How to Stop Being Lazy | 5 Life Changing Tips

How to stop being lazy is one of the most common questions.  We want to do work and achieve our dreams and goals. But laziness doesn’t allow us to take action.

It doesn’t matter the age, profession, or gender. At some point in the day, we all get laziness. In this article, I will give you 5 life-changing tips about how to stop being lazy.

Introduction to how to stop being lazy

why we fail to achieve our goals

We all love to enjoy something more comfortable, and more pleasurable. As an example, we love to watch our favorite movie or TV show on the couch while eating junk food.

For example, some people count fingers at work and wait until it over. Then try to use the best route to avoid traffic and drive fast to reach their home. At that time they not feel laziness and become more efficient and stop being lazy, right?

So these people get those all smart decisions to enjoy that comfortable moment. This story may be related to us too.

Maybe if you are able to shift your thinking pattern and find the more pleasurable productive moment, you’ll be able to do the hard work to achieve that pleasurable moment to stop being lazy.

Here is Sadhguru‘s speech about laziness.

If you found your passion and do the work you most like to do. You are a winner and already stop being lazy. So you don’t need to check this article.

But unfortunately, most people are not following their passion nor do the work that they most like to do. Because they have a lot of responsibilities or maybe they are still searching for their life purpose.

If you are someone who doesn’t do the work that you most likely to do, just think about the lazy times of your day-to-day life.

  • When do you get the lazy feeling?
  • What did you do before you feel laziness?
  • Is laziness come because of lack of sleep?
  • Do you have a lot of work to do? So you worried about it and overthink?

Ask those questions from yourself and get a clear idea about why and when do you feel lazy. Because before you try to understand how to get rid of laziness, you have to understand why you feel lazy.

Now, it’s time to understand how to stop being lazy.

Daily Routine is The Key

how to stop being lazy

We all have both energetic and lazy moments during the day. So we can follow a daily routine to avoid those lazy time periods and be productive in the best time of our day.

Here are few ways to create and manage a daily routine to stop being lazy and get things done.

Find Your Sleep Chronotype

Even we get 8 hours of sleep, Sometimes, we felt tired and lazy during the day. According to sleep experts, all humans have a sleep chronotype pattern. That means, we all have productive time and less productive time. It depends on our age, sleep pattern, and overall behaviors. There have 4 sleeping types, those are

  • Bear
  • Lion
  • Dolphin
  • Wolf

So we have to understand our Chronotype. Then adjust and organize our daily routine according to that pattern. Feel free to check this video and provide honest answers to questions on this video. Then you will be able to understand what type of routine you need to follow to get rid of laziness or stop being lazy.

I hope you understand your sleep Chronotype. Now find the most productive time of your day and start to work on lazy projects or things you must complete.

Also, create a productive morning routine that aligns with your sleep pattern. Your morning is the key to spend a productive day. If you surrounded by negativity in the morning, you will experience negativity throughout the day. That negativity will not allow you to stop being lazy.

Manage to-do list

Managing a to-do list will help you to get rid of laziness and manage your tasks. Basically, if you have a lot of work to do, you feel stressed and overthinking about where to start and what to do first. When you keep thinking about the workload, you will feel lazy and try to avoid all works.

So you have to stop thinking about all of those works, if you have the skills to pick the right tasks for that moment, it will help you to stop being lazy. So try to identify this workload effect on your mindset and feel laziness.

If yes, you can find 4 high-priority tasks to complete. Then you should chunk those tasks into smaller tasks.

For example, if you wanted to write an article, instead of thinking, “I have to complete this article before the end of the day”,  you can try to split the writing article task into small parts.

For example, you can chunk it like,

  • Do the keyword research
  • Collect information and do the research to write the article
  • Create article structure with headlines
  • Write the first and second paragraph

When you chunk high-priority tasks into small parts, it easy to complete those smaller tasks and you will not feel laziness while completing those small tasks. Because you just reduce a lot of work load and only focus on single work.

Also, it feels more comfortable to do those small tasks instead focus on the huge unrealistic task. You can apply this method to all of your high-priority tasks and work on them to stop being lazy.

Also, don’t try to manage your time. Always try to manage the task. If you focus on time then unable to complete those tasks within that time period, you will get lazy feelings again.

To stop being lazy, start your day by creating 4 high-priority tasks and try to break down that tasks into small parts then put your 100% focus and energy to finish those small tasks.

Find a time to rest

stop being lazy

As I told you before we all have downtime or unproductive time in our day. You are not a machine. As humans, all we are required to rest. If you don’t give the rest time to yourself, it will hurt your productivity.

Also, if you didn’t take time to rest, you will get tired and feel lazy. For example, if you work hard at the office, don’t try to start work as soon as you came home because you will not able to get 100% productivity at home.

Instead, you can take a shower and refresh, prepare a meal, and do some relaxation. Then you can start hustling and stop being lazy at home.

Also, when you feel tired, don’t try to sleep in the middle of the day. If you sleep during the day, after you wake up, you’ll feel unproductive and lazy. Also, you’ll not be able to get quality sleep at night.

If you want to get rid of laziness, you can go to a natural place and stay in the present moment. Naturalistic places have the power to refresh your mind and stop being lazy. So travel to places like a park, waterfall, or any other naturistic place near your home and enjoy the present moment.

Ask “Why”

When we try to achieve our goals and dreams, sometimes it seems unachievable. Then we start to doubt our goals and feel laziness. Finally, we stop the work to achieve our dream and procrastinate. At that time, we feel negative and lazy.

So there has only one way to stop being lazy at that time. Basically, you have to remind and ask yourself “why I do this?” if you have a strong “Why” you will be able to get rid of the laziness and start the work again.

So before you set targets or goals, always find a strong “Why” to achieve that goal. If you don’t have a strong “why”, Most of the time, you will be not motivated and feel laziness again and again.

This is so powerful way to keep consistent and get rid of laziness. For example,

  • Think about why are you eating? because you got hungry
  • Why are you drinking water?  you got thirsty
  • Why you wash your clothes because clothes ware dirty

There have always strong “why” behind our all day-to-day actions and stop being lazy. Check this video to find the power of ask “why” from you.

Don’t try to be perfect

Also, after you find a strong reason to keep grinding and achieve goals, don’t try to be perfect or perfectly complete your tasks.

Let’s get an example of a student who tries to study and pass the exam. If that student thinks he knows everything when start to read books. What does he have to learn? Because he thinks he already knows everything.

If you start work and if you think that work already 100% completed, what do you have to complete again? So don’t try to be perfect at once. Because when you feel you’re perfect it will be a reason to being lazy and avoid your works.

Give reword

Most of the time, we do not identify the things we have already achieved. Then we try to focus on things we not able to achieve. After we achieved them, we just ignore them and try to focus on the next thing we didn’t achieve.

Instead, focus on the big goal you can give some reward to yourself after you achieve a small part of the big goal. If you try to achieve a long-term goal, it takes a long time to get reword to that achievement.

So it feels unmotivated and lazy to work on those types of projects. So if you use this strategy and give rewards to small achievements, you will able to get rid of laziness and stop being lazy.

Enjoy each and every moment

Also, a lot of people plan to enjoy their life after they achieve goals. But that is not the way to live your life. You have to enjoy each and every moment of your life. If you live boring life without enjoy. You will always feel laziness.

Also, you will miss a lot of unforgettable moments and life-changing opportunities when you wait until the perfect time. You have to make sure to enjoy your life while you pursuit money and life goals.

Here is Carla Harris’s speech. Feel free to watch this video. She gives pieces of advice for her 25 years self. In those points, there has the best advice to celebrate and enjoy life.

Create a time to be happy

The ultimate target of our goals or dreams is happiness. So if you not happy with your current situation or in the present moment, you feel negative and end up being lazy throughout the day.

So you have to find opportunities that you can be happy. When you feel lazy you can spend time with your family or friends. Or you can spend time with your hobbies.

When you try to achieve your targets, don’t forget to balance your happiness same as your goals. If you keep the focus on goals without being happy, your life will be boring and you will not motivated to achieve your goals.

If you don’t find time to be happy, you will get distracted by those thoughts while you working to achieve your goals. So always find a time to be happy.

Those all tricks are related to give reward to yourself and keep working on things you want to achieve. If you give reward to each and every small win, you don’t need to find your passion. You can do things that help you to grow and stay motivated by giving rewards to all of those wins.

Challenge the Comfort Zone

As I told in the introduction to how to stop being lazy, we all love to work on comfortable stuff. But you will not grow inside your comfort area. You have to step out of your comfort zone, but the issue is when you start to step out or try to do uncomfortable stuff, you make excuses and feel laziness.

For example, if a student reads books for 2 hours, he/she won’t like to stay one more hour and learn for 3 hours.  If the shop owner opens his shop for 8 hours, he doesn’t like to open it for 10 hours and try to find more customers and make sales.

If you try to stay in your comfort zone, you will always get the same result again and again. Basically, you will not able to grow or improve yourself.

If you don’t work hard today, it will affect your future success. If you not willing to do uncomfortable stuff to grow, you have to spend an uncomfortable future.

So you have to step out of your comfort zone. If you feel lazy and your mind makes excuses to avoid those uncomfortable moments, you have to remind yourself, you will never get anything in your comfort zone.

Check this video to find how your comfort zone affects your growth.

Live Healthy Life

Truth About Success

With our day-to-day busy schedule, we forget to take care of ourselves. We eat fast foods, don’t work out, and spend time on a chair. A healthy lifestyle is a key to spend productive life and stop being lazy.

If you have some kind of illness, you will not able to focus on your goals and dream. Also, if you eat too much you feel a lack of energy. Then you get laziness and waste your time by make distractions.

If you get a balanced diet and exercise every day, you feel good about yourself and your healthy lifestyle will help you to spend an active day and stop being lazy.

Conclusion of how to stop being lazy

Those are the 5 ways to stop being lazy. Laziness is a natural and common thing to all humans. So apply those tips to your life and try to get rid of laziness.

Also, you will not remove the laziness forever, if you want to stop being lazy, you have to keep practice the above mention information.

I hope you get variable information. Thank you for reading. Feel free to check my other self-help articles. I will see you in the next article.




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