How to Think Big | 10 Life Changing Tips To Apply Today

The question is how to think big? And what is the power of thinking big? Thinking big about you and things that you have can change and control your whole life.  Feel free to read this article to find ways to think big and live an awesome life.

The human brain is the most powerful computer in the world. You can do two things with your brain.

  1. You can think big and achieve big
  2. You can think less about everything and stay as an average person.

I will give you 10 proven tips that help you to understand how to think big and how to think big help you to be the best version of yourself.

Dream Big

How to Think Big

Most people dream small and they only dream to achieve small things and stay as the average people. When they dream small they add limits to their mind. To achieve small dreams you don’t need to put more effort and step outside the comfort zone.

So they live an average lifestyle in their whole lifetime. But if you want to think big you have to dream big. If you dream big and set a high target, you have to think about the big picture to achieve that target.

When you think big you will able to see all possible ways to achieve your big dream. Then you will achieve your dream by consistency and persistence.

For example, if you have small dreams like build a house, get a car and get a good job, you don’t need to dream big and think big to achieve those small dreams.

Basically, you can go to a 9-5 job and get some loans then build a house or buy a car. But you will live as an average person.

But if you bream big about make passive income, buy a luxury house and luxury cars. You have to think big about everything to achieve those targets.

If you want to think big and live far from average, you have to dream big.

Most people overestimate what you can do in one or two years and try to make the possible and small dreams and limit themself to achieve those small dreams.

But they underestimate what they can do in one, two-decade, and stop making big dreams that take time to achieve.

That is a big mistake and it will limit your life. So always maintain at least 1-10 big dreams. Check below inspirational video about dream big.

Be Positive

A lot of people think negatively and live a lazy lifestyle, they avoid life-changing opportunities and say negative things about that opportunity. This negative thinking will not help to think big and be the best version of themself.

When something happens to them, they will think they are miserable or every bad thing only happens to them.

But positive people react to those situations in a positive way, if something goes wrong or unexpected things happened to them, they find an opportunity in that bad situation and think to convert that bad thing into a life-changing opportunity.

If you being negative, you will start to overthink about negativity, then it will ruin your whole day. When you overthink negativity, you will never see the positive in those negative situations and finally, you will not able to think big.

So the next question is how to think big while staying in positivity, you must understand, bad things happen to people. That is life. As I told before, when those bad things happen, we have to find opportunities.

If you want to find an opportunity, you have to think outside the box and you have to build confidence to get decisions. Those small efforts help you to think big about you.

But don’t think negativity like,

  • Everything happens to me
  • I don’t have a talent
  • They will not give me the job
  • I am not rich

Instead, try to convert that negative situation to opportunity and stay positive. When you see the opportunity, you will find how to think big.

Give High-Value to Your Life

Work Hard and Smart

We all have value for ourselves. Remember, only you can give the correct value to yourself. That means you can define your value. So you can define your value as $5, $100, $1000, or $500000. That always depends on you.

But when you give the value to yourself, you must give high value. If you don’t think you don’t have high value, other people never give high value to yourself.

For example, when you face a job interview, the interview board will ask the salary you want for the job. So you can say,

I need $1000 per month or $10000 per month.

If you say you only need $1000, they will never give $10000 to you.

If you have a romantic relationship with someone, you have to understand the value of yourself and the relationship.

If you give poor value to yourself, your partner will never give high value to you. And you have to become a slave of your partner.

If you try to start a relationship with some who have high standards. You have to understand your high standers.

If you think you don’t have high standards. You will get fear and your mind never let you talk with that person.

How to think big by giving high value to yourself?

Basically, when you think you deserve someone, your brain will like to pursue that thing. When you understand your price, you will hang out with people who have high values. Then you will get respect from those people.

Think you have high value will give you self-confidence and it will help you to destroy fear and live the perfect life. Then you will understand how to think big about everything.

Stop Making Excuses


People love to make excuses and waste time. There have so many reasons that destroy their future plans. They only waste them by making excuses.

Those people don’t like to think big or get responsibility. They always try to make excuses and avoid the works.

  • I don’t have time.
  • I have kids
  • I have health issues
  • Only rich people can do it
  • My parents don’t allow doing it.

Those are some of the most common excuses. But if you check the real issues to make those excuses, most of the time it will be laziness and afraid to step outside of the comfort zone.

Somehow if you make excuses, find out the root of that question and understand it. After that, get action to get rid of that question.

The most successful people don’t complain or make excuses about their situation. They try to find solutions to those situations.

So those successful people are not a god or mighty people, they have 24 hours the same as you have. They have the same body part as you have. But they think big about themselves and prioritize their work.

Everyone has to go through a dark time. But when you go through the dark time, you can choose to stay in the dark or find the light.

You can complain about your family, government, friends, partner, or things that you can’t control. But you will not achieve anything by complaining.

So you have to think big and start to work without complaining about things that you can’t control. If you ask how to think big from yourself, you must have to stop making excuses.

Archive Goals

As I told before, you have to dream big to think big. That means you have to set goals. If you set goals and stay without doing anything to achieve those goals, you will never able to be the person you want to be.

So you have to get actions and achieve goals. When you achieve goals, you feel you can do something and you able to increase your value and destroy the doubt about yourself.

When you achieve goals you can boost the self-confidence. And that helps you to set higher goals than before and achieve those goals.

As example,

If you work hard to pass a fundamental exam, and finally passed it, you feel you are capable of study more and pass other exams. Then you will get the motivation to work hard to pass the second exam.

You will be better than before when you see the progress on you. It does not matter how many times you failed while trying to achieve it. Finally, you will get a great feeling about yourself.

When you achieve goals, you have a lot of experience with your mistakes and things that you should consider when trying to achieve something.

Those experiences will help you to imagine a big picture of your next move and it will help you to stop wasting time.

Spend Time with Positive People

find quality people

Successful people will never hang out with people who have a negative mindset. If they stay with negative and toxic people, those people always try to destroy the positive mindset and spread negativity.

When you surrounded by negative people, you will not able to dream big. If you share your dream with those people they will talk about the negative side of your dream. Finally, you will listen to those people and limit yourself.

Instated if you spend your time with positive people, they will allow you to grow and they will help you to achieve your dream.

If you dream big, it may look impossible to achieve in with your current situation, but you know, you can achieve it and the path to achieve it.

But if you tell it with negative people, they will doubt your dream and tell a lot of reasons to fail your dream. Or they will ignore your dream.

We all are social creatures. When someone ignores or tells a negative thing about you. it will directly affect your mindset.

Then you will forget your values and thing that you already achieved. If those people keep doubt you, most of the time you will give up and stop thinking big about yourself.

If you feel your friends, partner of parents, spread a negative vibe about you and your goals. You have to stop be private or stop hanging out with those people.

Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is a silent toxic. It can waste your time without you knowing it. If you want to think big you have to stop overthinking about your past experiences or things that can go wrong in the future.

When you overthink something, you only try to make a problem that never exists and find a solution to that question. You may find the solution by overthinking, but it will not work because there has no problem to fix.

Those all problems only stay inside your mind. Right now you may go through a breakup or fail in a lot of time. So you will overthink and try to find a solution. But you will never find a solution by stuck in your head.

Instead, overthink about those negative situations; try to create something positive and new. As I told before dream big and make a new goal to achieve that dream. Then take the first step to achieve that goal.

Then you will be able to think big without overthinking. It doesn’t matter your partner breakup with you or you missed a life-changing situation. By overthinking you will never achieve anything.

Sometimes, at once you will not about to stop overthinking. So try to stay in the present moment and enjoy your life. You can go to a naturist place or a park and refresh your mind.

Or you can hang out with quality friends and chat with them. But never get drunk and try to escape from reality because it will never help you to stop overthinking.

I already write a lot more articles about overthinking, I’ll list them below, and feel free to check those articles and get valuable information.

So if you try to overthink something you don’t like or you can’t control. Make a distraction by getting action to achieve something.

Get Action

How to Think Big

When you get action, you don’t have time to think about bad things that happen yesterday or think about your life failure.

You can make a distraction by getting action on something and focus it until you finish it.

When you see the opportunity, never let it go. Always get some action and face the opportunity. Always do the thing that helps you to grow and don’t try to work on something that harms your life or your reputation.

If you don’t get action when you see the opportunity, fear will grow inside your mind. And that fear will never allow you to take the opportunity and do action to achieve things you want.

So don’t wait and let your fear grow. You have to get action as soon as possible.

You will not able to get action if you don’t have a motive or reason to think big. So you must have a high target to achieve.

If you don’t have a big dream and target, even you get actions; you will never work to get the 100% benefit of the opportunity.

So don’t waste your time and energy by doing things that you don’t believe or you don’t like. Always get action for things that you love to do.

When you get the action you will see the result. When you see the result of your actions, you feel to do more. That will help you to think big and increase your values.

Do Not Give Up

Failures and obstacles are part of life. No matter what we do, we all have to face failures, rejections, and negative station. When we face those challenging situations we feel like give up.

When we keep failing we lose the interest and motivation to keep force on that task until the end.

But if you want to think big, you have to stop giving up. You will never achieve anything if you give up. Then you feel like a loser. That will kill your confidence.

So you have to find things that you interest to do and follow the passion. When you follow your passion you will not give up easily when things get harder.

But if you do something you don’t like, maybe you do it for money or become famous, but when you don’t see results. You will easily give up.

When you keep giving up, you will give low value to yourself and start to complain.

So you have to keep working on your targets to achieve them.

Be Authentic

How to Think Big

Everyone wants to be someone how has a lot of money or a famous character, so they try to act like those who have a lot of money.  But they don’t want to be themselves and work 100% authenticity.

So they try to dress like famous people, eat like those people. At the end, they will never satisfy with what they have and keep seeking what those rich people have.

When you try to be someone else, you will try to impress other people. So you have to work hard to earn money and live like that person.

But if you want to think big, you have to be who you are and love yourself. When you understand things you want and the life you want to live. You can make your own goals and live your life on your team.

Stop trying to be someone else and be authentically you. When you accept your situation and yourself, you will no longer seek a fake lifestyle and you will understand yourself. It will help you to be proud of yourself and thinking big.

Also, don’t try to compare yourself with other people and feel bad or great about yourself. When you compare yourself with other people you will always try to be better than those people.

But when you feel they are way better than your situation. You will feel miserable.

So always try to be the person you want to be not the person other people want to be. When you are authentic, you will think big about everything.

Conclusion of How to Think Big

So those are the 10 best tips for how to think big. You can apply this information to your life and improve your mindset and think big.

Some of that information I learned from the book called. Feel free to read that book. Also, check this video about the summary of the Magic of Thinking Big.

This book will guide you on how to think big.

I hope you get valuable information in this article. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section. Also, feel free to check my other personal development articles and my YouTube channel, I will see you next time.

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