ll hate your partner because that person treats you badly.

How to get over a toxic relationship breakup without contact that person?

If you contact that toxic person, he/she will start arguing with you and tell a lot of negative things about you. Then you will feel bad about yourself and get angry. Or that person will block your number.

When you think about it, you will feel alone and miserable.

But if you stop contact that person, you will not get any kind of issue. Over time you will able to forget that person without being stressed.

Don’t Listen to Music

sad music

When you go through relationship breakups you’ll feel you need to listen to music and make some good to your mind.

But trust me when you listen to music it’ll drag you down to the bottom because every song has some love story or hidden love message.

That will remind how you spend time with your ex and when you get bad feelings about all things happens between you and your ex. You’ll not able to have any positive mindset.

So listening to songs is making your case worst. The best way is to avoid listening to music and try to focus on another thing that matters to you.

The best way is never be alone. Try to go out with your friends or family. When you spend time with them your mindset will shift to a positive mood and it’ll help you to get over this bad situation.

I will give more detail about this at a later point.

Alone with music is one of the biggest mistake that you can make while go through the breakup. This applies to other entertainment stuff like, watch romantic movies or videos on social media like YouTube.

So avoid those stuffs to get over for toxic relationship breakup. instead of doing those things, you can,

  • Play Video Games
  • Read an article about getting over breakups
  • Watch YouTube video about getting over breakups

Remember, when you do those entertainment things, you have to set a time limit. Try to make healthy goals and achieve them.

Treat Yourself live-your-dream

When you have a toxic relationship, you may not focus on your life. Instead, focus on your life; you may care about that toxic person.

But now you are free. This is the best time to develop you. So if you not take care of your health. Try to go to the gym and do workouts to get a healthy and good-looking body.

How to get over a toxic relationship breakup by hitting on the gym?

In my experience workout is the most helpful way to deal with situations like this. It’ll reduce your stress and you will focus on your workout. Also, you will find like-minded people who care about their health.

Going to the gym is the best way to make healthy distractions.

Also, read some self-growth books because books are the most powerful seeds to grow your mindset. This will help you to focus on a completely new situation. You may not like to read books. So you can listen to audiobooks.

Also if you don’t like your look, try to change it by going to the salon and make some changes to your hair and overall fashion.

Always treat yourself and understand your true value. If you don’t have a high value, do stuff to increase your value.

Spend Time with Friends or Family

If someone breakup with you, never be alone. Always stay with positive and people who care about you. They will help you to get over your breakup.

But you have to find quality people to spend your time with.

For example, if your friends invite you to drink alcohol and spend that tough time. Those are not quality friends.

If you drank and try to forget that toxic person, you may forget that person for a few hours. But you can’t escape reality forever.

Drink alcohol will never help you to get over from breakup.

How to get over a toxic relationship breakup by spending time with friends or family?

personal growth tips

If you hang out with quality friends or your family member, you will have a lot of work to do. And this work will help you to focus on it. Also, they will understand your situation and care about you.

Not only that, when you spend time with other people, you will not feel alone, most of the time those people have some experience that you have with their ex-partners.

So they will completely understand your situation and they will help you to get over a toxic relationship breakup. Spend your time wisely and don’t be alone.

Block Her/him on Social Media

how to get over a toxic relationship breakup

When someone end the relationship he or she tries to check what their ex doing. Social media is an easy way to check their activities. But that is a really bad thing to do.

It can destroy your whole day and mindset because when a toxic person breakup with you. That person tries to insult you and hurt your feelings.

So that person may add photos with her new boyfriend or share memes to insult you.

However, checking social media updates of those toxic people will never feel you better. It will make you feel bad about yourself and get angry, So you have to stop using social media or block that person.

That is the only fast way to get over a toxic relationship breakup.

You have to build self-discipline to stay away from social media. But it will feel way better than staying sad.

Also, you have to avoid sharing posts related to your breakup or insult your ex-partner. Also, stop sharing sad quotes or breakup videos because any of this will never give you anything or you will not able to forget those people.

Basically, you will joke to friends on your social media and they will try to get fun at you. No one really cares about other people on social media.

They only care about themselves. So don’t be a joke to those people because you deserve better than that.

Also, when you start a relationship don’t share a couple photos on social media. (99% of times, you will thank me later.) So never watch their social media accounts. Also, try to avoid meeting them. Always try to let it go

How to get over a toxic relationship breakup by stop using social media?

When you stop waste your time on social media, you will not see any update of your ex. That means, you don’t need to think about their life. Also, you have more time to focus on something you love.

Also, you will not check love stories about your friends on social media and feel bad about you.

Remember, we all are human, even that person is a toxic. Still he/she is a human. So don’t disrespect that person on social media.

If you try to disrespect by blaming or sharing private photos, videos on social media, it will damage both of your respect. So never do it.

Always remember, everyone deserves respect. And your ex has a family and friends the same as you.

Find and Follow Your Passion

As I told before, this is the best time to take care of you. So this is the time to find your life purpose and follow your passion.

You have free time now. You don’t need to worry about a toxic person and you don’t need to text that person. You can use this free time to do anything that most likely to do.

You can make a new passive income stream, go hiking, read books, or anything that you like to do. If you still didn’t find your life purpose, you can do different things to find it.

Check this video about find life purposes. you will get a great idea.

So don’t waste this valuable time. Do something to be a better version of your life. When you find a way to make yourself happy you don’t need anyone to make you happy.

How to get over a toxic relationship breakup by following your passion?

When you find your passion you can focus 100% energy on that work. So you don’t have time to worry about your ex because your passion is the high priority task on the list.

When you follow your passion, you will feel good and happy.

Most importantly, when you achieve results by following your passion, that makes self-confidence and you will increase your value.

Those all things will help you to get over the toxic relationship.

Remember don’t try to do things that harm yourself or other people around you. Find something that you can enjoy by giving something to the world.

If you try to do bad things, that will never make you happy and you will not be able to get over breakup and it will destroy your reputation.

Let Her/him go

Finally, you have to face the reality. If that person is toxic or breaks your trust, even you get back together there has a high chance to do the same thing again.

So you have to let go of that person. When you stop caring about her/him you feel much better.

As I told before, you deserve better. Only you have to grow yourself day by day. You may think you found the right one or no one will love you as your ex did.

But those all are only excuses. So let your past go and face your future by a stay in present.

You can let her go if you follow some of above mention tips. If you keep try to contact her. Within a few months, you will realize you just waste your time.

So let her/him go from your life and start a new chapter of your life.

I suggest you to check videos of relationship experts and motivational speakers on YouTube. They will show you the best ways to let go and the power of letting go.

Feel free to check this “How to Let Go” video. You will get a lot of valuable and powerful information.

Take Time to Recover

Yes, it too hard to forget everything and let go. Cry if you want to cry, you may not get sleep until 2.0AM. Those all are normal. Take your time to let go and forget your past.

You will not able to recover within one-two days or one-two weeks. It takes time. So take your time and recover.

As I told before you have free time. So try to do above mention thing in that free time. When you focus on those things you will be able to recover and get back to your normal life.

It’s ok if it takes longer to recover and let go of that toxic person. But sometimes, you still remember that past. It’s a normal thing. Over time you will be recover and able to start a new life with positive people.

When you breakup, don’t get drunk or do wrong things to your life. Overtime, you will feel much better.

Conclusion of How to Get Over a Toxic Relationship Breakup

How to Get Over a Toxic Relationship Breakup

Don’t spend your time to get revenge or feel bad about toxic people. you only have to learn the lesson and move on. you may think you waste your time on that person. but the truth is, you learn a valuable lesson.

Finally, you must understand. you can’t control the lives of other peoples or their actions. only you can control yourself. So start to think differently, start to take care of yourself. and don’t try to change the behaviors of other people. instead of changing them try to change yourself.

This is what I have today about how to get over a toxic relationship breakup. if you currently spend some bad time with relationship breakup try to follow these things it’ll make you feel better and you will able to let go and start a new life.

If you follow those tips you will understand how to get over a toxic relationship breakup without stay negatively. Right now, if someone goes through a breakup. feel free to share this article. it will be helpful to them.

Thank you for reading. feel free to check my other personal development and relationship articles.  if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I’m happy to reply your comments. I will see you in the next post.




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