50 Best YouTube Channels for Personal Growth

Here is the list of best YouTube channels for personal growth. Personal growth is the key to success and becomes the best version of you. But you always have to find the right mentor to get advice and grow.

Check the below mentors/YouTubers and get valuable information from them. They share content related to self-improvement and motivation.

Best YouTube Channels for Personal Growth

Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett is an entrepreneur and speaker, currently, he has the number one business podcast and he uploads the video version of those podcasts to his YouTube channel.

He creates the best motivational and personal growth videos and those videos will help you to max out. Those videos are not just short-term motivational content. He shares things the can apply to your life and be the better version of yourself.

Here are my favorite three videos from his channel.



Also, He interviews with most successful people in the world and asks the best questions from them. Those interviews are 40 minutes to one hour long and you’ll be able to find life-changing information.

This is one of my favorite self-development YouTube channels. Feel free to watch his videos.


aanghel is a YouTuber who shares his own life experiences and self-improvement stuff. He talks about dopamine detox, NoFap, self-confidence, anxiety, and other personal growth topics from his own experiences.

His videos inspired me to create this blog website and focus on self-improvement. Here are the two videos that I most like,


Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an author, businessman, and motivational speaker who have a personal jet.  He has two best books called the millionaire booklet and the 10x rule.

In Grant Cardone’s youtube channel he shares content related to increase your income and become a millionaire. if you want to 10x your income goal. Feel free to check his videos and books.

Here are two videos that I most likely to watch on his channel.


Principles by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is an investor and author who wrote principles for success book. He shares YouTube videos related to increasing your wealth and success.

Here is my favorite video on his channel. it is a 30-minute version of his principles for success book.


FarFromAverage has animated videos that help you to become far from average. He shares content related to dating love and relations tips for men and man’s confidence.

Here are the best 2 videos from his channel.


Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael’s channel has a collection of videos of successful people’s interviews and key points of successful people’s vision. If you need to get a quick motivation, feel free to check his channel.

Here are the best two videos from his channel.


Chronicle Living

You can find book summaries and personal and financial improvement videos on Chronicle Living. this channel has few selected videos and all of those videos are animations.

Here is the video about rich dad poor dad book on Chronicle Living channel. 

TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks youtube channel has various types of videos from successful people. Those all videos are from the best speech of TEDx events.

You will find different types of speakers who are experienced in their own fields and you will be able to find information to change your life. Those videos are around 10minuites to 20minutes long. So you will be able to get a lot of information within a few minutes.

Here are my favorite videos on TEDx Talks.



Here are the best YouTube channels for personal growth, yes there are more channels, I’ll edit these articles month by month. Thank you for reading. feel free to read more self-improvement articles. I’ll see you next time.

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